How Much CBD a Beginner Should Start With: Everything You Need to Know

CBD dosage

CBD is everywhere now. You could go to your local coffee shop and get a CBD-infused latte or pick up some CBD chocolates at your grocery store. It’s enough to entice some curiosity out of even the most skeptical. But what is the deal with this prevalent cannabinoid? 

Many CBD newbies often wonder, “How much CBD do I need? What does a beginner dose of CBD look like?” This guide will answer all your questions and help alleviate your concerns so you can confidently enjoy CBD products.

Understanding CBD: A Brief Overview

It’s always good to know what you’re getting into when adding anything to your health and wellness regimen. If you want to enjoy CBD products but aren’t sure what to expect, here’s a good summary of the basics.

What is CBD?

CBD is an acronym for cannabidiol, a chemical compound derived from the hemp plant. It’s one of many phytocannabinoids and accounts for around 40% of the hemp plant’s extract. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD doesn’t induce a high. It can be sourced naturally from the hemp plant or synthesized in a lab.

CBD products are becoming extremely common; you can purchase everything from CBD-infused gummies to juices and topical creams. Although availability can vary, you can buy CBD products AKA THC free products virtually anywhere in the United States. 

The 2018 Farm Bill made hemp-derived CBD legal on the federal level. So, if you have trouble finding it or want a more convenient way to purchase CBD, you can shop online through stores like The Hemp Doctor.

Benefits and Uses

Those who are big proponents of CBD use it for various reasons. One of the primary benefits you’ll often hear is how good it is for relaxing and helping you unwind. That relaxation can also translate into a more restful night’s sleep if your thoughts keep you up, which is why many enjoy their CBD consumables at night.

CBD can also help your body relax, which is excellent news for anyone with sore muscles or discomfort. It’s one of the reasons topicals became so popular, although you can still get these benefits through vaping or ingesting CBD. It’s an excellent way to help you bounce back on a recovery day or ease tension from sitting at your desk all day. 

As research continues, we discover more about CBD’s potential uses and benefits daily. However, the evolving nature of this research makes determining precise dosages challenging. Monitoring your intake and ensuring you purchase CBD from a trusted source is crucial.

Factors Influencing CBD Dosage

Before you search the internet for “how much CBD for depression or another ailment is effective,” you should consider several factors. The answer to that question will differ for everyone. Here’s how to find the sweet spot regarding CBD amounts.

Individual Body Weight and Chemistry

Your body weight will affect how you react to CBD. Typically, people who weigh less will need less CBD than those who weigh more. However, individual chemistry could also alter this, meaning knowing your portioning can come down to trial and error. 

You should always discuss these concerns and get input from your doctor; they should guide you on how to start CBD medication safely. Otherwise, the best route is always starting with a smaller amount, regardless of why you’re taking CBD. 

Reasons for Taking CBD

Why do you want to start taking CBD? Your reason could impact how much you should take and how you should take it. Many recommend taking oral forms of CBD, like softgels or edibles, if you need it for overall relaxation, but you may not find this approach works if you need it for acute discomfort or muscle tension. 

This is another reason it’s essential to start small and track how you feel when you begin taking CBD. It helps you accurately read what works and what doesn’t. You might notice that softgels don’t provide enough relief, but you get results instantly from vaping. 

It’s good to stay open about using different products, especially at first, to give yourself the chance of having the best experience.

Type of CBD Products

There are many great ways to enjoy the CBD journey, but which makes the most sense for you? Here are the common products we sell at The Hemp Doctor and how they can help you meet your wellness goals.


Edibles are easily the most popular way to consume CBD. They’re convenient, and portioning is straightforward. They’re also relatively discreet, making it easy to transport and take them on the go. 

The notable difference when consuming edibles versus other methods like CBD oil tinctures is how the body absorbs the cannabinoid. 

When you eat an edible, the body absorbs CBD through the digestive tract. This distinct difference means the edible takes longer to kick in, and the body’s response is usually less strong. But this can be ideal for some consumers who want to take the edge off and don’t need something particularly potent.


You place CBD tinctures and oils underneath the tongue, so in a way, it’s similar to edibles. However, the compounds absorb into the bloodstream immediately when taken this way, so you’ll usually experience the effects much faster. 

Tinctures and oils can be harder to portion appropriately since there is a bottle of oil and a dropper rather than individual consumables. Still, this also means that moving up and down doses could be more manageable and faster, depending on how your body reacts to your CBD.

Many CBD tinctures will also be marketed as broad or full spectrum. These titles mean there are other plant compounds within the oil. While you can experience many more benefits thanks to the entourage effect or the effect of multiple compounds enhancing one another, this could mean the product contains less CBD than you’d find in edibles.


CBD softgels are even more discreet than edibles. They look exactly like the average vitamin or supplement. And while there’s nothing particularly problematic with taking CBD, some consumers may prefer this discretion. They’re also convenient and can be added to your current vitamin regimen to help you remember to take them regularly.

Softgels offer precise dosing, similar to gummies. However, their inflexibility in dosage means you’d need to take another softgel to double your intake. Because of this, softgels are usually a better option for those who already know their ideal CBD serving size.


Vaping is the way to get the most potent experience from CBD. Both vaping and smoking preserve the flavonoids and terpenes that make up the unique strain of CBD, which can also lead to a well-rounded experience. 

But CBD vapes are usually better for more seasoned cannabis consumers. They aren’t remotely discreet, and it can be challenging to determine how much you consume if you’re taking random puffs throughout the day. 

Determining the Right Dose: A Step-by-Step Guide

So, how exactly do you determine what the correct amount is for you? How much is a lot of CBD, and how much is just right? Here are some tips to help you find the relief you need faster in a thoughtful, safe manner.

Start Low and Go Slow

If you need to figure out how much CBD a beginner should start with, many studies have said to start with 5mg or even 25-45mg. But it’s important to remember that you’re introducing a completely new compound into your body. It’s best to start slow and add as you go. A small amount could be all you need to get the desired effects.

Usually, the lowest potency products range between 5 and 25 mg, and that’s an excellent starting point. Taking too much CBD could result in adverse side effects in some people, including fatigue, nausea, and irritability. You’re more likely to avoid these effects if you give your body time to adjust to the new chemical compound.

Some products will also have a recommended schedule on their labels, but consider this a guideline more than a hard and fast rule. It’s much more important that you feel comfortable with your serving size than strictly following what a product recommends, so don’t be afraid to start with less.

Monitoring Your Body’s Reaction

Always take note of how your body responds to every serving. It’s a good idea to write any changes and adjustments down so you have a written record of your servings and how your body reacted. 

Everyone will experience CBD differently, and other effects like your metabolic rate or what foods you’ve eaten can alter the trajectory of your CBD experience. Having this information as a reference can help determine how certain outside elements could potentially affect how your body handles CBD.

Making Adjustments: When and How?

You should only increase your amount if you aren’t getting the desired effects. The goal should be to take only as much as necessary. This is why starting low and slow is so helpful; you can incrementally increase your CBD intake in a low-stakes way. Most people will start with a small amount for about a week, reflect on their experience, and make changes from there. 

Figuring out how to make adjustments to your CBD regimen will depend on how you consume it. Adjusting your serving size will always be more straightforward with oils since you can be much more flexible than with capsules. Gummies can also offer more flexibility as you can split them into halves or quarters, but the measurements won’t be as exact as oil.

Key Questions Answered for Beginners

Are you still curious about CBD consumption and how much CBD a beginner should start with? Check out these frequently asked questions for clarity.

How Much CBD Should a Starter Smoke?

Those just starting with smoking CBD are probably the most out to sea, as there’s often no real guidance on how to do it. It’s typical for the average CBD flower smoker to enjoy 0.5-1g per smoking session. Start on the lower end of the spectrum, and remember to let the effects hit before you continue so you know where your comfort level is. 

Some people can experience the effects with even less than 0.5g of flower, depending on how potent the flower is. Note that smoking is slightly less intense than vaping but offers higher bioavailability than ingesting through edibles or oils.

How Much CBD Should Newbies Take for Relaxation?

If you’re researching “how much CBD to relax,” there’s no set amount since different situations might dictate different amounts. Starting small is always the recommendation, but many recommend starting with somewhere between 25 and 75 mg daily. You can adjust as needed for your body weight, but starting around the 25 mg mark can help ease your body into the experience. 

How Much CBD is in a Joint?

How much CBD is in a joint varies based on the strain, but most pre-rolls are somewhere between the sweet spot of 0.5 and 1g. Marijuana joints will usually say how much CBD they contain compared to THC. This makes pre-rolled joints an excellent way to get a feel for smoking CBD, as the amount is much more controlled than doing it yourself with a flower. 

Joints are also excellent if you need a faster response and higher bioavailability without sacrificing the specific amount you’d get from other products like softgels. This rapid response can be beneficial when immediate relief or impact is desired. 

Start Your CBD Journey with The Hemp Doctor

Navigating the CBD landscape requires caution and discernment. The CBD market can be overwhelming for consumers, and it’s essential to buy CBD products from a reputable company that cares about customers fully understanding what they get before they buy. 

We’ve made it a point to be transparent as a part of our business model by educating consumers about CBD. You can rest easy knowing you’re buying quality products from a company passionate about its hemp offerings. Browse our unique and diverse catalog today, and let us be your trusted guide for all your CBD needs.