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    Ziva Incognito Cartridge


    Why just go with any battery? Introducing the Ziva Smart Incognito Cartridge Battery – where cutting-edge technology meets user demands. Experience rapid charging with USB Type-C, enjoy the discretion of its sleek design, and revel in personalized vaping with adjustable voltage settings. Lightweight with a sturdy aluminum build, it’s the epitome of style, efficiency, and functionality. Dive into a premium vaping experience tailored just for you.


    Available in 5 stylish colors.

  • eGo-T 900mah Battery with Charger


    The eGo-T 900 mAh battery with charger is the perfect companion for your favorite The Hemp Doctor vape cartridge! We understand the importance of reliable and high-quality vape batteries to power your favorite vaping devices. Our Ego-T 900mAh battery with charger delivers reliable and consistent power for an enjoyable vaping experience, which is why we’re proud to offer it.

    The Ego-T 900 mAh battery is a high-capacity battery designed to provide extended vaping sessions without the need for constant recharging. This battery is designed for heavy vapers who demand high-performance and long-lasting power from their vaping devices.

    510 Threaded: Compatible with all 510 tanks.

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    Yocan UNI Pro Plus Box Mod | 900mAh


    Yocan Uni Pro Plus Universal Cart Battery

    The Yocan Uni Pro Plus is a 900mah universal cart battery sporting a 1.8-4.2V range, and is equipped with a full range of cartridge adjustments. Maintaining the original cartridge stabilizing features, the Yocan UNI Pro Plus can work with vape cartridges of all sizes, allowing them to fit neatly thanks to the various height, width, and diameter adjustment features. The wide range of available voltage output levels makes the Yocan UNI Pro Plus the perfect match for all your cartridge needs!