What Types of Edibles Can I Buy at a Dispensary?

What are medibles?

Hemp and CBD have changed everything about the wellness industry recently. Before, it seemed as though you had to risk unwanted side effects in order to experience some relief from everyday discomforts, and reluctantly, people did it. Whether it’s emotional or physical, many are so desperate to feel better that they will take the bad with the good, so to speak, trying everything from health store supplements to gas station remedies.

The world has changed though, and you no longer have to sacrifice one comfort for another. Ever since hemp-derived CBD debuted in the United States, it has given everyday consumers a new lease on life! Finally, there is an all-natural, plant-derived product that actually delivers the results it promises without causing mind-altering, euphoric side effects!

Edibles: The Most Delicious Way to Wellness

CBD is a compound derived from the hemp plant. Years ago, the word “edibles” was associated predominantly with marijuana, so consumers sometimes confuse the products on the market today with products that might get you high. Rest assured, when you buy your edibles at a trusted retailer like The Hemp Doctor, your delicious and effective edibles won’t have any psychoactive side effects and will only feature derivatives of hemp (which have been completely legal in the United States since 2018).

Edibles are an increasingly attractive way to enjoy CBD because they come in a variety of different flavor options and textures, making your wellness experience fun and sweet. Plus, most edibles are featured in convenient, pre-measured bites, so you never have to worry about measuring out your daily dose of CBD.

Finally, there is an all-natural, plant-derived product that actually delivers the results it promises without causing mind-altering, euphoric side effects!.

The Hemp Doctor’s Edibles: A Candy Store for Grown-Ups

A girl enjoying her gummies.As a kid, you probably remember going to the candy store and having a favorite candy (or a few favorites, we get it). As an adult, even though candy is undeniably delicious, the only thing a candy shop treat is good for these days is a sugar high. The Hemp Doctor has reinvented candy for adults, designing a full line of hemp and CBD-infused treats that can actually improve how you feel after you consume them. We have created numerous flavor options to satisfy just about anyone’s taste buds. Here’s a glimpse into our huge inventory of edibles:

  • Hempy Worms – CBD Gummy Worms – Our bright neon gummy worms are one of our most popular products because they are the perfect fusion of classic candy and a highly effective CBD product! Cute, sweet, and discreet, at a quick glance, no one would realize that you are enjoying premium CBD while snacking on these tasty bites!
  • Full-Spectrum CBD Cherry Sour Gummies – Shaped like the classic double cherry you know and love, this delicious cherry edible is lightly coated in sour sugar to give it the extra pop of flavor to make your mouth water!
  • Canna Gum- CBD Chewing Gum – Discrete and minty fresh, our CBD infused chewing gum is packed with premium CBD and flavor crystals to offer a burst of freshness when you need it most. Available in mint and grape flavors, this convenient CBD chewing gum fits perfectly into your pocket or purse and makes it easy for you to enjoy your CBD on the go!
  • Cherry or Grape Classic Broad Spectrum CBD Lollipop – Just like you would see in the window of an old fashion candy shop, these classic lollipops are beautiful to look at and extremely delicious! Featured in cherry and grape flavors, these broad-spectrum lollipops are THC free and a perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth while enjoying CBD!
  • Full-Spectrum CBD Peach Rings – A well-known candy shop favorite, our peach rings deliver orchard-fresh flavor plus 20 mg of our premium full-spectrum CBD in every bite, offering a number of benefits effortlessly.
  • CBD Lemon Drop Hard Candy – A customer favorite, our lemon drop hard candies are both zesty and invigorating, like the sweet and sour balance of a perfectly ripe lemon with an added hint of sweetness for your enjoyment! Our customers love the option of having a hard candy, and our convenient mini packs make it easy to take these delicious lemon drops on the go!
  • CBD Chocolate – Chocolate lovers, we are here for you! Lots of edibles are fruity and sugary sweet, but we all have a weak spot for a delicious, smooth, mouthwatering chocolate! Crafted using premium CBD for maximum absorption, this chocolate takes guilty pleasure to a new level!
  • Organic Full-Spectrum CBD Gummy Bears – These organic bears are tasty little bites that will satisfy your taste buds with pumpkin, black currant, and concentrated organic apple flavors. Each gummy has 20 mg of full-spectrum CBD to deliver quick and effective results.
  • Delta-8 THC Edible Bears – One of the most highly sought after hemp-derived compounds recently is Delta 8 THC, and we offer this premium ingredient in a tasty edible! One of the most potent and effective ingredients on the market today, D8 encourages relaxation and peace of mind naturally, without the psychoactive side effects you can expect from Delta 9, the THC known for making you feel high.

These are just some of the numerous hemp and CBD edibles we offer. At The Hemp Doctor, America’s Premier Hemp & CBD Dispensary, we realize that premium quality CBD can truly change your life for the better, so we want to make it easy for you to find products you love so you can reap the benefits of CBD too.

Everything we sell is held to the very highest industry standards, and our diverse inventory is expansive enough to cater to nearly every individual’s needs. We offer full-spectrum and broad-spectrum options, so you can find products with traces of THC or THC-free products, if that is your preference. No matter what you choose, you can rest assured that everything we sell is 100% compliant with federal law (The Farm Bill of 2018).

Our CBD comes from organically grown U.S. hemp that has been carefully extracted and purified to preserve every beneficial compound, making everything we sell pure, yet highly effective. Start browsing our edibles today, and see why satisfying your sweet tooth has never been more beneficial to your health! See you soon!