Sleep is essential to our daily functioning. When we wake up and feel completely rested, the whole day just feels easier and more enjoyable. After all, just like putting your cell phone on the charger before bed and waking up to a full battery, our bodies also need to power down and recharge.

Unfortunately, falling asleep at a reasonable time and maintaining a deep, rejuvenating sleep throughout the night can be a challenge for many people. Especially lately, when it seems like there are so many things to keep the mind active – work, family, friends, your health and the health of loved ones, politics, world events –  a good night’s sleep can seem impossible.

Before going to extremes to find a way to sleep better, try exploring natural assistance. Many of the most effective products to support sleep are actually plant-derived and holistic! You’ve probably already heard of CBD (the hemp-derived ingredient that took the nation by storm in 2018) because it has become one of the most popular health products on the market today. However, the newest impressive ingredient capturing attention, from coast to coast, is also derived from hemp: CBG.

What Is CBG?

CBG is short for cannabigerol, and it is a powerful plant-derived compound called a cannabinoid. Plants in the cannabis variety (most notably, hemp and marijuana) contain hundreds of cannabinoids used in wellness products today. While both hemp and marijuana are in the cannabis plant family, the two are not identical. Marijuana contains much higher THC levels. This compound is known to cause mind-altering side effects or the high associated with marijuana use. Even though both plants contain THC, hemp contains much lower amounts. In the United States, only hemp-derived products containing 0.3% THC or less (a minuscule amount) are legal since The Farm Bill of 2018 was passed.

Like its well-known counterpart (CBD), CBG is legal, all-natural, non-addictive, and does not cause psychoactive side effects. Even though fewer people know about CBG right now, that is guaranteed to change. So just when we thought hemp couldn’t be more amazing, experts decided to analyze exactly what CBG can do closely, and the results could not be more exciting.

Before we explain what CBG can do, it’s important to understand the difference between CBG and CBD. We know that they are both compounds derived from the hemp plant, but you may not realize that CBG is a bit more exclusive because it is harder to acquire. It all comes down to the lifecycle of the hemp plant. Here’s how:

In the early stages of the hemp plant’s life, the plant contains a dense amount of CBG-a (cannabigerol acid). Through photosynthesis, as the plant matures, the CBG-a is transformed into other well-known, beneficial compounds like CBD. The fully mature hemp plant does contain the CBG compound, but in very small amounts, as most of it has been synthesized into different compounds. This means that it is harder to yield high amounts of CBG, making the beneficial compound much rarer and highly desired.

As soon as consumers began realizing CBG’s potential, the demand for CBG products began skyrocketing. Because the mature hemp plant contains such low levels of the compound, expert cultivators and researchers have had to find ways to extract more CBG by harvesting the hemp plant earlier, when CBG is most prolific. Similar to CBD, CBG can play a vital role in one’s daily routine, as it enters the bloodstream and immediately begins absorbing, delivering support where the body needs it most.

Of course, this elusive, highly sought-after compound offers several benefits. However, as the product becomes more popular, many consumers are reaching for CBG to help them, and when they do, they are increasingly impressed.

The Hemp Doctor: Ahead of the Curve

CBG might be hard to find at average stores, but we are always ahead of the curve when it comes to hemp products! At The Hemp Doctor, America’s Premier Hemp & CBD Dispensary, we’ve got you covered.

Plus, you can trust that our hemp products are completely safe, unlike no-name competitors who can’t prove the claims they make on their labels. We can, and we do! When you shop with us, you can easily access the third-party lab results to see exactly what’s in your product. That means you can shop with confidence with us, knowing your products are safe and trustworthy.

If you have any questions or curiosities about CBG, CBD, or if you’d like us to recommend your ideal product, reach out to us. We will be excited to see you enjoy hemp as much as we do! Our friendly team is active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or if you prefer, you can send us a message here.

Get started today! Whether you’re interested in purchasing our premium CBG to improve your sleep routine or any of our other impressive, organic hemp-derived products, we have something you will love. Shop online today, or visit us at our Mooresville, NC shop in person.

How Does CBG work?

CBD is everywhere these days. Those three big letters are plastered on billboards, products in stores, and all over the internet as the trend has become a permanent fixture in the wellness market. If you use CBD regularly, you may know a bit about it, but you may still have questions about other natural compounds. If you’re asking yourself, what is CBG, we’re here to help.

Now, in addition to CBD, another compound is making headlines, and it is sparking many questions from curious consumers. CBG is hitting the market and making a splash, and people can’t wait to learn all about it. At The Hemp Doctor, hemp is our expertise, and we are known for leading the charge on all things hemp-related. We are eager to share everything you need to know about hemp-derived products, including CBD and CBG, to make the right choices when shopping for hemp-derived products.

CBD vs. CBG: How They’re Alike and How They Differ

People tend to get excited when new products hit the market. Let’s explore exactly what CBD is, what CBG is, and how they are alike and different. This comparison can help us know when more products inundate the market to shop with confidence and understanding.

What Is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, and it is:

  • ✔  one of the many compounds called cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis plant.
  • ✔  completely natural.
  • ✔  non-addictive.

When CBD is derived from hemp, it:

  • ✔  naturally contains no more than 0.3% THC.
  • ✔  does not produce mind-altering side effects.
  • ✔  is completely legal in the United States.

Research is continuing to uncover new ways CBD can engage with and influence the body. Currently, it is known to enter the bloodstream and interact with our endocannabinoid system positively, creating a harmonious balance while bringing our bodies closer to homeostasis.

What Is CBG?

CBG is short for cannabigerol, and it is:

  • ✔  non-addictive.
  • ✔  also completely natural.
  • ✔  another one of the many cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis plant.

When CBG is derived from hemp, it:

  • ✔  is completely legal in the United States.
  • ✔  naturally contains no more than 0.3% THC.
  • ✔  does not produce mind-altering side effects.

CBG is a lesser-known cannabinoid because it only makes up about 1% of the full-grown hemp plant’s chemical profile. CBG is most concentrated in young hemp plants. As the hemp plant matures, the CBG compound evolves into other well-known compounds, like CBD, leaving very little of the original cannabinoid (CBG) behind.

As researchers delve into CBG and its potential, they discovered that if farmers harvest the hemp plant at the perfect time, they can preserve more of the compound. There is still a lot to be learned about CBG, but early studies show that, like CBD, it interacts harmoniously with the endocannabinoid system, and in some cases, it engages more effectively with the body than other cannabinoids. This research is in its infancy but is promising nonetheless.

CBD & CBG: Compare and Contrast

As you can see, both CBD and CBG are cannabinoids. They are both natural, safe, and non-addictive. Both are derived from plants in the cannabis family, and specifically, when derived from hemp, they are legal in the United States.

Currently, it appears that CBG can be used in similar ways as CBD. While both compounds are derived from hemp, CBD appears to be much more abundant in a healthy hemp plant, making CBD a bit easier to extract, purify, and use in products.

Extracting large amounts of potent CBG, however, is still a work in progress. Moreover, because it is newly being researched and explored, and the compound is less prevalent in the hemp plant, it takes much more time, money, and precision to acquire CBG – making it a rare treasure.

One thing remains, whether you shop for CBD, CBG, or products containing both compounds, choosing a trusted brand is incredibly important. Your brand of choice should always share how they grow their hemp and how they process it to extract the beneficial compounds safely. Also, they should always utilize an unbiased third-party lab to test their final products for purity. The lab results should be available to you online easily, too.

The Hemp Doctor: Pioneers of All Things Hemp

Of course, because CBD and CBG both come from the marvelous hemp plant, The Hemp Doctor, America’s Premier Hemp & CBD Dispensary, is ahead of the curve once again – because hemp is our specialty. Our unparalleled, versatile inventory keeps growing, and we continue to feature the latest and greatest innovations in the industry to keep you in peak condition.

We are often adding new hemp products to fit into your lifestyle. Our newest products include the CBD / CBG line containing 1,000 milligrams of CBD oil and 1,000 milligrams of CBG oil, bringing bother ingredients together in one game-changing product. The marriage of these two powerful compounds will maximize their effectiveness, as studies show combining compounds allows for consumers to experience the “Entourage Effect.”

Learn More Today!

In addition to providing premium hemp products, we are also passionate about sharing educational materials and useful tips to our family of customers. We believe that everyone deserves to live happy and comfortable, and we hope to help make that possible!

We love connecting with customers and sharing information about our wellness products, from tried-and-true favorites to the newest products hitting the shelves. If you are ready to learn more about what CBD and CBG can do for you, or if you have any other questions for us, we are here for you. Simply call, stop in at our Mooresville, NC shop, or fill out our online contact form, and we will happily help. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Hemp Oil For Skincare?

Especially after long days spent in the summer heat, it is important to give your skin the TLC it deserves to stay healthy and youthful. It is, after all, the human body’s largest organ. Unfortunately, many skincare products on the market today make promises of healing and soothing. Yet they contain harsh chemicals and unhealthy ingredients, making those who read the labels think twice about using them. So you may be asking if you can use natural products like hemp oil for skincare.

Luckily, as cutting-edge, hemp-derived CBD products continue to take the market by storm, hemp-oil infused skincare products are also making a debut, and consumers could not be more excited. Hemp oil is not only deeply nourishing, but it also offers a truly dynamic skincare experience.

Hemp Oil vs. Hemp Seed Oil

Before we discuss the many ways hemp oil can benefit your skin, let’s first clear up one common point of confusion: hemp oil versus hemp seed oil. While they sound similar, these two oils are very different. Here’s how:

Hemp oil is the extract derived from a healthy hemp plant’s flowers, leaves, and stems. Hemp oil is rich in cannabinoids, including CBD (cannabidiol), CBG (cannabigerol), and others. These cannabinoids interact harmoniously with the body, delivering natural results without the need for harsh chemicals or unnatural ingredients. On product labels, you may see it classified as “hemp oil,” “phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil,” or premium retailers (like The Hemp Doctor) may feature “organically grown, broad-spectrum, phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil.” These are all synonyms for hemp oil, rich with beneficial cannabinoids.

Hemp seed oil does not actually come from the hemp plant; instead, it is cold-pressed from hemp seed. Therefore, hemp seed oil does not contain any of the compounds found in hemp oil because those compounds result from photosynthesis as the microscopic compounds in the hemp plant grow and evolve.

Both oils are unique and are found in products in stores and online, so it is important to know the difference. Only hemp oil contains the wellness-evoking ingredients consumers are seeking lately, like robust CBD.

The Best Hemp Oil Products for Your Skin

Consumers are increasingly reaching for hemp oil topical products because, besides having moisturizing ingredients, the compounds extracted from the hemp plant elevate each product. So to give your skin the royal treatment it deserves, treat yourself to one of the industry’s top hemp oil products for your skin.

If you are seeking extra hydration for your body, try a Hemp CBD Salve. This perfectly balanced balm contains a unique blend of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, rich beeswax, and aromatic organic essential oils. This salve is made with only a handful of carefully selected all-natural ingredients. As a result, your skin will feel silky and resilient after just one use! This nourishing salve is available in many scent options, including natural, mint, ceylon cinnamon, and lavender & eucalyptus.

If you seek relief from overworked muscles or tired, aging joints, consider trying CBD Freeze Cream. The Hemp Doctor’s CBD Freeze cream is infused with premium quality phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil and soothing ingredients like menthol. This product is a favorite among athletes and everyday consumers. Delivering a cooling sensation while penetrating your tense muscles and joints, CBD Freeze Cream works in a hurry.

These are just a few of the many hemp oil-infused products that can make a difference in your everyday life and help you feel your best! Remember, when it comes to any hemp product, it is important to shop with true hemp experts who prioritize quality and consistency – like The Hemp Doctor.

The Hemp Doctor: America’s Hemp Experts

Hemp products are flooding into the wellness industry as innovations deliver multiplying benefits to everyday consumers, proving that natural, holistic solutions can be effective. However, when you are ready to add hemp and CBD products to your lifestyle, it is best to trust the experts. At The Hemp Doctor, America’s Premier Hemp & CBD Dispensary, hemp is our absolute passion. Every day, we strive to craft new, unique, highly effective innovations to help you reap the benefits of the many compounds derived from the hemp plant.

In doing so, we follow strict guidelines, starting from the moment the healthy hemp seed is planted into organic United States soil. We don’t cut corners at any step for any reason, which is why we can deliver some of the highest quality hemp and CBD products available on the market today.

We utilize industry-leading extraction and purification methods to preserve every hemp-derived compound carefully while thoroughly eliminating every trace of unwanted ingredients from the final pure extract. As a result, our products are consistently pure and clean, which you can see for yourself in our independent third-party lab reports. Everything we sell is premium grade quality, and we back our products with a 100% money-back guarantee!

Shop for Hemp Oil Products Today!

If you’re interested in hemp oil for your skincare The Hemp Doctor has several topical products to choose from, as well as numerous other hemp-infused options to enjoy! Shop our wide inventory of premium products online today, or reach out to our knowledgeable and friendly customer service team if you have questions or would like a one-on-one product recommendation. We are happy to help our family of customers find the perfect hemp product to meet their needs to feel a little brighter each day. We hope to see you soon!

What are medibles?

In the cannabis community, the word medible is used frequently in passing. Over the years, it has come to mean any cannabis edible. However, the term began as a portmanteau of marijuana edible. Now that you know where the word comes from, it’s time we told you: what are medibles?

Understanding Cannabis

Cannabis is still a term that some consumers find confusing, so before we discuss the exciting world of tasty medibles, let’s first dispel some cannabis rumors. Just to clarify, cannabis is a plant family, not a single plant. While marijuana is indeed in the cannabis plant family, the two words are not synonymous.

Think of it this way, all ducks are birds, but not all birds are ducks. Likewise, all marijuana is cannabis, but not all cannabis is marijuana.

Hemp is also a plant in the cannabis family. It has exploded in popularity in recent years because hemp is responsible for giving us many of the most versatile and practical wellness ingredients used by millions. All of the groundbreaking products containing CBD, CBG, Delta 8, and more are all possible and legal, thanks to the amazing hemp plant.

In 2018, when The Farm Bill passed, all derivatives of hemp featuring up to 0.3% THC became federally legal in the United States, which sparked the widespread expansion of the legal cannabis market in America. As a result, retailers began stocking shelves with numerous products featuring cannabinoids derived from hemp, like CBD (cannabidiol) products or CBG (cannabigerol) products.

Once hemp-derived compounds became completely legal and consumers recognized that hemp and marijuana were different plants, the market boomed. Consumers began reporting wellness benefits without psychoactive effects, and the market exploded for hemp-derived products like CBD, CBG, CBN, and Delta-8. It hasn’t slowed down since!

Explore Medibles: Cannabis-Infused Edibles

Now that it’s clear that cannabis can also refer to hemp, we can explore the exciting and delicious world of hemp and CBD-infused edibles! These tasty and convenient products feature compounds derived from hemp, so they are entirely plant-derived. They don’t cause euphoric side-effects or the high that is associated with old marijuana-infused medibles. These new, safe, non-psychoactive products make it easier than ever for consumers with picky taste buds to find products they love.

Experts and connoisseurs of hemp, like the knowledgeable team at The Hemp Doctor, provide consumers with a diverse range of flavors and textures to choose from, each one discreet and easy to consume like an everyday candy shop favorite. Some of The Hemp Doctor’s customer favorites include:

CBD-Infused Watermelon Rings – Just like the mouthwatering watermelon rings you can find at a candy store, these flavorful bites are bursting with a fresh and juicy flavor that delivers the perfect dosage of our premium quality CBD.

Old-Fashioned CBD Lollipops – Our picture-perfect CBD lollipops are almost too pretty to eat! After one lick, you won’t be able to resist the delicious flavor infused with our potent CBD to make your lollipop experience even more enjoyable!

CBD-Infused Chewing Gum – Our discreet Canna Gum is featured in grape and mint flavor, and it is bursting with tiny flavor crystals to deliver a refreshing taste and 20 milligrams of CBD in each piece!

Delta 8 Edible Gummies – These revolutionary gummies are flying off our shelves because they are delicious and packed with one of the hottest ingredients on the market today: Delta 8 THC! Non-psychoactive and remarkably sweet, edibles just don’t get any better than this!

CBD-Infused Chocolate – With so many sugary options, we don’t want chocolate lovers to feel left out! Don’t worry, at The Hemp Doctor. We have something for you to love also! This CBD-infused chocolate melts in your mouth and has you feeling sweet in no time.

CBD Lemon Drops – Similar to the classic lemon hard candy, but with the added benefit of our pure CBD, these sweet and subtly sour lemon drops are refreshing to the taste and deliver just the right amount of CBD to make you feel your best.

These are just some of the many edible hemp and CBD products offered by The Hemp Doctor, and the list continues to grow regularly! Edible CBD is one of the best ways to enjoy the benefits of the all-natural compound. The Hemp Doctor works tirelessly to ensure every single product is of premium quality.

The Hemp Doctor – Premium Quality Hemp Products

We know that you have many options for choosing hemp or CBD-infused edible products, which is why we stop at nothing to make our products stand out among our competitors. Every single one of our edibles:

  • Tastes delicious
  • Crafted using scientifically advanced techniques & consistent practices for quality control
  • Features only pure ingredients; free of pesticides, chemicals, metals, & fillers
  • Is 100% compliant with federal law
  • Comes from organic, American-grown hemp
  • Endures rigorous third-party lab testing as an added layer of assurance that our products are completely pure and clean
  • Backed by our money-back guarantee

In addition, we apply the same dedication to superior quality to absolutely every product we sell, ensuring that everything in our inventory is top-notch. So, if you decide to expand your CBD experience to try CBD Tincture, CBD Topical, Hemp Flower, and more, The Hemp Doctor has a premium quality option for you!

Shop Now to Have Medibles Delivered to Your Door!

If you live in the Mooresville, North Carolina area, we invite you to stop into our shop to meet us and browse the amazing hemp-infused products taking the nation by storm! If you don’t live within driving distance, but you still want to reap all of the benefits of our exclusive medibles and other hemp-based products, don’t worry! Simply place your order on our website, and we will ship your order straight to your doorstep!

Get started today to see why the new generation of medibles – edibles infused with hemp – is the best thing to happen to the wellness industry since hemp became legal. We can’t wait for you to try them!

As both hemp and marijuana increasingly become part of our nation’s dialog, misunderstandings and misrepresentations of the two are growing equally as common. Of course, we’re not completely at a loss for why that’s the case; for decades, US policies have conflated hemp and marijuana as one in the same, treating both as Schedule 1 drugs that face severe punishments. As the conversation about marijuana begins to change, many have also begun to turn to hemp for its many benefits, as well.

But, the question remains: Are marijuana and hemp the same?

In short, no. Even though marijuana and hemp are quite different in both effect and usage, they’ve been categorized together for so long that it’s easy to see the inherent confusion.

In this article, we’ll try to point out the key differences between hemp and marijuana, what each is, and why it’s important that hemp gradually sheds its unfairly negative association with marijuana and begins to shine according to its own benefits.

Hemp vs. Marijuana

What Is Hemp?

Firstly, hemp comes from the Cannabaceae plant family, which is the same as that of marijuana. But, hemp is different in that all recognized, legal hemp products contain less than 0.3 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is one of the cannabinoid chemicals and is responsible for giving users the classic “high” associated with marijuana.

Because hemp has such low THC levels, its uses vary wildly from those of marijuana. Hemp has, historically, been a vital ingredient for rope, clothing, food, and many other products across several industries. Beginning with the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, hemp production (which used to be required of farmers in the decades before) decreased dramatically as its association alongside marijuana grew. This eventually culminated into the Controlled Substances Act in 1970, which classified both hemp and marijuana as Schedule 1 drugs. This effectively further damaged hemp’s reputation within the US, even as hemp’s usefulness was still recognized.

But, just late last year, President Trump signed into law the 2018 Farm Bill, which federally legalized hemp and hemp products’ cultivation, transportation, and distribution (again, as long as products contain less than 0.3 percent THC). At this point, we anticipate that the dialog surrounding hemp will once again change, but hopefully it’ll change for the better this time.

What Is Marijuana?

On the other hand, marijuana and the laws surrounding it are a bit more complex. It also comes from the Cannabaceae plant family, and some estimates suggest that there are thousands of varieties and strains (indica, sativa, or hybrids) of marijuana. Though the marijuana plant is similar to that of the hemp plant, because of its traditionally high levels of THC, most of its uses are reserved for medical or recreational purposes as opposed to textile or industrial functions.

Though THC levels in marijuana can vary significantly, it’s usually somewhere between five and 30 percent. It is precisely this THC quantity that produces the psychoactive effects often associated with “getting high.” But this is also often (and, erroneously, we might add) associated with all products from the cannabis family. Only those that have high enough quantities of THC produce these effects, which includes marijuana but does not include hemp.

Currently, there are about 38 states that have legalized marijuana in some capacity (whether medicinal, recreational, or both), with more considering laws in the future. At present, marijuana is still illegal on a federal level.

How Are They Similar?

In essence, the only similarity that hemp and marijuana have is that they both originate from the same plant family, Cannabaceae. But, their chemical makeup differs enough that comparing hemp and marijuana is like comparing oranges to lemons. These fruits may be similar, but they have numerous distinct qualities that make comparing them difficult; the same can be said regarding marijuana and hemp.

How Are They Different?

Obviously, the most noteworthy difference between hemp and marijuana is that hemp, containing THC levels lower than 0.3 percent (i.e., what federal law considers legal hemp), has no psychoactive effects on users at all. Marijuana, on the other hand – which often has much higher levels of THC – does produce psychoactive effects.

Because of this key distinction, hemp is mostly used for industrial purposes, which changes the way it’s cultivated. Marijuana, contrarily, is largely used for medicinal and recreational consumption, which means that its cultivation necessitates much more precision and conditioning.

Why It’s Important to Know the Difference

As we’ve pointed out, hemp and marijuana – despite having some similarities and belonging to the same plant family – are, indeed, very different. Confounding the two as one in the same is not only overly simplistic and unfortunate, but it’s also dangerous. Here’s why:

Hemp Has Many More Uses

When we regard hemp as the same as marijuana, we may miss out on some of the benefits that it can provide. Hemp products – which have been estimated to number over 20,000 – have a myriad of uses; by disallowing all hemp from the market or misjudging it for something it’s not, we may miss out on those benefits.

Hemp Does Not Give a “High”

Surely one of the most polarizing aspects of marijuana, despite its many useful effects, is the “high” that users feel. Again, this high is directly tied to THC and other cannabinoid chemicals’ interacting in the human body. This means that products not containing THC do not give the user any psychoactive effects. When we assume that hemp does this, it creates a layer of animosity that should not exist.

Currently, the Laws Are Different

At the moment, hemp is legal federally – provided that it falls under the 0.3 percent THC requirement. Conversely, marijuana is only legal in select states and remains illegal federally. Understanding that hemp is viewed and treated differently under the law than marijuana is important, as possession of one or the other has different repercussions.

Additionally, now that hemp has been legalized federally, we expect there to be a growth in hemp cultivation and use in products around the nation. As a consumer, it’s wise to understand that hemp and marijuana have very distinct uses in this sense.

Interested in Learning More about Hemp?

If you’re interested in learning more about hemp and what its products might be able to bring into your life, look no further than The Hemp Doctor.

At The Hemp Doctor, we promise to provide only the best, safest, and purest hemp and CBD products available on the market. If you’re interested in learning more about hemp, how it differs from marijuana, and how you can use it in a variety of ways, contact us online today.

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