Your Senses With Our HHC Cartridges

Explore the Invigorating World of HHC Vapes

If you are interested in exploring the world of hexahydrocannabinol (HHC), our HHC vapes are the perfect place to start. We sell a variety of enjoyable flavors, and all of our HHC vape products have been thoroughly tested to ensure that you know exactly what you are getting. Vaping HHC allows you to carefully control your dosage; and, whether you are experienced with vaping HHC or THC, or you are completely new to vaping, you can curate an experience that is exactly what you want it to be.

What Do You Need to Know About Vaping HHC?

Whether you have been reading about HHC online or you are here because you heard about HHC from a friend or family member, it is important to make sure you are relying on accurate information. Since HHC is still relatively new, the science around this THC alternative is still developing, and many websites have resorted to publishing information about what they think HHC users might experience.

At The Hemp Doctor, we don’t do this. We tell you what we know, and we will never try to mislead you about what the science does or doesn’t say.

So, what can we tell you about HHC? HHC is manufactured through a hydrogenation process that starts with natural hemp oil. This process adds a hydrogen molecule to the THC that exists naturally in hemp, which changes its chemical structure just slightly. While this manufacturing process involves heavy metals, at The Hemp Doctor we conduct thorough in-house testing and work with an independent laboratory to ensure that all of our products are free from contaminants. This multi-stage testing procedure also confirms the potency of our HHC vape cartridges, which is clearly displayed on our cartridges’ packaging.

Did You Know?

The hydrogenation process used to make HHC is similar to the process used to make margarine, vegetable oil, and a variety of other food products. This process has long been considered safe, and it has been used to produce FDA-approved food products for decades.

Do You Get High From Vaping HHC?

HHC is known to produce a high similar to THC. Many of our customers say that the euphoric effect of vaping HHC is roughly similar to that of vaping Delta-8 or Delta-9, though the high with HHC tends to be on the milder side. The high you will experience with our HHC vapes is similar to that you will experience with our HHC gummies and edibles, though it comes on quicker with vaping because the HHC does not have to travel through your digestive system.

You can learn more about what to expect when you use The Hemp Doctor’s HHC vape cartridges in our HHC overview.

HHC Vaping: Getting the Euphoric Effect of THC Without Smoking

Similar to vaping Delta-9 THC, vaping HHC is a popular alternative to smoking. As we mentioned above, while HHC is a synthetic product, its chemical structure is very similar to the chemical structure of the THC that exists naturally in both cannabis and hemp. As a result, preliminary research has shown that vaping HHC is just as safe as vaping THC (as long as you purchase your HHC vape cartridges from a reputable supplier), and this same research suggests that HHC may offer the same potential health benefits as well.

The vapor produced from vaping HHC dissipates more quickly than the smoke produced from smoking cannabis; and, with a wide variety of flavors to choose from, many people prefer vaping to smoking. This is true whether they are seeking the euphoria and relaxation that HHC provides, or they are using HHC for stress reduction or other health purposes.

Are HHC Vapes Legal?

As one resource explains, “a good rule of thumb is that if THC is legal in a certain area, then HHC is also legal.” Due to the fact that HHC is a synthetic product that is still relatively new, many of the laws that govern the legality of cannabis, hemp, and THC do not directly address HHC. However, several states do have laws that legalize HHC; and, since HHC is derived from hemp, there is a strong argument to be made that HHC is federally legal under the Farm Bill of 2018. This argument is further strengthened by the fact that the federal statutes that outlaw cannabis and THC mention these substances specifically—and they do not mention HHC.

Recently, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) sent a letter in which it concluded that THC-O does not fall under the Farm Bill. This is noteworthy here because, like HHC, THC-O is a synthetic THC alternative that is derived from hemp. However, the DEA’s determination may ultimately have little, if any, impact on the legality of HHC at the state level. And, of course, while THC from cannabis is still federally illegal, it is legal to use THC in many states.

What Should You Look for When Buying HHC Vapes?

So, what should you look for when buying HHC vapes? The most important thing to consider is making sure that you are buying from a trustworthy source. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of untrustworthy sources out there. At The Hemp Doctor, all of our HHC vape products undergo extensive testing, and we publish our test results and certificates of analysis (COAs) online.

When buying from a trustworthy source like The Hemp Doctor, you can feel confident choosing any flavor, and you can learn about our HHC vape cartridges’ potency right on the package. Again, we want you to make informed decisions and have an enjoyable experience, and we work hard to make your exploration of the world of HHC vaping as easy as possible.

Key Takeaways: So, You’re Ready to Try Our Delicious HHC Vapes

If you are ready to try our delicious HHC vapes, what are the key takeaways you should consider as you start (or continue) your HHC journey? At The Hemp Doctor, we are fully up-front about everything you want to know. We are a leading supplier of HHC vaping products, and we have been in the hemp industry for years. We are the industry’s go-to source for reliable HHC products, and we hope that we will be your source for years to come.

Consume these products only as directed. This content is for informational or educational purposes only and does not constitute medical or legal advice.