Earn Points and Get Rewarded!

We’re very excited to announce our rewards program! (As if you needed a reason to buy more of The Hemp Doctor’s high-quality CBD and Delta-8 products.)

  • $1 = 1 point: For every dollar you spend at The Hemp Doctor, you’ll get a point, and each point is worth ten cents. This means that every time you spend ten dollars, you earn a dollar off.
  • First order = 10 points: For your very first order, you automatically get 10 points. Registering an account? Another ten points!
  • Leave a product review = 25 points: For every product review you leave on the website, you will earn another 25 points!
  • Spend over $200 = +50 points: Earn an extra 50 points on top when you purchase over $200!

How to Redeem Your Points

Start earning points with every purchase, first order, product review!

  1. First, check how many points you have by clicking “My Account” then “My Points” — it’s that easy!
  2. To redeem your points, type in how many you’d like to redeem and click the redeem button. You’ll then get a coupon code for that amount that you can use at checkout!

Make sure you only redeem the points you’re going to use, though you can’t get the points back once you use the coupon code. For example, if you redeem $40 worth of points, but your purchase is only $20, and you use the $40 coupon, you’ll only receive that $20 and won’t be able to use the extra points.

Keep in mind that points will only be accrued going forward; no points are awarded for past orders.

Additionally, you’ll still have to pay for shipping.

We may have special offers for double points or bonus points some days, so make sure you subscribe to our mailing list, so you don’t miss out on fantastic deals!