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Pure Delta 8 THC Tinctures

Enjoy Delta 8 Quickly and Discreetly with Tinctures from The Hemp Doctor

While there are more than 100 cannabinoids, Delta 8 is unique in many ways. Not only does Delta 8 only exist in the cannabis sativa plant, which is the sole cultivar for hemp, but it also produces a mild and relaxing high. This means that Delta 8 is both psychoactive and federally legal, and this makes it the ideal choice for many of our customers. Those who prefer to enjoy its effects quickly and discreetly choose our Delta 8 tinctures.

All About Our Delta 8 Tinctures: Their Effects, CBN Content, and More

Our Delta 8 tinctures provide quick access to the psychoactive effects of this very special cannabinoid. Use the included dropper to place your desired amount under your tongue, and let it sit for at least 90 seconds before swallowing. This allows the Delta 8 in our tincture to enter the bloodstream through the blood vessels in your mouth, delivering its effects faster than if the Delta 8 were to go through your digestive system (which is also completely fine).

Although there are currently no reliable scientific studies on the effects of Delta 8, it is widely understood that Delta 8 provides a mild and soothing high. Many of our customers also say that Delta 8 helps them focus and feel more clear-headed.

In addition to our pure Delta 8 tinctures, we also offer tinctures that combine Delta 8 with cannabinol (CBN). Similar to Delta 8, CBN is considered a THC analog, which means that it has psychoactive properties. Also similar to Delta 8, the effects most people experience with CBN are relatively mild (when compared to other THC analogs, like Delta 9). As a result, combining Delta 8 with CBN elevates your experience, but it does so in a way that is still calming and manageable.

Did You Know?

Delta 8 and CBN both exist naturally in hemp. At The Hemp Doctor, we also use natural oils to make our Delta 8 tinctures—and all of our flavors are organic.

Will Using a Delta 8 Tincture Get You High?

Like all of our Delta 8 products, our Delta 8 tinctures will get you high. Of course, dosage matters, and it is important to take some time to find the dose that is just right for you. Whether you choose our pure Delta 8 tincture or our tincture that combines Delta 8 with CBN, we recommend starting with no more than for your first few days. If this leaves you wanting more, bump up your dosage in increments of 0.25ml until you find the effects you’re looking for.

Do you want to know more about the effects of Delta 8 and CBN? If so, we encourage you to read these two short articles: What Is Delta 8 THC? and What is Cannabinol (CBN)?

Delta 8 Tinctures: A Smoke-Free Way to a Soothing and Head-Clearing High

If you are interested in experiencing the effects of Delta 8 but prefer not to smoke or vape, we get it. While many of our customers enjoy the experience of smoking or vaping, we know that these options aren’t right for everyone.

Our Delta 8 tinctures provide a smoke-free (and vape-free) way to experience the soothing and head-clearing effects of Delta 8 and CBN. Using our Delta 8 tinctures is discreet and only takes a few seconds—and it allows you to precisely control your dosage.

At The Hemp Doctor, we offer a variety of flavors to choose from. While you are letting our tinctures work in your mouth, you can enjoy flavors like Bubble Gum, Zkittlez, and Platinum OG. Our Platinum OG flavor is a favorite among our more-experienced customers, with a taste of crisp citrus and pine.

With all of our flavors, you can choose from pure Delta 8 or Delta 8 + CBN. We also offer all our flavors in 500mg and 1,000mg bottles. If you’re not sure which flavor sounds most enticing, trying two 500mg bottles might be a good way to start.

Are Delta 8 Tinctures Legal?

Delta 8 is federally legal because it is derived from hemp, and the Farm Bill legalized hemp in 2018. At The Hemp Doctor, we conduct thorough in-house and independent laboratory testing to ensure that our Delta 8 tinctures (and all of our products) meet the federal standards for legality.

At the state level, the legality of Delta 8 is not as clear-cut. While some states have fully legalized Delta 8, others have not—and some state legislatures are in the process of considering bills that would outlaw this specific cannabinoid. We only sell Delta 8 in states where it is currently legal, but we still encourage all of our customers to make sure that they get their legal questions answered.

Key Considerations When Buying a Delta 8 Tincture

When buying a Delta 8 tincture—or any other hemp or CBD product—there are some key considerations to keep in mind. Along with choosing a supplier that meets the federal standards for legality, you also want to choose a company that produces its Certificates of Analysis (COAs). These are documents that explain the results of laboratory testing. It is easy to put a company’s COAs on its website; and, if a company doesn’t do so, you have to wonder why.

You also want to choose a supplier that has a reputation for quality and honesty. At The Hemp Doctor, we are America’s Premier Hemp & CBD Dispensary. We have numerous repeat customers, and we take pride in helping all of our customers make informed buying decisions.

Final Thoughts on Delta 8 Tinctures

If you are interested in experiencing all that Delta 8 has to offer, our Delta 8 tinctures are the perfect choice. They are discreet, provide quick delivery, and allow you to carefully control your dosage. With a variety of flavors and options to choose from (including our Delta 8 + CBN tinctures), you can curate the perfect experience just for you.

Use these products only as directed. This content is for informational or educational purposes only and does not constitute medical or legal advice. You should not drive or operate heavy machinery after consuming Delta 8.