The Difference Between Pet CBD and Human CBD: A Comprehensive Guide

Difference between pet CBD and human CBD

You might have spotted CBD products designed for pets on store shelves or heard about its calming effects on animals. If you’re already a fan of CBD for your wellness, you may be curious about sharing these benefits with your beloved four-legged family members. But how does it work? Can you just add a few droplets to the morning kibble? Or do you need to go out of your way to buy pet-specific CBD products?

As the primary decision-maker for your pets, it’s crucial to be well-informed about what they ingest. Having this knowledge not only ensures their safety but also maximizes their well-being, especially when introducing new supplements such as CBD.

For your peace of mind, we’ve curated a detailed guide highlighting the differences between pet CBD and human CBD. Dive into our essential crash course on cannabinoid use for dogs and cats!

How CBD Works in the Human Body vs. Pet Body

CBD works similarly in pets as it does for humans. Most mammals, including dogs and humans, have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system processes and responds to cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, like CBD. 

The ECS is responsible for keeping the body at homeostasis and has links to the metabolism, immune system, stress, sleep, mood, and more. When CBD interacts with the ECS, it helps that system maintain balance in the body, whether that body belongs to a human or pet.

These similarities also mean that their use cases are often the same. Humans typically enjoy CBD as a way to keep calm and relax, and CBD oil could have these effects on your pets as well.

So can you give dogs human CBD? The most considerable distinction in how CBD affects humans versus pets is weight. This is the primary reason manufacturers split their products into these two categories, as well as to ensure that there aren’t any additional cannabinoids that could affect your pet in pet-specific CBD.

Benefits of CBD for Humans

Many people love using CBD products to help them feel more relaxed and comfortable. CBD gummies, for example, are commonly enjoyed to lull a person into a more restful night’s sleep by melting away stress and worry from the day.

Others use CBD products as a means to rest and recover from muscle aches and tension. In these situations, people employ CBD topicals, which aren’t very common for pets but could still work in theory.

Benefits of CBD for Dogs

Dogs often have nervous energies that can either make them afraid or aggressive. Neither is ideal for the owner or the dog, so CBD is often an excellent use to help keep the dog calm. It can also aid with discomfort and muscle tension, something dogs often struggle with but don’t always show. 

CBD can benefit dogs during events like fireworks or thunderstorms, moments when even the largest canines might become anxious and seek refuge in corners.

Key Differences Between Pet CBD and Human CBD

You might wonder, “If dogs and humans both have the endocannabinoid system, can dogs have human CBD and be okay?” Is CBD oil different for dogs and humans? Let’s take a look at their main differences and get to the bottom of this commonly asked question.

Sourcing and Quality

In a perfect world, all CBD products would be sourced from reliable suppliers and have their quality assured. Unfortunately, much of the confusion surrounding cannabinoids like CBD means that lower-quality products are free to roam shelves everywhere. 

This issue is particularly noticeable in pet CBD, so buying products from a reputable and transparent supplier like The Hemp Doctor is crucial.

Some human CBD products contain additional compounds to take advantage of the entourage effect. While this is often limited to terpenes and flavonoids that a pet wouldn’t find tasty, it could also include other cannabinoids, even THC. 

While this doesn’t necessarily speak on the quality, it’s still essential to ensure you’re getting pure CBD for your pets, and lower-quality products could be hiding their concentrations and formulas from the public.

Potency and Dosage Recommendations

Humans will decide on their CBD serving based on their weight and why they’re taking it. It should be the same for your pets; dogs and cats weigh significantly less than humans, so pet CBD is adjusted accordingly. 

It’s another reason why buying human CBD and using it for your pets is technically possible but not recommended. Depending on how your pet consumes it, it could be challenging to get the proper amount, and you could end up giving them too much. 

It’s always best to start small with your CBD portions and see how your pets react — just like when consuming CBD products yourself.

Difference Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil for Dogs

Hemp oil and CBD oil may have the same plant of origin, but their applications are quite different, so you should be aware of the difference between hemp and CBD for dogs

Hemp seed oil is more akin to a nutritional supplement, boasting a hefty amount of essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants. It’s also a terrific source of plant-based protein, often incorporated into daily human diets as a supplement.

However, hemp oil contains no CBD, so it’s not a substitute for CBD oil. When it comes to pet hemp oil vs. human hemp oil, there are key differences you should consider before purchasing.

In some ways, CBD oil is the opposite of hemp oil; while it’s undoubtedly well-loved for its wellness uses, this oil isn’t a nutritional supplement in the same way hemp oil is. Either way, you should consult your vet before introducing hemp or CBD oil to your pet’s regimen. While either could offer benefits, it’s essential to get the informed approval of a professional first.

Can You Give Dogs Human CBD Gummies?

While humans and dogs may respond similarly to CBD, the appropriate dosages differ between species. Thus, there isn’t a universally safe way to administer human CBD products to dogs.

Gummies also aren’t approved by the FDA to be safe for animals to consume, and many gummies also have ingredients that won’t agree with your pets. Furthermore, many ingredients in human foods — coffee, raisins, chocolate, garlic — can even be downright dangerous for your dogs. 

Ultimately, you’re the only one who can make the final decision for your pet. Still, it’s wise to consult your vet to discuss the safety of sharing your gummies with your dog. 

Can Humans Take Pet CBD Oil?

If the metaphorical shoe is on the other foot, you might be asking, “Can humans take CBD oil for dogs?” Technically, there’s no real difference between pet CBD and human CBD, so it’s safe to consume pet CBD oil as droppers or capsules. However, you might want to skip the CBD dog treats since they probably aren’t very palatable, even if they’re edible.

Here’s where things get a little murky — the FDA’s criteria for allowing products to hit the market geared toward pets are much less stringent than supplements made for humans. That means there may be ingredients in your CBD pet treats that aren’t intended for human consumption. 

Using your pet’s CBD oil might not yield the same benefits for you due to its intentionally milder formula tailored for dogs. Opting for a separate CBD oil designed for humans is likely more cost-effective and beneficial.

Making the Right Choice for Your Furry Friends

So, how do you pick out the right CBD products for your pet? The first step is ensuring you buy a CBD oil that doesn’t contain THC. This shouldn’t be an issue if you’re purchasing CBD tailored for pets, but it’s vital to double-check so you don’t give your pet psychoactive side effects.

Products that are 100% THC-free will have a certificate of analysis. This certification dictates that the company had its product tested by an independent third-party lab. 

Buying pet CBD oil made from hemp explicitly grown in the USA is also crucial. Doing so will ensure the product follows the laws set in place by the 2018 Farm Bill, meaning there’s an even better guarantee that the product has undergone enough monitoring to be safe for consumption.

Choose The Hemp Doctor for Your CBD Needs

We believe everyone deserves a trustworthy place they can go to buy quality hemp products that are safe and legal. That’s the philosophy behind The Hemp Doctor and why we’re so passionate about educating others about hemp products, especially ours. 

Whatever your reason for trying out CBD products, make sure you buy it from a company you can trust — The Hemp Doctor. Flip through our sizable CBD and cannabinoid catalog and discover a new, exciting way to help yourself or your pets.