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Newer cannabinoids are popping up everywhere, and Louisiana is no exception to this trend. But many consumers have concerns about these products and wonder, “Is weed legal in Louisiana?” Did Louisiana legalize Delta-9 and other products with similar cannabinoids?

Here’s an in-depth look at the laws surrounding hemp-derived products, and where you can buy them for legal and safe consumption.

Is Marijuana Legal in Louisiana?

Marijuana’s legality in Louisiana is, like many other states, shrouded in great mystery for most curious consumers. Medical marijuana is 100% legal; those with a card from their doctor can purchase marijuana from specific stores, even if they have higher amounts of THC. 

But what most people are really searching for is, “Is weed recreational legal in Louisiana?” And the answer to that is complex, so let’s break it down to make it easier to understand.

In Louisiana, marijuana has been decriminalized. According to a 2021 bill, individuals can possess up to 14 grams of cannabis for a first offense and have the option to petition the courts for expungement upon payment of a fee. While this doesn’t wholly embrace recreational use, it signals a progressive shift in attitudes for many.

The information gets muddled when you start differentiating marijuana from hemp products; the Farm Bill of 2018 made all hemp-derived products in the U.S. federally legal as long as they fell below the 0.3% THC by weight threshold. This law made products with cannabinoids like Delta-8 and Delta-9 legal in all 50 states. 

Some states have unique restrictions on these cannabinoids, and it’s important to know that Louisiana is one of them. 

Many hemp retailers within the state have to deal with complicated red tape, keeping them from selling things marked as gummies or even CBD-infused food and beverages. And finding Delta-9 THC edibles in Louisiana can be somewhat frustrating if you only shop locally.

However, this doesn’t mean consumers can’t still order these products online and enjoy them at their discretion. But this does make it even more crucial to know exactly what you’re buying, where you plan to consume it, and what the specific laws in your state surrounding these cannabinoids are.

To recap, marijuana itself isn’t legal in Louisiana. However, many products from the hemp plant are perfectly legal to own, purchase, and consume whenever you please.

Is Delta-8 Legal in Louisiana?

Delta-8 is a step down in intensity from the well-known Delta-9 cannabinoid. It’s a much more beginner-friendly experience, perfect for those who want a boost of creativity and to feel like they can take on their day. And since Delta-8 falls under the Farm Bill of 2018, Delta-8 products are legal in Louisiana.

Where to Buy Delta-8 in Louisiana

If you’re interested in trying out Delta-8 for yourself, you can make your search for cannabinoid-rich consumables much more straightforward by shopping online with The Hemp Doctor! 

Here are some excellent choices to get you started. 


Gummies are one of the best ways to try Delta-8. They’re delicious, easy to carry around, and adjusting the portion is relatively simple. Be mindful that the effects of gummies can take some time to kick in. Ensure you wait sufficiently before considering another dose to avoid unintentional overconsumption.


For a more “traditional” experience, try one of the Delta-8 pre-rolls from The Hemp Doctor! Pre-rolls are an excellent way to get the high you want without doing any work. They also come in many delicious flavors.


We also carry flower for those who want to start from scratch. Choose from various Delta-8 flowers with their unique flavor profiles and experiences. Going this route is best for more experienced hemp enjoyers, as it can be challenging to balance the high if you aren’t careful.


Though similar to edibles in application, tinctures often yield a more robust overall experience. You can add tinctures directly underneath your tongue or even apply them topically; your skin will absorb the Delta-8, so you’ll still feel the benefits.

Is Delta-9 Legal in Louisiana?

Delta-9 gets a lot of attention for having a similar high to THC, meaning you’ll experience psychoactive effects when consuming it. 

So did Louisiana legalize Delta-9, knowing it shares characteristics with the THC compounds in marijuana? Because Delta-9 is also a cannabinoid, it’s still considered perfectly legal under Louisiana and federal law. That means now’s the time to try delicious treats like Delta-9 gummies in Louisiana for yourself.

Where to Buy Delta-9 in Louisiana

Are you wondering how to buy Delta-9 edibles in Louisiana? If you only shop locally, it can feel like you’re looking forever. Here’s a quick guide to help you get what you need for the best possible experience with this cannabinoid.


You might be stumped when shopping for Delta-9 gummies in Louisiana. But buying them is a no-brainer when you shop at The Hemp Doctor. Experience the signature relaxation of Delta-9 with our diverse range of gummies. Dive into flavors like our decadent milk chocolate minis and unwind in comfort.


Buying Delta-9 pre-rolls from online retailers like The Hemp Doctor would be best. Louisiana laws make it nearly impossible to get your hands on these by legitimate means otherwise. Our pre-rolls and other smokeable products are some of our best-selling Delta-9 products; order some for yourself and find out why!


We also carry multiple kinds of Delta-9 flower with fascinating varieties like Peanut Butter Breath and OG Kush. Choose from indica, sativa, and hybrid flower to customize your experience and get exactly what you want from your high.


Many say that Delta-9 tinctures can be potent, and since Delta-9 itself can be an intense experience for some, we encourage you to try tinctures but start small. 

Is CBD Legal in Louisiana?

CBD Louisiana laws are similar to Delta-8 and Delta-9 in that it’s legal to sell and consume but with many caveats. Even though CBD doesn’t present any psychoactive effects when consumed, these products are still heavily scrutinized at the local and state levels. It’s another reason many consumers have chosen to buy online. 

But to ease your concerns, CBD is still legal to purchase and consume in Louisiana. The laws make it much harder to be an in-state retailer who wants to sell it and potentially a resident who wants to buy it.

Where to Buy CBD in Louisiana

If you’re going to shop for CBD in Louisiana, you’ll probably have a much easier time finding it than Delta-8 or Delta-9. Still, the variety of products you can try shopping online with The Hemp Doctor is much more appealing, and everything gets sent right to your door! Here’s what you can pick up right now.


CBD edibles are extremely popular. They’re a tasty, simple way to enjoy this cannabinoid. Many love to pop a gummy right before bed to promote relaxation and a restful night of sleep. We have full-spectrum CBD edibles that you are sure to love!


CBD pre-rolls can be tough to find in Louisiana; purchase them online through us! Get the full experience of smoking CBD the natural way with our ready-to-use premium pre-rolls.


Few people think of flower when they think of CBD, but it’s an excellent way to use CBD in all kinds of creative applications. We carry multiple types of CBD flower, like Amnesia Haze and Wedding Cake. You can also purchase hemp CBD kief or isolate CBD powder for something more concentrated.


CBD oil tinctures are up there with gummies in terms of popularity. You can likely find these in stores around Louisiana, but we also carry full-spectrum tinctures you can purchase. These are guaranteed 100% THC-free and follow all the laws and protocols to ensure you get a quality, safe product.

Shop Premium Products With the Hemp Doctor

Despite Louisiana’s intricate stance on cannabinoids, residents can still enjoy these products within legal bounds. It’s essential to source them from trustworthy suppliers who follow the laws carefully.

That’s why we recommend you shop with The Hemp Doctor. It is a safe, simple way to deliver hemp products right to your door. We make all the information about each item clear, including the effects, ingredients, and what you should expect when it arrives. 

Browse through our comprehensive catalog of cannabis products and find anything from CBD tinctures to Delta-9 gummies in Louisiana to elevate your experience!

Different cannabis strains flower

The world of cannabis is rich and multifaceted, akin to the universe of wine or gourmet coffee. With each passing year, as the cultural stigma diminishes and curiosity grows, countless individuals find themselves diving into this aromatic world, eager to explore its depths.

The Science and Art Behind Cannabis Strains

The term “strain” in the cannabis industry refers to the different breeds of cannabis plants. Like dog breeds, each cannabis strain possesses its unique attributes—flavor, aroma, appearance, and of course, its effect on the human body and mind.

Indica vs. Sativa vs. Hybrid

The foundational classification of cannabis plants falls into three categories:

Indica: Picture yourself curled up on a couch on a cold winter night, covered in a warm blanket, and sinking deeper into relaxation. That’s the Indica experience for many: deep relaxation, calming, and often recommended for nighttime use.

Sativa: It’s a sunny day, and you feel an energetic buzz, a need to create, to discuss, to move. Sativas typically offer a more cerebral experience, stimulating creativity, uplifting mood, and often preferred for daytime use.

Hybrid: A fusion of both Indica and Sativa, hybrids are bred to offer a balanced effect, making them versatile for a range of activities and times of day. They can lean towards either Sativa or Indica in their effects based on their lineage.

Terpenes – The Unsung Heroes:

Beyond just cannabinoids like THC and CBD, terpenes play a pivotal role in the cannabis experience. These aromatic compounds determine the strain’s signature scent and flavor, ranging from citrusy to piney, fruity to skunky. Research even suggests that terpenes might interact with cannabinoids, potentially influencing the overall effect.

THC Content and Potency

It’s hard to discuss cannabis without addressing THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the primary psychoactive compound, and its percentage in a strain often determines its strength. But remember, a strain’s overall effect isn’t just about THC; it’s a symphony of compounds working together.

Decoding the Recommendation Levels

Novice: For the uninitiated, the world of cannabis might feel a bit overwhelming. Novice strains are an invitation to explore, often offering milder effects and a gentle introduction.

Intermediate: You’ve dabbled, you have a few favorites, and you’re ready to expand your horizons. Intermediate strains offer a balanced experience, neither too light nor overwhelmingly potent.

Expert: For those who know their way around a cannabis dispensary blindfolded, expert strains offer intense, often complex experiences. They’re not just about strength but intricate flavor profiles and effects.

The Ultimate Strain Guide

At the heart of this exploration are the strains themselves. Here, we put together the 50 best strains based on popularity trends. It is important to note that the taste and effects can vary based on growing conditions, harvest times, and processing, so not everyone might experience the exact same flavor or effect.

# Strain Taste Profile Type Recommendation Level Approx. THC %
1 Blue Dream Sweet berry flavors Hybrid Novice 17-24%
2 Sour Diesel Pungent, diesel-like aroma Sativa Expert 19-25%
3 Girl Scout Cookies Sweet and earthy, with hints of mint or chocolate Hybrid Intermediate 17-28%
4 OG Kush Earthy pine with sour lemon and woody undertones Hybrid Intermediate 19-26%
5 Pineapple Express Tropical, cedar, with pineapple and pine notes Hybrid Intermediate 18-25%
6 Jack Herer Earthy with hints of pine and sweet spices Sativa Intermediate 18-24%
7 Gorilla Glue #4 Earthy, pungent, with hints of pine and sourness Hybrid Expert 25-30%
8 White Widow Earthy with hints of pine Hybrid Intermediate 18-25%
9 Granddaddy Purple Sweet and earthy, with grape and berry undertones Indica Novice 17-23%
10 Green Crack Sweet, with tropical and citrus notes Sativa Expert 20-24%
11 AK-47 Earthy, sweet floral notes Hybrid Intermediate 13-20%
12 Durban Poison Sweet and spicy/earthy Sativa Expert 15-25%
13 Bubba Kush Sweet hashish flavors with subtle notes of coffee and chocolate Indica Intermediate 15-23%
14 Northern Lights Sweet and spicy aromas with earthy and pine notes Indica Novice 16-21%
15 Trainwreck Sweet lemon with spicy pine undertones Hybrid Expert 18-25%
16 Lemon Haze Fresh lemon citrus Sativa Intermediate 15-22%
17 Strawberry Cough Sweet strawberry flavors Sativa Novice 15-20%
18 Purple Haze Earthy and sweet with notes of berry Sativa Intermediate 15-20%
19 Cherry Pie Sweet and sour with a taste of cherry pie Hybrid Intermediate 16-24%
20 Tangie Citrus, particularly orange Sativa Intermediate 19-22%
21 Gelato Sweet and fruity, with hints of lavender and berries Hybrid Expert 18-25%
22 Mimosa Citrusy, with strong orange flavors Hybrid Intermediate 20-27%
23 Skywalker OG Spicy with herbal and jet fuel notes Indica Intermediate 20-26%
24 Zkittlez Sweet and fruity, reminiscent of candy Indica Novice 18-23%
25 Maui Wowie Sweet pineapple flavors and high tropical terpenes Sativa Intermediate 19-22%
26 Banana Kush Sweet banana with tropical notes Hybrid Intermediate 18-25%
27 Blackberry Kush Sweet, berry flavors paired with a strong diesel backbone Indica Intermediate 15-20%
28 Do-Si-Dos Floral, with earthy and sweet flavors Indica Expert 25-30%
29 Grape Ape Grape-like with other berry undertones Indica Intermediate 18-23%
30 Cereal Milk Sweet and milky, reminiscent of a fruity cereal Hybrid Novice 19-22%
31 Wedding Cake Tangy, rich, and creamy, with hints of pepper Hybrid Expert 24-28%
32 Forbidden Fruit Cherry and grapefruit flavors Indica Intermediate 22-26%
33 Runtz Sweet and fruity, reminiscent of tropical candy Hybrid Novice 19-24%
34 Gushers Tropical and sweet, with hints of cookies and gas Hybrid Intermediate 18-22%
35 Agent Orange Citrusy, predominantly orange with a sweet aftertaste Hybrid Novice 12-16%
36 Cookies and Cream Sweet vanilla and nutty flavors Hybrid Novice 18-23%
37 Tropicana Cookies Citrusy, predominantly orange Sativa Intermediate 20-25%
38 Purple Punch Grape, blueberry, with vanilla undertones Indica Novice 18-20%
39 Sherbet Fruity and sweet, with creamy undertones Hybrid Intermediate 17-24%
40 Lemon Larry OG Lemon and pine, with skunky undertones Indica Intermediate 20-26%
41 Platinum OG Piney, with a hint of berry Indica Expert 22-28%
42 Cherry OG Cherry and berry flavors with diesel undertones Hybrid Intermediate 18-23%
43 LA Confidential Earthy and piney with a hint of skunk Indica Expert 19-25%
44 Blueberry Muffin Sweet, reminiscent of fresh blueberries and baked muffin Hybrid Novice 16-20%
45 Animal Cookies Sweet and sour with earthy and pepper notes Hybrid Expert 23-27%
46 Super Lemon Haze Zesty citrus flavors with sweet undertones Sativa Intermediate 16-22%
47 Berry White Berry flavors with spicy and sour undertones Indica Intermediate 17-23%
48 Critical Kush Earthy and woody with a hint of citrus Indica Intermediate 20-25%
49 Blue Cheese Blueberry and cheese with a creamy berry aftertaste Indica Novice 15-20%
50 Chocolope Chocolate and coffee flavors Sativa Intermediate 18-21%

Finding Your Perfect Match

Navigating the vast world of cannabis strains is akin to a quest. Each strain, with its unique blend of flavors, aromas, and effects, is a potential match. So here’s what you can do to embark on this exploration:

1. Define Your Intent:

Before stepping into a dispensary or browsing an online menu, reflect upon what you seek. Is it relaxation after a hard day’s work? A burst of inspiration for a creative project? Or perhaps relief from physical discomfort? Your purpose will be the compass guiding your strain selection.

2. Explore Different Consumption Methods:

Your journey with cannabis can be multifaceted, and the mode of consumption plays a pivotal role. While smoking or vaping offers immediate effects, edibles provide a prolonged, often more intense, experience. Tinctures, topicals, and capsules bring their unique onset and duration. Experimenting with different methods can change the dynamics of the same strain.

3. Dive into Flavors and Terpenes:

For many, the taste and aroma of the strain are paramount. Some love the citrusy zest of a Lemon Haze, while others might gravitate towards the earthy undertones of an OG Kush. Engage your senses. Often, the strains you enjoy most olfactorily will be the ones that resonate best with your body.

4. Start Low and Go Slow:

Especially if you’re new or trying a new strain with higher THC content. Begin with a small dose. It’s easier to incrementally increase than to counteract feeling overly high.

5. Journal Your Experiences:

Consider keeping a cannabis journal. Note the strain, consumption method, dose, flavor, and effects. Over time, patterns might emerge, guiding you closer to your ideal strains.

6. Engage with the Community:

Talk to budtenders, join online forums, or participate in local cannabis events. Personal recommendations and shared experiences can be enlightening. Remember, though, everyone’s body and chemistry are unique. What works wonders for one might not for another.

7. Revisit and Reevaluate:

Your relationship with cannabis will evolve. Factors like your body’s chemistry, tolerance, and even the circumstances in your life can change the effects of a strain. What didn’t impress you a year ago might become your next favorite. So have an open mind.


Embarking on the cannabis journey is like exploring a rich, aromatic forest with countless paths. The strains are the trees, each with its unique story and character. As the landscape of legalization and acceptance grows, so does our collective knowledge. Dive in, explore responsibly, and find your perfect match in this ever-evolving world.

For those eager to embark on this voyage of discovery, The Hemp Doctor offers a diverse selection from these top 50 strains. From our line of D8 vapes, D9 vapes, and HHC vapes, you’re bound to find a strain that resonates with you. So, why wait? Dive into the world of exquisite cannabis choices and find your favorite at The Hemp Doctor.

Brownie Mary

August 25, a day like any other for most. But for the cannabis community, this day holds a special significance. It’s not just another day on the calendar; it’s a day to celebrate, reflect, and light up in honor of a legend: Brownie Mary. 

Who was Brownie Mary

Mary Jane Rathbun who is known as Brownie Mary was born in Minnesota in 1922. She moved to San Francisco in the 1970s. During the height of the AIDS epidemic, Brownie Mary took it upon herself to provide solace and relief to those suffering. She distributed her homemade cannabis brownies to AIDS patients, offering them a respite from the debilitating pain, nausea, and appetite loss they endured. These weren’t just brownies; they were symbols of hope and compassion in a city grappling with a health crisis.She began baking her famous brownies, not for profit, but as a compassionate act. 

Brownie Mary was often recognized by her signature look, which included polyester pants, oversized tinted glasses, and a shock of white hair. She had a grandmotherly appearance, which juxtaposed interestingly with her role as a cannabis activist.She was arrested multiple times, but her spirit remained unbroken. In her own words, Mary once said, “I make them to survive, and I give them away to help others survive.” She became an iconic figure in the cannabis community, not just for her delectable cannabis-infused brownies but for her unwavering advocacy for the medical use of cannabis.

Mary Jane Rathbun’s Fight for Medical Marijuana

Mary’s journey towards helping people in pain wasn’t without its challenges. She faced multiple arrests for her cannabis-related activities. Yet, with each arrest, her resolve only grew stronger. She became a vocal advocate for the medical benefits of cannabis, pushing for its legalization and challenging the stigmas associated with its use. When confronted about her activities, she famously retorted, “I’d rather be in jail than have them suffering and me doing nothing.”

Collaborating with Dr. Donald Abrams, Brownie Mary delved into the scientific realm, working on early medical studies that highlighted the potential benefits of cannabis for AIDS patients. Her firsthand experiences, combined with scientific research, made a compelling case for the medical community and the public at large.

Legislative Triumphs

Brownie Mary’s relentless advocacy bore fruit when she played a pivotal role in the passage of San Francisco’s Proposition P in 1991. This was a significant step towards the eventual legalization of medical marijuana in California with Proposition 215 in 1996. She once remarked, “All I do is bake a world a better place, one brownie at a time.”

A Legacy Celebrated

Imagine you’re chilling with your friends, passing around a joint or enjoying some edibles. Someone brings up the topic of the best edibles they’ve ever had. You might think of The Hemp Doctor gummies or even better, The Hemp Doctor’s Delta 9 THC Kayo brownies. But for many in the 80s and 90s in San Francisco, the answer was clear: Brownie Mary’s magic brownies. In honor of her immense contributions, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors declared August 25 as “Brownie Mary Day.” This day serves as a testament to her enduring impact on the cannabis movement and the countless lives she touched.


Brownie Mary’s story is a testament to the power of compassion, resilience, and advocacy. She was more than just the “brownie lady” of San Francisco; she was a trailblazer who challenged societal norms and paved the way for future generations. Her legacy, a blend of compassion and activism, continues to inspire the cannabis community and beyond. 

woman dancing in her room because she is high from delta 9

At The Hemp Doctor, we’re more than just a brand; we’re always working to be a beacon of knowledge in the vast sea of hemp and cannabis information. One question that often arises in our community is, “Does Delta 9 get you high?” The short answer is: Yes. Let’s explore this query in depth, shedding light on the nuances of Delta 9 consumption.

What Is Delta 9?

Delta 9, formally known as Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, is a primary cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. It’s the main psychoactive compound, responsible for the euphoric “high” sensation often linked with marijuana.

Chemical Structure and Comparison with Delta-8

The chemical formula of Delta-9 is C₂₁H₃₀O₂. Interestingly, this is the same formula as Delta-8. The primary distinction between Delta-9 and Delta-8 lies in the position of one of the carbon-carbon double bonds. While they share a similar chemical structure, their effects on the body can differ. Delta-9 is more potent and is the primary form of THC known for its intoxicating effects. On the other hand, Delta-8, though still intoxicating, is often described as having milder effects compared to Delta-9.

The Euphoric Journey of Delta 9

When ingested, Delta 9 interacts with our body’s endocannabinoid system, specifically targeting the CB1 receptors in the brain. This interaction modifies neurotransmitter release, leading to feelings of euphoria, heightened senses, and a distorted sense of time.

Delta 9 Consumption: Form and Duration

The method of consumption and the form in which Delta 9 is taken can significantly influence the onset and duration of its effects:

Smoking/Vaping: Effects can be felt almost immediately and last 1 to 3 hours.

Edibles: Onset of effects can take 30 minutes to 2 hours, lasting 4 to 8 hours.

Tinctures/Oils: Effects felt within 15 to 45 minutes, lasting 2 to 4 hours.

Topicals: Provide localized relief without a psychoactive high.

The Spectrum of Cannabinoids

Delta 9 stands out for its psychoactive properties, but it’s just one among many cannabinoids. For instance, CBD (cannabidiol) is renowned for therapeutic benefits without the intoxication. At The Hemp Doctor, our diverse product range ensures you can harness the unique benefits of each cannabinoid, tailored to your wellness needs.

Consuming Responsibly

If you’re venturing into the world of Delta 9, start with a modest dose and gradually adjust based on your comfort level. Always prioritize safety and consult with healthcare professionals if in doubt.

In Conclusion

Delta 9, with its rich history and myriad effects, remains a topic of intrigue and research. At The Hemp Doctor, we champion informed choices, empowering you with knowledge to navigate your hemp and cannabis journey confidently.

Man smoking salt nicotine

If you’re a cannabis user, you may have heard of salt nicotine, also known as salt nic or salt nicvape. It’s a newer type of nicotine that has been gaining popularity in recent years. In this blog post, we’ll explain what salt nicotine is, how it’s used in cannabis products, and its effects on the body.

What is Salt Nicotine?

Salt nicotine is made by combining nicotine with an acid, usually benzoic acid, which reduces the alkalinity to create a smoother vaping experience. Traditional nicotine, or ‘freebase’ nicotine, can be harsh to inhale at high concentrations. Salt nicotine has a lower pH level than freebase nicotine, which means it’s less harsh on the throat and can be used even in higher concentrations. 

How is Salt Nicotine Used in Cannabis Products?

Salt nicotine is used in a variety of cannabis products, including vape pens, e-liquids, and disposable pods. It’s particularly popular in pod-based systems and ohm devices, where it allows for higher concentrations of nicotine to be used without the harshness associated with freebase nicotine. This is because salt nicotine is absorbed by the body more quickly than freebase nicotine, resulting in a faster nicotine delivery and a stronger throat hit.

Advantages and Drawbacks of Salt Nicotine

The main advantage of salt nicotine is that it provides a smoother vaping experience, even at higher nicotine concentrations. This can be particularly beneficial for smokers who are trying to quit and need a higher nicotine concentration to satisfy their cravings. Additionally, salt nicotine can be used in pod systems and ohm devices, which are designed for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, providing a more satisfying experience for MTL vapers.

However, there are also some drawbacks to using salt nicotine. Because it can be used in higher concentrations, it can be more addictive than freebase nicotine. Additionally, the effects of salt nicotine on the body are not yet fully understood, and there may be long-term health risks associated with its use.

How do you use salt nicotine

Salt Nicotine is different from the freebase nicotine found in most e-liquids and is said to provide a smoother hit and better nicotine absorption. Here’s a basic guide on how to use it:

  1. Choose the Right Device: Nicotine salts require a specific type of device called a low-wattage device or pod system. These devices heat the e-liquid at a lower temperature, which is necessary for vaping nicotine salts.
  2. Select Your Nicotine Salt E-Liquid: Nicotine salt e-liquids come in a variety of flavors and nicotine strengths. The strength you choose will depend on your current nicotine usage. If you’re a heavy smoker trying to switch to vaping, you might want to start with a higher strength. If you’re a light smoker, a lower strength might be more suitable.
  3. Fill Your Device: Once you’ve chosen your e-liquid, you’ll need to fill your device. This process will vary depending on the specific device you’re using, but generally, you’ll open the pod or tank, fill it with e-liquid, and then close it back up.
  4. Wait for the Wick to Soak: After filling your device, it’s important to wait a few minutes before you start vaping. This allows the e-liquid to fully soak into the wick, which helps prevent dry hits and prolongs the life of your coil.
  5. Start Vaping: Once your device is filled and the wick is soaked, you can start vaping. Take slow, steady draws from the device. Nicotine salts can deliver a strong hit of nicotine, so it’s important to take it slow until you know how it affects you.
  6. Monitor Your Usage: Keep track of how much you’re vaping. Because nicotine salts can deliver a higher concentration of nicotine, it’s easy to vape more than you intend to. If you start to feel dizzy or nauseous, stop vaping and take a break.

Effects of Salt Nicotine on the Body

When salt nicotine is vaped, it is absorbed into the body through the lungs. It binds to the same receptors as traditional nicotine, which can lead to increased heart rate, blood pressure, and dopamine release. The short-term effects of salt nicotine are similar to those of freebase nicotine, including a sense of relaxation and reduced anxiety.

Safety Concerns with Salt Nicotine

If you’re thinking about using salt nicotine products, it’s important to take some safety precautions. First, make sure you’re purchasing your products from a reputable source. Additionally, be aware of the concentration of nicotine in your product and start with a lower concentration if you’re new to vaping. Finally, be aware of the potential risks associated with inhaling chemicals, and be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

Exploring Alternatives to Salt Nicotine: Spotlight on CBD Cartridges

While salt nicotine has its perks, it’s not the only player in the game. If you’re concerned about the potential risks associated with salt nicotine, or if you’re simply curious about other ways to enjoy your vaping experience, CBD vape cartridges are the way to go. Full Spectrum CBD Vape Cartridges from The Hemp Doctor, present a compelling alternative to salt nicotine. CBD, unlike nicotine, is not addictive, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy the act of vaping but want to avoid nicotine’s addictive properties. The Hemp Doctor’s CBD vape cartridges offer a smooth vaping experience, similar to that of salt nicotine, and are available in various flavors. This allows users to customize their vaping experience to their individual preferences. All products from The Hemp Doctor are organically grown and made in the USA, ensuring quality and fast absorption for an optimal performance.


Salt nicotine is a newer type of nicotine that has gained popularity in recent years. It’s used in a variety of cannabis products, including vape pens and e-liquids. While it does have some advantages, such as a smoother vaping experience, there are also some potential risks associated with its use. If you’re thinking about using salt nicotine products, be sure to take the appropriate safety precautions and consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns. Always remember to use the appropriate vape kit for your preferred pod devices or ohm devices and to choose the correct nicotine strengths for your salt e juice or nic salt e liquid.