Small Hemp Flower CBD Bud


Introducing our incredible CBD bud! Now you can customize your CBD experience with the same quality buds we use in our legendary prerolls. Grind, roll, or pack however much you need and enjoy – no waste required!

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These buds are perfect for grinding and won’t leave you with those HUGE stems from giant flowers. These little gems are sourced from the same flower as our large buds and are what we use for our preroll material. Now, you can ROLL YOUR OWN, with little to no waste.

We take pride in our CBD buds, which are crafted from premium quality hemp flowers, giving you the classic experience of rolling your own hemp joints. Our CBD buds are an excellent option for anyone interested in enjoying the benefits of CBD in a more traditional way. We take care to choose smaller buds for this product to make it convenient and cost-effective for our customers.

Our CBD buds are carefully cultivated using organic farming practices, ensuring that they are free from harmful pesticides and chemicals. We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy a pure and potent hemp experience, which is why we never compromise on quality. All of our products are third part tested giving you the confidence to smoke them with ease.

Whether you’re a seasoned CBD user or a newbie looking to try something new, our CBD buds are an excellent choice. Enjoy the convenience and affordability of rolling your own hemp joints, without compromising on quality or purity. Experience the benefits of CBD in its most natural and authentic form with our premium quality CBD buds.

Benefits of CBD Bud

Diverse options: Smoking flower presents users with numerous strains to select from, each with unique flavor profiles and effects. Our mini buds come in a variety of strains including Bubba Kush, Wedding Cake, Amnesia Haze, Abacus Diesel, and OG Lime.

Rapid onset of effects: Smoking CBD is an effective way to get the therapeutic benefits of CBD. It is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and provides a faster onset of effects than other methods, such as edibles or vaping. It can produce effects in a short period of time, usually within minutes.

Convenient dosing: Smoking flower makes it easy to control the dosage since you can determine the number of hits you need to achieve your desired effects.

How will I feel?

Smoking CBD and smoking weed are not the same. CBD doesn’t produce any psychoactive effects like feeling “high” or altered perception. Smoking CBD usually gives calming and relaxing effects without any psychoactive effects.

How long will the effects last?

When smoking CBD buds, the effects are usually felt within a few minutes, and the peak effects are typically reached within 30 minutes to an hour. The effects of smoking CBD are generally short-lived, and they may last for a few hours at most.

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Organically Grown
Made in USA
Fast Absorbtion
Full Spectrum