What Your Favorite D8 Edible Flavor Says About You

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What does your favorite D8 edible flavor say about you? Of course, you know that The Hemp Doctor offers a wide selection of Delta 8 THC edibles, and each one has a unique and tasty flavor. While they’re all delicious, we have our favorites and others that aren’t our first-round draft pick. You may not know this, but flavor profiles, shapes, and even textures can be signifiers of your unique personality!

Below is a list of flavors (and even a couple of textures and shapes, just for fun) and the personality types most commonly associated with each.

D8 Edible Flavors and Personality Types


Blue Raspberry

If this is your favorite flavor, chances are you’re a bit on the sweeter side, much like the flavor you prefer. It might seem a little on the nose, but it’s backed up by good science: The sweeter your tastes, the sweeter the personality.


On the slightly tangier side, pineapple lovers tend to be more aware, have keener insights, and be more alert. You might be sharper too, either intellectually or with your words, or maybe even both!


Loving cherries might be an indicator of a flirtatious nature. Although this may seem a little too obvious, the mixture of sweetness and passion tends to be the choice of the soft-spoken romantics. And like romance, cherry flavors go well with ice cream.


Watermelon is simple, and that’s how you like it. Liking watermelon might indicate a kind of person who’s grounded. More to the point, a fan of the watermelon flavor is someone who doesn’t care much for surprises or too much adventure. Watermelon personalities like to stay home or go on the same vacations every year. Stable and sweet, a great combination.

Green Apple

The combination of sweet and tangy makes for an interesting taste and an interesting person. Compassionate and energetic all at once, lovers of green apple tend to be the sassy best friend of any group. 


You probably expect to be told how sour and downtrodden you are if you enjoy this flavor more than others. But actually, preferring the sharp acidity of lemon might be an indication of your power of self-reflection and critical thinking skills. You probably like to be challenged in the similar way that lemon challenges your taste buds.


Orange goes hand in hand with lemon as far as pointing towards a personality type, but it tends to be a bit more popular since, as a flavor, it’s not as challenging. So while you could be a smart cookie, liking orange over lemon might mean you’re more the personable intellectual than the mad scientist type.


Peach is on the softer side of sweet, the more demure flavor, one might say. If this is your favorite flavor, it might be due to your quiet, gentle nature. Peach can also be the softer side of a romantic, like cherry without the tart. 

Sour Cherry

Cherry, but with a bit of a twist. It isn’t hard to imagine this being the favorite flavor of a femme fatale, or perhaps a roguish spy who likes to make things interesting for themselves — while we don’t recommend espionage as your career path, you may like to live a little dangerously.


Just another sweet berry, you say? How much different could this be from the other sweet berry types, you ask? Actually, surveys suggest that liking the flavor of strawberries, in particular, suggests introversion and a preference for being alone. How about that?


Anyone can tell you that lemonade is not the same as lemons, and the personality types are no different. If you love the taste of lemonade, the drink of summer, and the sun, you may just have a sunny personality to go along with it.


D8 Edible Textures and Shapes

D-Bombs: Chewy Candy

If you prefer your Delta8 dosage to come in the form of Delta 8 THC Bombs (Chewy Candy) from The Hemp Doctor, it means you like the crunch, the feeling of breaking through the outer shell to get the good stuff inside. That might point to a strong sense of self-motivation, an eagerness to overcome challenges.

Gummy Bears/Gummy Worms

What’s life without a little fun? If you prefer the satisfying chew and the adorable little bear or delightful worm shapes, you’re probably here to have a good time. You like to liven things up and take whatever spoonfuls of sugar you can get as often as you can get them.


Medibles are as straight to the point as you can get with edibles. Suppose you prefer the practicality of a Delta 8 THC Edible/Medible compared to the pomp and circumstance of the other edibles. In that case, it might mean you’re the sharpshooter type – a paragon of efficiency.


Just a little bit of flair is okay, you suppose. Rings like our Delta 8 THC Cosmic Rings are perfectly symmetrical, they get the job done, and they feel good in your mouth. Not to say that you’re middle of the road, but it’s possible that you like to take business and pleasure both in moderation.

What does your favorite D8 edible flavor say about you? You may not know this, but flavor profiles, shapes, and even textures can be signifiers of your unique personality!.

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