We’ve Made Some Changes, For A More User-Friendly Experience!

  • Instead of coupon codes, points will now be redeemed for Store Credits! This way, you can use your hard-earned loyalty points with any order, even orders with a coupon code!
  • You no longer have to redeem points in the exact amount that you need for the ‘coupon’; you can select how many store credits you want to use on the checkout page!

Earn Points and Get Rewarded!

We’re very excited to announce our rewards program! (As if you needed a reason to buy more of The Hemp Doctor’s high-quality CBD and Delta-8 products.)
  • $1 = 1 point: For every dollar you spend at The Hemp Doctor, you’ll get a point, and each point is worth ten cents. This means that every time you spend ten dollars, you earn a dollar off.
  • First order = 10 points: For your very first order, you automatically get 10 points. Registering an account? Another ten points!
  • Spend over $200 = +50 points: Earn an extra 50 points on top when you purchase over $200 (subtotal)!

How to Redeem Your Points

Start earning points with every purchase!
  • How can I apply change my loyalty points into store credit to be used on an order?
    • We are glad you asked! To redeem loyalty points, you can access them in your account under “my points”, from here, you can enter the desired amount and redeem them. They will then redeem into store credit, and you can view that this action was done in your points history, as well as under the “store credits” tab on your account. If you redeemed your points in your account, they can be applied on the checkout page underneath “discounts”, when you click this, it will show how many credits you have available to apply, and you can again enter the desired amount. Redeeming points alone will not apply them to your order, as it is the store credit that must be applied at on the checkout page in order for it to take an amount off of your order.
    • Once store credit has been applied, you will see the entered amount taken off from your order in the order total. If you do not see it applied, make sure you pressed the “apply” button after entering the amount of credits you wished to use. If you refresh your page at all during the checkout process, this will remove the store credit discount from your order, and it will need to be applied again.
    • If you accidentally checked out and only redeemed your points into store credit, but did not apply it to your order, unfortunately we would not be able to apply it after the charge has gone through. Worry not! These credits are still available in your account, and can be used on any future orders*. You can see these available in the store credit tab on your account.
      • *Store credits cannot be applied towards subscription orders
Keep in mind that points will only be accrued from the time you create your account going forward; no points are awarded for past orders. Additionally, you’ll still have to pay for shipping. We may have special offers for double points or bonus points some days, so make sure you subscribe to our mailing list, so you don’t miss out on fantastic deals!