Our Laboratory-Tested Delta 8 Softgels Contain 100% U.S.-Grown Hemp

When you buy any hemp-derived product, the source of the hemp matters. In fact, it matters a lot. You need to know what you are putting in your body. You need to know that it is free of heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants, and you need to know that it has been grown in strict compliance with U.S. federal law.



Why choose The Hemp Doctor’se Delta 8 Softgels

At The Hemp Doctor, our Delta 8 softgels—like all of our products—contain 100% U.S.-grown hemp. Our farmers grow in strict compliance with the USDA’s standards for industrial hemp, and we work with an independent laboratory to prove it. We also use scientifically advanced processing methods to create a phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract that is free from hydrocarbons and other toxins, and we ensure that all of our hemp products contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC as required by the federal Farm Bill.

In short, when you buy your Delta 8 softgels from The Hemp Doctor, you can be confident that you know exactly what is in each little capsule.

Our softgels contain 25mg of Delta 8. If this is your first time buying Delta 8 softgels, we encourage you to start with one. Over time, you may choose to up your dosage, and our two-packs are a popular choice with many of our long-time customers.


Did You Know?

Although Delta 8 is psychoactive, its effects are not as pronounced as those of Delta 9. As a result, our Delta 8 softgels are a great choice for those looking for their first experience with a THC analog.


How is consuming delta 8 softgels different than vaping or smoking?

While our Delta 8 softgels are a great option for individuals who don’t have prior experience with THC or a THC analog, they are also very popular among hemp connoisseurs. Our full-spectrum formulation provides access to all of the benefits that hemp has to offer—from the psychoactive effects of Delta 8 to the potential health benefits of CBD.

When you take a Delta 8 softgel, you will usually start to experience its effects in about 30 minutes. The effects come on smoothly and subtly, and this is a great way to transition from a long day to a relaxing evening. Lasting up to eight hours, our Delta 8 softgels allow you to enjoy your experience consistently and without the need to go back for more.

This is one reason why many people prefer softgels to smoking or vaping. Our Delta 8 softgels are also a good option if smoking or vaping just isn’t your thing. In addition to being soothing and relaxing, our Delta 8 softgels are also discrete, and you can easily carry them with you to take at just the right time.


Do Delta 8 Softgels Get You High?

Delta 8 is a psychoactive cannabinoid, so our Delta 8 softgels can get you high. This is why we recommend starting with one 25mg capsule for your first experience. You should not drive or operate heavy machinery while on Delta 8, and you should be sure to keep your Delta 8 softgels out of reach of your children and pets. However, the high from Delta 8 is generally milder than the high from Delta 9, and many of our customers report experiencing a euphoric, calming, and head-clearing high that helps get them through their day.

If you would like to know more about the effects of Delta 8, this short article is a good place to start: What is Delta 8 THC?


Are Delta 8 Softgels Legal?

Our full-spectrum Delta 8 softgels are federally legal because they are derived from hemp and comply with the Farm Bill’s Delta 9 concentration limit of 0.03 percent. We know this because we source all of our hemp domestically from trusted farmers and all of our products undergo independent laboratory testing.

At the state level, the legality of Delta 8 varies. While many states have fully legalized hemp, some have placed restrictions on Delta 8 due to its psychoactive properties. We only ship our softgels to states where Delta 8 is legal, though we encourage all of our customers to make sure they can safely use Delta 8 where they live.


What Should You Look for When Buying Delta 8 Softgels?

When buying Delta 8 softgels, legality is just one of several important considerations.

While we only use U.S.-grown hemp and thoroughly test all of our products for purity and potency, we cannot say the same about many other companies. In fact, studies show that as much as 70% of the hemp sold in the United States is imported. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as a practical matter, it often is. In many cases, hemp grown in other countries contains heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants that are not permitted by the USDA.

As a customer of The Hemp Doctor, you can be confident that your Delta 8 softgels meet (and in many respects exceed) the U.S. standards for safe consumption. We care about quality, and we truly want our customers to have the best possible experience. We believe in the power of hemp (read our story to find out why), and we will never sell you anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves.


Our Last Words on Delta 8 Softgels

We’ve covered a lot, and hopefully you can see that we are passionate about providing the highest quality Delta 8 softgels you can find. To summarize, if you are interested in exploring the world of Delta 8, our softgels offer a great introduction. They provide a smooth and relaxing high that is milder than the high you will experience with Delta 9. Our Delta 8 softgels are processed from natural hemp grown in the United States, and we conduct comprehensive testing to provide complete transparency to our customers—you can even review our Certificates of Analysis (COAs) online.

Are you ready to give Delta 8 a try? If so, our Delta 8 softgels are likely to be the perfect choice for you.

Use these products only as directed. This content is for informational or educational purposes only and does not constitute medical or legal advice.