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HHC Concentrates

Discover the World of HHC Concentrates with The Hemp Doctor

Concentrates offer a variety of ways to experience the euphoric effects and potential health benefits of HHC. If you are looking for HHC concentrates that have been responsibly manufactured and that are proven to be contaminant-free through independent laboratory testing, you’ve come to the right place. The Hemp Doctor is the go-to source for trustworthy HHC concentrates, and we have worked hard to become the most reputable brand in the hemp industry.

The Facts on HHC Concentrates

Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is a synthetic cannabinoid derived from hemp. It is created through a hydrogenation process similar to that used to make margarine, vegetable oil, and a variety of other FDA-approved food products. Once produced, HHC can be used in several ways. Along with gummies, edibles, and vapes, this includes HHC concentrates.

There are several types of HHC concentrates. These include dabs, shatters, oils, and topicals—among many others. Our HHC Moon Rocks are also a very popular choice. These premium distillates are coated in a strong concentrate that provides a smooth smoke and heightened sense of euphoria—and there are a variety of flavors to choose from.

What if you are looking for HHC extracts? While the terms “extract” and “concentrate” are often used interchangeably, they do not technically mean the same thing. Instead, an extract is a type of concentrate. Extracts use a solvent to pull specific qualities out of the chemical compound that is being concentrated.  With HHC, the extraction process is often used to pull the maximum potency out of the THC used during the manufacturing process.

Did You Know?

While the HHC manufacturing process uses heavy metals, our process ensures that these contaminants never make their way into the HHC concentrates we sell—and you can view our independent lab test results online.

Will Using HHC Concentrates Get You High?

Using HHC concentrates will get you high. HHC has the same basic psychoactive properties as THC; and, in concentrate form, HHC delivers a potent blast of euphoria. However, as with all HHC (and THC) products, you can curate your experience by choosing different types of HHC concentrates and measuring your dosage.

You can learn more about the psychoactive effects of The Hemp Doctor’s HHC concentrates in our HHC overview.

How to use HHC

With so many different types of HHC concentrates, there are also a variety of ways to use these concentrates to get the results you desire. For example, some HHC concentrates can be added to hemp flowers and smoked. Others (like shatter) can be dabbed and smoked on their own, and others still can be added to your favorite treats or applied as topical creams. Tinctures and capsules are available as well.

So, while smoking is one option for using HHC concentrates, it is just one option among many. While many of our customers enjoy dabbing and smoking our HHC concentrates, if this isn’t for you, there are also many more discrete options. Using HHC concentrates in different ways can speed up or delay the onset of your high as well. So, between choosing your HHC concentrate and your favorite flavor, you can truly curate the perfect experience for you.

Are HHC Concentrates Legal?

A good way to think about the legality of HHC is by looking at its relationship to THC. While THC derived from cannabis is still federally illegal, several states have legalized the use of THC in limited dosages—with many states adopting different rules for THC derived from cannabis and hemp.

HHC is created by adding a hydrogen molecule to the THC compound that exists naturally in hemp. This means that HHC is a hemp-based product, and hemp is federally legal under the Farm Bill that Congress passed in 2018. As a result, the consensus among many is that HHC is federally legal as well. While the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has stated that it intends to treat THC-O (which is also derived from hemp) as a federally controlled substance, it is not clear what—if any—impact this decision will have on the legality of THC-O or HHC at the state level. Federal courts may ultimately disagree with the DEA’s legal analysis as well, and Congress could amend the law to clarify that synthetic derivatives fall under the definition of “hemp” under the Farm Bill—as it appears that this may have been Congress’s intent from the beginning.

What Should You Look for When Buying HHC Concentrates?

When buying HHC concentrates, the source of the products you buy is important. As we discussed above, the HHC manufacturing process involves a risk of contamination with heavy metals—though this risk can be eliminated with proper safeguards. At The Hemp Doctor, we use these safeguards, and all of our HHC is thoroughly tested to ensure that it is 100% contaminant-free.

Another important factor to consider is potency. By their nature, HHC concentrates are more potent than gummies, edibles, and vapes. You should be able to learn all about a concentrate’s potency before you buy. We clearly disclose our HHC concentrates’ potency on our website and our labels—so you never have to wonder what to expect from our products.

Finally, with so many concentrates and flavors to choose from, we encourage you to explore! There is a reason why HHC concentrates have become so popular. You might settle on a favorite, or you might find that you enjoy incorporating a variety of types of concentrates into your life.