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Cannabinoid flowers are buds taken from hemp plants. They are dried and cured before sale to make them ready for use in any joint, bong, or other device. Smoking is one of the most popular ways to enjoy flowers, but they are also often used by customers to make homemade edibles and concentrates.

Cannabinoid content can vary greatly from strain to strain. Some have high levels of either CBD, Delta-8, or THCa as an active ingredient, while others have a balanced mix of different non-THC ingredients from the cannabis plant. If you’re new to flowers, you can learn more about all of our products below.

Flowers are enjoyed for many reasons. You can grind them down and smoke them, or concentrate

them in many different forms including tinctures, butter, and wax. Even without being concentrated, these products can be highly potent depending on the strain you choose.

Find out more about each of these popular cannabinoids:

  • Delta-8: This active ingredient is a naturally-occuring cannabinoid with reportedly similar psychoactive effects to THC. Most customers seem to agree that the effects of cannabis are stronger than the effects of Delta-8. Some prefer the milder effects.
  • THCa: This active ingredient is a close relative to the THC that can be found in typical marijuana plants. It is psychoactively neutral unless heated. When heated, it is reported to have side effects similar to 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC9).
  • Hemp Flower: CBD and full-spectrum CBD flower is often referred to as hemp flower. The flowers typically have higher levels CBG, CBC, CBN and other cannabinoids compared to other types of flower. This active ingredient is reported to have calming effects. CBD has been researched for its role in chronic pain management and the relief of some medical conditions.

What We Are Proud Of

The Hemp Doctor is trusted by thousands of customers for its commitment to quality, safety, transparency, and continuous improvement. We source premium organic hemp, conduct rigorous third-party testing, and never compromise on the integrity of our products. We refrain from making false claims, prioritize transparency by providing comprehensive product information, and actively listen to customer feedback. With The Hemp Doctor, you can trust that you’re getting the best hemp-derived products available.

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How to Get the Best Possible Cannabinoid Experience

If you want the best experience with flowers, there are several factors to consider. The guide below will help you understand how to choose the right strain, how the ingredients differ, and what product terms like “diamond-dusted” mean.

How do I choose the right flower strain?

Flower strains differ in potency and taste. You can find the potency by checking the product label. Generally, a higher percentage of the active ingredient will result in more potent experience.

The flavor comes down to the flavonoids and terpenes in the flower. Sativa-dominant strains may smell and taste citrusy, sour, or earthy. Indica-dominant strains can smell strongly of lavender, or roses.

How are cannabinoids like D8, THCa, CBD, different?

Cannabinoids like D8, THCa, and CBD have entirely different chemical properties, and act on the body and brain in different ways. See our D8, THCa, and CBD pages to find more information about reported effects. 

How do I get the effects I want from my flower?

There are many different ways to enjoy flowers, and all of them have some pros and cons. If you want faster effects, smoking or vaping the flower will work. If you prefer potency and long-lasting effects, consider concentrating your flower down and turning it into edibles.

What do common cannabis flower terms mean?

Fans of cannabinoid flowers use many terms to describe the features they like most. You may see some of these terms used in our stock. Here’s some clues about what they mean:

  • Kief: This is the crystalized resin that appears like on cannabis buds (including the fibers known as trichomes). Kief can be shaken off and collected to form a highly potent dry concentrate.
  • Diamond dusted: This refers to joints that have been rolled in oil and rolled in kief to create a “dusted” appearance. The addition of extra oil concentrates and kief can significantly increase potency.
  • Pre-rolls: This is flower that has been ground down and rolled into a joint or blunt, often with a paper filter. Pre-rolls are ready to light and smoke without any additional preparation by customers.
  • Joints: These are pre-rolled products that use burnable papers to hold the ground flower together. They can be smoked in a similar manner to a cigarette.
  • Blunts: These are pre-rolled products that are wrapped in dried hemp leaves (known as a blunt wrap).
  • Minis: Mini nuggets are small buds that are often available at a greater value than normal or large-size buds.  

Other FAQs About Cannabinoid Flowers

If you have questions about our cannabinoid flower strains, here are some of the most common questions we get about our flower products:

What flower is high in THCA?

THCa flowers come from hemp plants that have been purposely bred to for THCa levels. Other types of flower (CBD flower, for example) may also have THCa, but in lower amounts. 

What is the legal amount of THCA?

There is no national restriction on the legal amount of THCa you can have. Under the Farm Bill of 2018, flowers from compliant hemp plants are legal if they meet the THC content restrictions of 0.03% by weight.  

Are Delta 9 and THCA the same thing?

Delta-9 and THCa are not the same thing. The two cannabinoids have a different chemical structure that changes how each one affects the body. THCa in its natural state is not psychoactive. 

How does delta 8 flower make you feel?   

Many customers report the effects of Delta-8 are similar (but milder) to the effects of typical THC. Delta-8 flowers will have different levels of potency (find details by clicking any of our products), which may affect how you feel. Your personal tolerance levels can also play a role. 

  • THCA is not allowed to be shipped to the following states: Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Washington.

More Questions About Ordering Cannabinoid Flowers?

Our team is here to support you if you have questions about any of our cannabis products. Our cannabis flower is grown at the highest level of quality, and lab-testing is available for our products on request.

Check out some of our other popular products for fans of flowers. Other hemp products can help enhance the experience of our cannabinoid flower, such as our concentrates and kief. We also carry other products including vaporizers, topicals, and other great products for new enjoyers of hemp and cannabis users looking for alternatives.

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