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Our CBD story began 10 years ago in early September of 2009. It was the end of the summer and our oldest daughter, Courtney, had been critically injured in an auto accident at 18 years old. The accident left her hospitalized for 11 days, with injuries that included a broken back, severe lacerations, and the need for a splenectomy, ribectomy, and colectomy. These wounds required additional, specialized at-home care for months afterwards, and the back pain and chronic health issues would, unfortunately, plague her for years to come. After almost a decade of suffering from the side-effects of her injuries, she needed reconstructive surgery to alleviate one particularly challenging daily issue. During the spring of 2018, she underwent surgery at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, NC, with the expectation that she would resume a normal, healthy life afterwards.

The surgery, thankfully, helped alleviate many of our daughter’s daily physical issues, and the surgeons were right – her body began to heal and her old injuries became less noticeable. However, the years of physical suffering took a huge toll on her mentally and emotionally as well. She had been incredibly strong throughout the entire recovery journey, but very understandably, began suffering from a wide range of debilitating mental and emotional issues after surgery. This affected everything from her ability to heal, to getting quality sleep, to just functioning in everyday life. As any parent can relate, it was extremely difficult watching our child struggle and not being able to help. We wanted nothing more than to take our daughter’s pain away and see her mentally and physically well again.

Then one day, while Courtney was home recovering from surgery, a friend of hers from work brought her some CBD to try. The friend explained it was useful for alleviating physical discomforts of many kinds as well as symptoms associated with mood disorders. She took one dose and, to her surprise, noticed relief within the hour. Her nervousness subsided, she was more relaxed, and she did not notice her physical discomfort as much as before. Several days later, Courtney shared her experience with us and brought us the oil to try for ourselves. We were all skeptical, but tried it anyway. We could not believe what we were experiencing and all immediately noticed a difference in the way we were feeling. But, of course, we questioned it ‒ was it real or simply a placebo effect? Could this small bottle of oil really be this effective and contain so many health benefits? Perhaps her friend really was onto something here.

Additionally, from my experience working in the mental health field, I was well aware of holistic and therapeutic practices that help with a multitude of medical conditions. And the results from the medical research conducted on CBD so far were astonishing. We were finding study after study of proven medical research; factual, tested, literary documents proving the many beneficial uses of this plant from which CBD is extracted.

This small plant, that was man’s first agricultural product over 10,000 years ago, somehow had made its way into modern day holistic medicine and then into my home. After experiencing the amazing benefits ourselves as a family, and then realizing that there was factual information on CBD to back it up, we became believers. The next question was, “How can we spread the word and help people like our daughter at the same time?”

After months of family discussions, we all agreed that telling our story was exactly how we could help. Everyone knew what had happened with our daughter’s accident and surgery, etc., but did they really know everything? Specifically, did they know how CBD helped Courtney recover from the horrible mental and emotional aftermath of her accident and surgeries?

That’s when we knew we needed a safe place to bring people together – a physical location and online community where people could openly discuss their issues, ask questions, and ultimately get relief. The Hemp Doctor was created for all of the “Courtneys” out there, and their families. It’s for people just like us who want answers about CBD and all of its many health benefits. We are proud to share our daughter’s amazing story, how CBD played a significant role in her recovery, and the fact that we are a family owned hemp business providing superior customer service and premium CBD products in North Carolina and across the country.

Our Purpose

It is our mission at The Hemp Doctor to bridge our expertise about the benefits of Hemp/CBD to our customers. Knowledge is empowering, especially when it comes to one’s health and wellness. The more information you have, the better decisions you can make regarding your health. Our passion is to educate the customer about CBD and how it can be a helpful addition to your health and wellness routine.

We are committed to providing pure, organic, bioavailable products to our customers at an affordable price. Using the most advanced nanotechnology we are able to offer a full line of CBD products to meet customer demand.

Our trained staff can assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding hemp and CBD products. There is a lot of information about CBD, and it can be confusing and overwhelming, to say the least. The Hemp Doctor promises a safe, natural, effective product.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

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