Delta-8 Psychoactive Less Potent Than D9

Potency, concentration, and strength; are all words used to describe the effectiveness of the chemical compounds produced by cannabis and hemp plants. For consumers, potency matters. It can represent value for money and can influence the overall experience one might have. In this article from The Hemp Doctor, we’ll compare the potency, effects, legality, and more of these two cannabinoids, Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC.

Delta 8 THC vs. Delta 9 THC

Let’s begin by elucidating that more than 500 chemical compounds exist in cannabis and hemp. These substances include cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, alkaloids, and more. Cannabidiol (CBD) and delta 9 THC (D9) are the most widely used cannabinoids, as many consumers are aware. You might not know that other analogs, such as delta 8 THC (D8), are gaining popularity.

Cannabinoids and ECS system

Let us also explain how these compounds work with the human body to produce effects common to hemp and cannabis. The chemical compounds activate cannabinoid receptors throughout the human body to create a range of benefits. These receptors are part of what’s called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). It helps the body regulate critical functions, including memory, motor skills, appetite, and so on, helping to maintain homeostasis in the human body.

Furthermore, the entourage effect can enhance these effects from cannabinoids interacting with ECS receptors. Some initial research shows these compounds can produce results independently; this type of product with only one cannabinoid and no other compound is called an isolate. But when different hemp-derived compounds enter the bloodstream and into the ECS system simultaneously, they boost one another’s effects. Full spectrum and broad spectrum products allow consumers to take multiple compounds simultaneously, such as different cannabinoids and terpenes. The effects experienced from products like these can vary. Every person will have different tolerance, so we recommend you start slowly.

Characteristics of these chemical compounds include:

Delta 9 THC

  • The scientific name for D9 is delta-9-
  • Technically, it starts out as THC-a, but once exposed to heat (a process called decarboxylation), it converts into D9.
  • It has both psychoactive and therapeutic properties, binding to the cannabinoid receptor (CB1) in the brain.
  • The delta 9 THC sourced from hemp will have a low concentration; by law, hemp-derived products can only contain a maximum of 0.3% delta 9 THC. When sourced from cannabis, it will typically have a much higher potency.

Learn all about this potent cannabinoid in this previous article. (D9 Potency/add live link)

Delta 8 THC

  • Its scientific name is delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol, also called D8.
  • D8 naturally occurs in the cannabis and hemp plants but in low concentrations. It can also be synthesized in a lab for commercial use.
  • It has a similar pharmacological profile to D9 but a weaker bond to the cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB1).
  • This cannabinoid has milder psychoactive properties. The euphoric effects from D8 are thought to be half as intense, with less paranoia than D9.

What Influences the Potency of D8?

Many factors can influence a product’s overall potency, with plant genetics being the primary factor. Other factors include the plant’s growing conditions, quality, and harvesting methods. Another factor determining the strength is which part of the plant manufacturers use for extraction. Flowers closer to the top will produce more trichomes, which is where the compounds exist. Product storage also plays a big part in maintaining its potency.

Why Do People Consume D8?

D8 can be ideal for specific consumers because of its availability and potency. Products such as D8 are widely available in most states, making these products easy and convenient. Another reason is that many consumers wish to experience hemp-derived products without the traditional euphoria of D9. If the effects of D9 are too strong for you, D8 could be a good alternative. Products with a higher potency aren’t always better!

What Is the Legal Status of D8 in the USA?

The fact is that the legal status of D8 is complex. Technically, hemp-derived products with a maximum of 0.3% delta 9 THC are federally legal. However, the law doesn’t reference any other THC analogs. Due to the lack of policy, substances like D8 can be considered semi-legal. In addition to this grey area, some states restrict the sale of hemp products, like D8. Be sure to check your local laws.

Where Can You Purchase D8 Products?

There are plenty of ways you can get hemp-derived D8 in the US. However, one of the issues facing the hemp industry is transparency and product safety. As a trustworthy source for premium hemp products, we feel it’s essential to have our products tested and provide lab reports online for our customers. We want you to feel confident about your purchase.

What Types of D8 Products Are Available?

The Hemp Doctor has a variety of D8 formats available for consumers. Starting with our high-quality edibles, including gummies, chocolate cereal treats, and more. We also offer full spectrum tinctures and softgels. There are also several vapes and other concentrates, flower, and prerolls.

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Take Your THC to a New Level

The bottom line, D8 is potentially 50% less potent than D9, with many of the same health and wellness benefits, which is excellent news for consumers with a low tolerance or who are trying hemp for the first time. As the market matures and grows, more innovative cannabinoid products will enter the market. Do not fear. You will be sure to get the most out of the experience if you continue educating yourself on hemp’s effects and potential risks. Stay safe and enjoy.

Made in the USA! Our premium hemp is 100% organic grown using cutting-edge farming in the nutrient-rich soils of Colorado and North Carolina, allowing us to offer compliant products high in phytocannabinoids and safe for adult consumers. The Hemp Doctor is pleased to provide the world’s best, full and broad spectrum products, shop today.

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Cannabis is a broad and complex topic. Many have a basic understanding of THC. Still, how much does an average consumer know about the plant and its potency?

It all starts with the Cannabaceae family of plants, cannabis, and hemp being among these species. This plant genus also includes Humulus lupulus (hops) and a wide variety of trees. Cannabis and hemp plants are part of modern-day society in countless ways. These plants can be used to make clothing, cat litter, insulation products, etc. Cannabis and hemp are used in several nutritional and wellness products. Learn about the most potent cannabinoid of all time in this article from The Hemp Doctor.

Plant Anatomy Basics

Like many other plants, cannabis and hemp have a root system, woody stem, branches containing fan leaves, sugar leaves, seeds, and flowers (or cola). The female plant has reproductive organs known as their stigma and pistil (a hair-like substance). It also has small, tear-shaped leaves referred to as bracts that protect and produce the flower. The flowers and leaves are covered in a sticky substance called trichomes, where all the chemical compounds exist. These alien-like appendages contain over 500 different substances. The largest group of compounds are cannabinoids, including delta 9 THC (or D9) and cannabidiol (CBD). The remaining compounds contain non–cannabinoid phenols, flavonoids, terpenes, alkaloids, etc.

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS): A Biological Network

In the late 1980s, scientists discovered the endocannabinoid system, or ECS, in humans and animals. This complex network comprises neurotransmitters (endocannabinoids) and cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2). The ECS system regulates and maintains many of the body’s physiological and cognitive processes. Compounds in cannabis and hemp interact with these receptors to produce a range of effects. It is difficult to say what each person might experience because everyone’s tolerance of these substances is different. Other factors include genetics and product potency, etc.

Furthermore, compounds consumed together can enhance the effects compared to using only one, such as CBD isolate. For consumers who want to experience optimal results, we recommend choosing products classified as full or broad spectrum. The current market in the US is very restrictive, so the product formats available are limited. At this time, consumers can purchase D9 in edible formats like gummies, hard candy, cookies, and chocolate.

THC: The Most Potent Component

Before we look deeper into the subject of potency, let’s start with a clear definition. Potency is defined as a substance’s total strength or concentration. The potency of the compounds found in cannabis and hemp is often shown in mg/g or as a percentage.

What is the most potent cannabinoid?

Among all the chemical compounds, D9 is one of the more abundant cannabinoids and is one of the most potent. It is also the primary psychoactive chemical with a reputation for having intoxicating effects. However, the potency of D9 sourced from hemp is much lower by law than cannabis. There are several other THC analogs, each of which has similar psychoactive properties.

What factors affect the potency of THC?

Several variables can affect the potency of the compounds found in cannabis and hemp. The strength depends on the plant’s genetics (lineage), growing conditions, harvesting methods, etc. Besides, the flowers near the top of the plant will have a higher potency than those near the bottom. Another factor affecting potency is time, as cannabinoids like THC are known to degrade.

Pro-tip: Properly storing your cannabis and hemp products will help maintain their potency. Always keep D9 edibles sealed in their original packaging, away from heat and direct sunlight.

Are products with higher THC potency better?

It’s a misconception that more THC is better. Consumers often mistake high THC for value, but there is much more to consider. When purchasing D9 or other hemp-derived products, look for retailers with regularly tested formulations. Lab testing will determine the potency of the product and can detect the presence of unwanted contaminates, pesticides, mold, etc. The Hemp Doctor provides consumers access to lab results for each product because full transparency is our priority. See the lab reports here.

How do you know what D9 product is right for you?

Selecting hemp-derived D9 comes down to personal preference. Few retailers have dried flower or concentrates featuring D9 due to federal regulations; find out why in this previous article. When trying edible products, start with a small dose and wait up to an hour before taking more.

2018 United States Farm Bill

Retailers must comply with existing FDA requirements and standards to sell legal hemp products to adult consumers in the US. This means that the industrial hemp used in the formulations can only contain a maximum of 0.3% delta 9 THC. Although federal law permits hemp products, they may not be legal in some jurisdictions due to state-specific regulations. It’s essential to learn what local laws apply in your area. To ensure our products meet these standards, we have each batch tested in-house and by a third-party laboratory.

Typically, D9 sourced from hemp will produce milder intoxicating effects than the effects felt from D9 sourced from cannabis. At this time, D9 is considered safe for consumption when purchased from a compliant retailer such as The Hemp Doctor. Now that we have explored the subject of cannabinoids and their potency, you can shop like a pro!

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CBD and Delta 9 together

Let’s Discuss Cannabinoids and the Entourage Effect!

Sometimes more is just better. And in the case of cannabinoids, this can be true. While we do not advocate the overconsumption of cannabis, we do advocate for consuming a variety of cannabinoids together. As it turns out, they work better as a group, so why don’t we maximize their effect? The entourage effect is one of our favorite subjects; get the scoop on cannabis and the entourage effect below.

The World of Cannabis

Did you know over 500 chemical compounds exist in the cannabis plant? These substances fall under cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, alkaloids, etc. Cannabinoids are the most crucial substance group in cannabis and are responsible for its various effects. The two most abundant cannabinoids are cannabidiol (CBD) and delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC or D9). Some minor compounds include cannabigerol (CBG), delta 8 THC, cannabinol (CBN), etc.

CBD is non-intoxicating and is widely used by consumers for numerous health goals. THC is a substance that is known for producing intoxication. However, its intensity can vary from consumer to consumer. Hemp-derived compounds are very similar to those found in cannabis. The most significant difference is that the potency of the THC is much lower in hemp; but may cause psychoactive effects. In the US, legal hemp can contain a maximum of 0.3% THC. Find out about the therapeutic benefits of D9 on our blog. (add link?)

There are a few types of hemp products currently in the US. The most common format is called full spectrum. These include all the available compounds in hemp, like THC and CBD, terpenes, and flavonoids. Alternatively, some formulations undergo THC removal and are referred to as broad spectrum. There are also isolate products on the market; these have only one compound, usually CBD. Various products are available, from dried flower to infused edibles. Choosing the format that suits your needs depends on several factors like health goals, lifestyle, etc.

Why would someone want to use hemp-derived cannabinoids?

Generally speaking, adult consumers would be interested in consuming cannabinoids for recreational or medical purposes. Cannabis can be very appealing to health-minded individuals because it’s a naturally occurring substance.

Are hemp-derived cannabinoids safe?

There can be some minor health risks when using cannabis; however, it is well tolerated by most consumers. The compounds in cannabis can sometimes interfere with medications like beta-blockers and blood thinners. Do consult a doctor if you are taking any medications. Compliant products are considered safe for consumption, as the FDA has some regulations in place. Also, reputable providers will test their formulations to verify potency and purity. Hemp products are sold everywhere but ensure you’re purchasing from a source you can trust, like The Hemp Doctor. Visit our lab results page.

Will consuming full spectrum CBD products get me high?

Full spectrum products do have the potential to produce mild intoxication due to the THC in the formulation. Consumers do report the experience as mild, compared to traditional cannabis. The level of euphoria is subjective depending on the consumer’s past experience, genetics, etc. Full spectrum products could cause consumers to fail a drug test, which is something to consider when choosing products.

The Synergy of Combining Compounds

Before we get started, let’s acknowledge that the concept of the entourage effect has yet to be proven. Professor and organic chemist Raphael Mechoulam first suggested it in 1998. Many industry experts, scientists, and consumers believe the phenomenon is real, but additional research is needed.

The human body has what’s called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system includes a network of receptors, each modulating a different function. Cannabis and hemp contain chemical substances that interact with these receptors to various effects. These compounds each have a distinct impact on their own. Anecdotal evidence also suggests that the compounds might produce more robust effects when combined, working better together. This is what’s referred to as the entourage effect, also called whole plant medicine.

Can you combine CBD and Delta 9 THC? The short answer is, YES you can! Unless you prefer broad spectrum or isolate products for lifestyle reasons, why not take advantage of the powerful combination of full-spectrum products? To us, it just makes sense.

Fast Facts:

  • CBD could reduce the unwanted effects of THC. This feature is ideal for consumers who prefer a less euphoric experience and still want to use full spectrum products.
  • Some have said eating mangoes before consuming THC might enhance the experience, but there is no evidence yet.

World’s Best! Eliminate the risk by purchasing federally compliant CBD, CBG, CBN,  and delta 8 THC products from a company that guarantees quality. Here are 3 fantastic full-spectrum products from The Hemp Doctor:

  1. Full Spectrum CBD Peach Rings with 20mg of CBD in each piece.
  2. Delta 9 Lollipops with a total of 60mg of D9 in each.
  3. CBD Flower Abacus Diesel flower with 20.7% of CBDa.

Why You Should Say Yes to Full Spectrum

There are two good reasons to use full spectrum products. First, it’s the best value for the money. If you invest in a product that might optimize your health and wellness, you’ll want to get the most from what you buy. Second, why deny yourself the additional strength if you supplement a healthy lifestyle? There is no better way to enjoy what the cannabis plant has to offer.

To avoid building a tolerance, consider consuming small amounts of full spectrum products for best results. It’s also advisable to start with a small dose when trying hemp-derived products for the first time.

We make purchasing CBD products simple and economical. Why? Because you deserve high-quality goods at a reasonable price. The Hemp Doctor has a wide variety of federally compliant, lab-tested products to suit each consumer’s preference. Are you ready to experience peak performance? Shop our complete line of hemp-derived products today. Check out our newest products too!

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Delta 9 THC Tetrahydrocannabinol

What does it mean to get your fix of hemp-derived D9? The experience can be very satisfying and maybe even euphoric for some. It is generally thought that delta 9 THC can provide a pleasurable experience for adults when used with intention. If you are a modern-day consumer who craves cannabinoids and wants to know how to get your D9 fix, read below.

Cannabis Basics for the Curious

If you are late to the cannabinoid party, that’s ok. The main fact you should know before partaking in something like D9 is that it’s a natural substance produced by the cannabis and hemp plant. And that the compound can sometimes be referred to as delta 9, or just THC. You should also know that D9 is the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis responsible for producing a sense of euphoria. Many different cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are found in the plant, accounting for more than 540 compounds. These compounds are responsible for the therapeutic benefits cannabis is known for. The effects will vary depending on the mix of substances, individual tolerance, genetics, etc. Compounds including D9, delta 8 THC, cannabidiol (CBD), and more interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system features a network of receptors that can help maintain homeostasis, regulating many critical functions.

Go deep into the subject of D9 and its effects in this previous article.

The Legalities of Hemp-derived D9

Is it legal to buy delta 9 THC in the US?

Yes, hemp-derived D9 is federally legal. To be compliant hemp-derived products can contain a maximum of 0.3% THC. According to the Farm Bill, all products sourced from hemp can be produced and sold, including formulations with small traces of THC. The exception to this rule is that some states have opted out of this framework and still restrict the sale of recreational hemp products. Do your research before you buy.

A D9 Product Breakdown

Inhaled formats featuring D9 like a dried flower, pre-rolls, vapes, and concentrates can be difficult to find on the legal market due to the restriction on the THC potency on a dry weight basis. The immediate effects can be felt within a few minutes and will last only a few hours for the average consumer. These product types have a low THC potency but are still intoxicating for many. If this is your first time, start with a couple of small puffs and increase if needed.

Ingestible formats with D9 can include food-based edibles, including gummies, chocolates, and capsules. There are some sublingual formats available, like tinctures and beverages. The onset time for edibles can average 30 minutes and could last for several hours. When trying D9 edibles, consumers should start with a low dose of 2 to 5mg. A moderate dose is between 5 and 10 mg.

External formats, such as topicals and creams that are THC dominant, aren’t typically found on the legal market in favor of CBD-infused options. However, these products can be applied directly to the skin to provide quick and localized relief. Topical formulations are unlikely to cause intoxication if used as directed.

A good method for consuming D9 is what’s called microdosing. Instead of taking a big dose all at once, users take little doses over a longer period. The advantage of using this strategy is that you can maintain a healthy tolerance and may experience more long-term benefits. Also, microdosing is a great way to ease new consumers into D9 products.

Shop for D9 Like a Pro!

If you are wondering how to buy legal D9, The Hemp Doctor has some tips for you. Avoid purchasing hemp products that are less than satisfactory by choosing a reputable provider. This will ensure you are buying federally compliant products and safe for consumption. Beware of fake formulations available online and at the corner store. Trustworthy retailers will have lab results for their products available for consumers to verify the potency and quality of the product. The lab results for our products are available on our website. It makes sense to choose a provider that has a good return policy, loyalty program, and more.

You won’t find a better assortment of Delta 9 THC edibles anywhere else, here are our top 3 product picks:

Always be responsible when consuming cannabis. Keep products stored securely away from children and pets. Never drive under the influence of any substances, including delta 9 THC.

How do you know if you have had too much THC?

Chances are, if you are feeling uncomfortably euphoric, you have consumed too much THC. Don’t fear; it will not harm you. This undesirable feeling can be avoided and mitigated. Always start with a low dosage before increasing it. Even if you have used cannabis before, each cultivar is different, and it can be challenging to predict how it might affect you. If you are going out, it’s wise to plan ahead by using a designated driver or an Uber. Ideally, you should consume cannabis with someone you trust, particularly when trying something new. Finally, stay hydrated -some good advice for just about any activity. When the euphoric effects peak, stay calm and try to keep relaxed. In time, the feeling will decrease.

In summary, there are several ways to ensure you are optimizing your experience with D9. Focus on the experience you want to have and be prepared. Always purchase from a trusted source, know your limits and enjoy responsibly.

What makes The Hemp Doctor stand out from the crowd? It’s our commitment to providing adult consumers with the highest quality hemp-derived cannabinoids that are both potent and free from unwanted contaminants. These premium formulations are tested in-house and by an independent laboratory to ensure it meets our quality standards. Place your order today.

Delta 9 THC Concentrates

So, you are ready to take the next step and explore the world of cannabis concentrates. It can be easy to become overwhelmed by the terms, tools, and products available on the market now, but we are here to help. This consumer guide covers everything you must know about D9 concentrates from The Hemp Doctor. Learn more below!

A Quick Rundown on Hemp-derived Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds produced in the cannabis and hemp plant trichomes. Together with other substances like terpenes and flavonoids, these compounds can provide various health outcomes. Some of these compounds, including delta 9 THC and delta 8 THC, are famous for producing euphoric sensations. Still, these outcomes will vary across consumers depending on factors like product potency and personal tolerance. Hemp-derived D9 will have a low strength but can still be intoxicating for some consumers.

The Basics of Cannabis Extracts

Before we get started, the word dab is a slang term used to describe cannabis concentrates, known as extracts. It also references the size or quantity of the concentrate typically consumed, as dabs are usually very small. But don’t be fooled; this type of product can pack a big punch. Another variation of this term is dabber or dabbers. A dabber is simply a consumer who partakes in consuming these extracts.

What is a cannabis concentrate?

Concentrates are made from the cannabis and hemp plant trichomes, which include D9 and other compounds. This format is considered to be very potent due to its high concentration. Depending on the product type, concentrates usually have an amber color and can sometimes have a thick or sticky consistency.

How are D9 concentrates made?

There are many different methods used to make D9 concentrates. These processes can be broken down into two types. These are either physical separation (also called solventless) or chemical extraction. Some common solventless methods include dry sift, steam, ice-water, heat and pressure (using a mechanical press), etc. Chemical extractions use solvents like butane, carbon dioxide, ethanol, and propane. Both methods aim to separate the trichomes from the plant material to create various products.

Why do consumers use concentrates?

Each consumer has their preference when it comes to product type. Some advantages of consuming D9 concentrates include its strong effects and quick onset time. It can be convenient and discrete if this is what you prefer. Some consumers choose this method for enjoyment, as concentrates are known for their flavor. Quality concentrates will have a pleasant smell, will have a nice color, won’t have any unwanted plant material, and so on. Also, look for products that have been packaged recently and are fresh before you buy.

How do you consume D9 concentrates?

Depending on your style, consuming D9 concentrates can be both easy and complicated. Some common ways to consume concentrates include adding them to your dried flower, vaporizing in a pen, using a dab rig, or adding them to food (edibles). When consuming new products, particularly concentrates, start with a couple of small puffs and wait 30 minutes to feel its effects. Always consume concentrates with caution and be careful when using hot glass, etc.

Some of the disadvantages of long-term use of D9 concentrates include increased tolerance, which could be a source of harmful chemical exposure. To avoid this risk, always purchase your products from a legal provider.

Common types of concentrates include:

  • Badder
  • CO2 Oil
  • Diamonds
  • Crumble or Honeycomb
  • Distillate
  • Hashish
  • Keif
  • Live Resin
  • Rosin
  • Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)
  • Shatter (BHO)
  • Wax

Storage Tips: Keep your product away from heat and light. It is best to store your concentrates in an air-tight container for a longer shelf-life. Store your product securely away from children and pets.

The Legal Status of D9 Concentrates

Hemp-derived D9 products with a maximum of 0.3% THC are federally legal under current laws. Most states do allow the sale of these goods; however, the regulations specify that the THC potency must not exceed this limit on a dry weight basis. This makes it difficult to produce compliant D9 products like dried flower and concentrates. Therefore, federally compliant retailers such as The Hemp Doctor cannot legally sell these products at this time.

Can you find D9 concentrates on the legal market?

Technically, yes, you can find legal D9 concentrates in the US. States with medical cannabis programs do have these types of products, but the selection is limited to vape pens and cartridges. You can also purchase D9 concentrates in states where recreational cannabis is allowed. It all depends on where you are.

Interesting fact: The cannabis community has its annual 420 celebrations to gather and reflect. It is a day when people come together to recognize the benefits of the cannabis plant. It’s a day when people continue to advocate for the end of prohibition. But did you know the dabbing community also has its annual celebration honoring concentrates? This celebration happens on July 10, otherwise known as 710 (pronounced seven-ten). What this secretly references is the word oil upside-down. Oil being a form of concentrates. For those who are part of the dab culture, happy dabbing to you and your buds!

It’s What Consumers Demand

It’s no secret that D9 concentrates are among some of the most potent formulations. The popularity of these products isn’t going away either. Industry experts believe this trend is based on basic human behavior. The bottom line, consumers want to get the most out of their purchase. And rightly so! Legalization in the US would go a long way to improving overall consumer safety and provide the legal framework required to accommodate future markets.

Get in the zone! The Hemp Doctor believes in your ability to perform at your very best. So we provide only the highest quality hemp-derived cannabinoids for our customers, helping them reach their optimal performance. Shop for the best D9 available in the US today.

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