Can You Mix Marijuana and CBD Products?

Different grades of CBD oil and its molecular compound

The acceptance of marijuana, hemp, and products derived from both have come a long way in the past decade. Avid users of these products have touted their many benefits for years. In fact, a recent survey showed that more than 45% of US adults have tried marijuana at least once, and 1 in 8 are…

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Can CBD Be Detected in an Employer Ordered Drug Test?

Samples of bodily fluids

Over the past couple of years, CBD has become an increasingly popular holistic product because of its many wellness benefits. It seems that everyone is clamoring for this plant-based supplement. However, many CBD’s avid users have become aware of news stories involving employees and famous athletes who have tested positive for drugs while using CBD….

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How to Chill Out on Thanksgiving with the Best CBD Products

Reading a book while enjoying a coffee

Thanksgiving is an exciting time of year for everyone! In addition to the culture of appreciation, which is great on its own, most of us look forward to enjoying the company of family and friends around the dinner table while savoring the much-anticipated traditional favorites! Turkey, stuffing, sides, and pie – just thinking about the…

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What Is Nanoemulsion and How Does It Affect CBD?

CBD Tincture with Hemp plant in the back drop

If you are like thousands of others across the United States, you either use CBD every day or you are debating about trying it. After all, the intriguing health and wellness sensation has captivated the attention of the entire nation, as social media and online forums seem to be overflowing with consumer success stories. CBD…

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What Are the Usages of Every Part of Hemp Plant

Hemp plant with molecular compound

For thousands of years, the entire hemp plant has been widely used for its many benefits. In ancient China and Mesopotamia, it was relied upon to help treat ailments and discomforts, and was also used to make cloth and other textiles. Hemp was first cultivated in the United States in the early 1600s, and it…

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