Tips For A Relaxing And Exciting Valentine’s Day With Delta 9 Gummies

D9 gummies for sex

Ah, love month—it’s that time of the year again when lovers around the world are extending romantic gestures through gifts, actions, or words. This year, reimagine Valentine’s Day by adding a Delta 9 Gummies twist to your usual date nights and getaways.  

With hemp-derived Delta 9 gummies, there is no shortage of relaxed yet exciting activities to incorporate them with. So, we’re covering never-thought-of romantic activities in this guide where you can introduce cannabis gummies to your partner. 

Cannabis and Intimacy: Is There a Connection?

Humans have been interested in aphrodisiacs for a long time but so far, clinical studies haven’t confirmed any food or herb that directly affects sex drive. However, it doesn’t refute the fact that there are natural ingredients that create a mood conducive to intimacy. One herb that comes to mind in particular is cannabis. 

Throughout history, both sexes can attest that consuming cannabis alters their sexual experience, in one way or another. In a daily report study published in 2019, researchers associated marijuana with “intimacy, love, caring or support.” Additionally, in an online survey of around 200 men and women cannabis users, 60% said cannabis increased their desire for sex. 

It’s hard to say for sure if cannabis contributes to sexual wellness but whether cannabis promotes intimacy or not, it’s important to understand that libido is complicated. Multiple factors affect it, not just one herb. 

???? Note
Research is thin on the subject of cannabis and its connection to sexual drive because marijuana is still a Schedule I substance in the US, making cannabis research notoriously hard to fund. Most of the scientific paper about it is based on surveys or questionnaires which may not be a good representative of the general population. 

10 Unexpected Relaxing Date Ideas to Incorporate Delta 9 THC Gummies

Now here’s the fun part. 

Since the advent of dining out, romantic dates are an image of wine, steak, flowers, and a box of chocolates (occasionally diamonds, if you’re lucky). Nowadays, dates can also mean “Netflix and chill,” smoking on the roof, or enjoying a staycation. 

Treating your significant other is now less about showing off but is more inclined to create lasting memories no matter how quirky they get. So if you’re now ready to plan a 4/20 theme dating canon event, here are a few ideas to pick up. 

Idea #1. Book a General Wellness Spa Appointment for Two

When thinking about relaxation, spa often comes to mind. Treat yourself and your partner to an all-day spa appointment. It will be a great time to enhance the benefits of Delta 9 gummies while rejuvenating the body and mind in spa activities. 

Set up an appointment at your nearest wellness spa center or try this DIY type of cannabis spa setup at home. 

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Idea #2. Set up a Date in the Library

The library might be the last place to think when planning dates but it makes sense the longer you think about it. There are several activities you can do while maintaining silence such as scavenger hunts, dares, video games, etc. 

You might not want to use this trick for new dates but for couples who like to nerd out at times, libraries might be the next favorite nook. Plus, adding Delta 9 gummies to the mix would be pretty funny given that libraries will need you to keep silent at all times. 

Idea #3. Star Gaze and Set Up a Nighttime Picnic

Looking up at night is one spectacular way of spending meaningful hours with your beau. It temporarily takes the stress of everyday mundanity and reminds you of the bigger picture. 

Choose a convenient yet safe location that’s great for stargazing. Here are some spots to consider. 

  • Backyard
  • Rooftop
  • Beach
  • Park
  • Camping ground

If it’s not a bother prepare some picnic snacks in case the other person gets hungry. Here are some things to include in your picnic basket:

  • Battery-powered lights
  • Insect repellants
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Cutleries
  • Tissue
  • Picnic cloth

Idea #4. Take a Scenic Train Ride

Just when you thought train rides were bygone eras, along comes the #vanlife and going on road trips. 

Trains in the US aren’t exactly fast like those bullet trains in Japan but the slow cruise to destinations like the Grand Canyon is the true highlight of your date. Also, with train rides, you won’t have to worry about driving high in Delta 9 gummies. 

Here are some of the scenic train rides to consider that are every bit as romantic as the Orient Express. 

  • Aurora Winter Train (Alaska)
  • Glacier Discovery Train (Alaska)
  • White Pass & Yukon Route (Alaska)
  • Yellowstone National Park Getaway (Utah)
  • The Ski Train (Colorado)
  • California Zephyr (California)
  • Cascades (Oregon to Vancouver)
  • Cass Scenic Railroad (West Virginia)
  • Cape Cod Central Railroad (Massachusetts)
  • Grand Canyon Railway (Arizona)
  • Great Smoky Mountains Railroad (North Carolina)
  • Coast Starlight (California to Seattle)
  • Napa Valley Wine Train (California)
  • Sunset Limited (Louisiana to Los Angeles)
  • Strasburg Rail Road (Pennsylvania)
  • Empire Builder (Illinois to Seattle)

Idea #5. Reenact Fun Things Your Favorite Characters in a Movie Did

Again, this is an acquired type of taste similar to a date in the library. Pitching this date idea can be met with either—a firm no or an excited yes. If you know your partner well, you’ll have a pretty good idea if this is something that would interest him or her. 

Reenacting scenes from a movie or a series that you both like is easy. You just need to rewatch and pick scenes you would want revisited or recreated. You don’t even have to perfectly reenact scenes. You may just want to get date inspirations. 

Also, ensure the activities won’t get your partners so worked up that you can’t enjoy the gummies. 

Here are some all-time favorite couple movies with scenes for two that can be recreated:

  • Begin Again (2013)
  • Before Sunset (2004)
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
  • The Notebook (2004)
  • Dirty Dancing (1987)
  • The Titanic (1997)
  • The Breakfast Club (1985)
  • Pretty Woman (1990)
  • How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days (2003)
  • Pride & Prejudice (2005)
  • The Holiday (2006)
  • The Great Gatsby (2013)

Idea #6. Go to a Comedy Bar

Another fan-favorite date idea to take your Delta 9 gummies with is to go to hilarious comedy bars. These spots are excellent icebreakers for first dates or even for married couples. The entrance tickets are also reasonable ranging between $8 to $10 per visitor. You could also pair this with a dinner beforehand or after. 

As for the content, family-friendly themes are a hit but you could also visit occasionally “racy” ones. Overall, there will be a variety of clubs out there that would suit your taste. Take time to do a simple online research and you will find one nearest. 

Idea #7. Fly a Kite 

Relieve childhood by flying a kite on the beach or any open field. It’s the perfect dating activity for windy fall weather. Make sure to tick the following to get set up:

Pick the right day, time, and wind

You need to make sure there’s wind during that time. Ideal flying conditions would need a wind that is blowing from 8 to 15 miles per hour. 

Purchase the right kite

Heavier winds would need kites with the following accessories:

  • Longtails
  • Extra bow
  • Vented sails
  • Higher bridle adjustment

In light winds, choose kites with the following traits:

  • Short to no tails
  • Lightweight frame
  • Large sail area
  • Lower bridle adjustment

Bring supplies

The following are things you might find useful during a romantic kite-flying date: 

  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks
  • First Aid kit
  • Canopy
  • Chairs
  • Camera

Learn how to fly a kite

Impress your partner by secretly learning how to fly a kite. YouTube had several easy-to-learn flying kite lesson videos online. 

Idea #8. Plan a Cabin Date

Romance is subjective. What appeals to you might not be enticing to others. However, cabin dates are universally well-liked because they exude peace, isolation, and canoodling. 

A stand-alone cabin in the woods is the perfect cozy setting for gummies, playing board games, bonfires, and more. Either way, here are some romantic cabin getaways across the US. If you’re near any of the areas, it’s your sign to plan a cabin date right away. 

  • Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado
  • Getaway Mount Adams, Washington
  • Glen Oaks, California
  • The Ranch at Rock Creek, Montana
  • Sterling Ridge Resort, Vermont
  • Cedar Greenhouse Cabin, Oregon
  • Pisgah Highlands, North Carolina
  • Caroline Cabin, Oklahoma

Idea #9. Visit a Bed and Breakfast 

Just the mere mention of bed and breakfast (B&B) conjures relaxing images of sweet-smelling linens, cozy bedrooms, and fluffy omelets. Cozier and a lot cheaper than hotels, B&Bs are the perfect environment for long-time couples who want a home-like atmosphere. 

Here are some charming B&B spots to check out:

  • Mountain Horse Farm Bed & Breakfast and Wellness Retreat (Naples, New York)
  • Audrey’s Farmhouse (Wallkill, New York)
  • Bed and Breakfast Afloat (Boston, Massachusetts)
  • The Gastonian (Savannah, Georgia)
  • Heceta Head Lighthouse (Yachats, Oregon)
  • Bufflehead Cove Inn (Kennebunk, Maine)
  • A Little Inn on Pleasant Bay (Orleans, Massachusetts)
  • Fort Conde Inn (Mobile, Alabama)
  • The Amelia Island Williams House (Fernandina Beach, Florida)
  • Cherry Wood Bed Breakfast and Barn (Zillah, Washington)
  • The Treesort (Cave Junction, Oregon)

Idea #10. Watch a Drive-in Movie

The 2019 pandemic resurfaced the classic drive-in theater hyped as early as 1910. These outdoor movie screens are more than just malt shakes and letterman jackets. They make for a killer date night because they’re public yet private. You may converse freely during the movie and no one would shush you. 

Consuming Delta 9 Gummies Responsibly on Date Night

Enjoying a safe and hassle-free date night while high on Delta 9 gummies is possible if done responsibly. Here are must-follow do’s and don’ts to remember: 

Tip #1. Get Consent

Discuss your plan of indulging in Delta 9 gummies on date night. Make sure she or he has no problems in being possibly high during that time. 

Dish out as much information as possible like the brand, potency, flavor, possible effects, etc. 

In the end, respect their boundaries if they decide not to engage with cannabis during the date. 

Tip #2. Consume Delta 9 Gummies at the Right Time

Timing is everything. Introduce the gummies after dinner or during a period when you guys would finally want to relax. If alcohol is on the menu, think twice before adding gummies into the mix. Crossfading or getting both substances to enhance each other’s effects is a thing. 

Also, it’s important to not drive while THC effects are at their peak. Sober up before taking your date home. 

Tip #3. Start Low and Go Slow

In dating, you don’t want to rush things. Same with cannabis. If both of you are first-time users or if you’re unfamiliar with the brand of gummies, start with the smallest amount possible. 

Reduce the potency by cutting the gummies into halves or quarters. Wait for the effects to completely manifest before taking another small dose. 

Tip #4. Pick a Fitting Strain

Delta 9 gummies aren’t all the same. They’re extracted from various cannabis strains with different sets of cannabinoid ratios.

Indica-type strains exude relaxing effects while Sativa ones are energizing or mood-boosting. Hybrid strains which have combined traits of Indica and Sativa will have balanced effects. 

Tip #5. Always Bring Water and Snacks

Regardless of the location or mood, always pack plenty of snacks and water. THC gummies can increase appetite and cause a dry mouth. Extra food will cut through the potency of gummies if the effects turn out to be too intense. 

Tip #6. Be mindful of legal restrictions within the establishment and the state 

Check local state laws if any protocols coincide with your plan of possessing and consuming Delta 9 gummies. 

Even in some states where recreational marijuana is legal, some establishments won’t appreciate the display of cannabis consumption (particularly “smoking”). It’s a good thing gummies are discreet. 

Tip #7. Plan a Date Around Staying Home

If you live alone, if possible, try to set up your date night at home. This way, you wouldn’t have a problem sobering up as the designated driver. 

Outside of home, avenues like a B&B and cannabis-friendly spaces can cater to cannabis-themed dates. You just have to make an appointment and share this information ahead of time. 

Tip #8. Be the Best Trip Sitter

Pay attention to yourself and the other person. Hopefully, the gummies made your date even better. But if the trip’s too intense for the other, support them in whatever way you can. 

The Best Delta 9 Gummies Perfect to Share With a Date

Adding Delta 9 gummies to your Valentine’s Day plans makes the experience extra special especially when incorporated responsibly. Yet, the real key to a memorable date night lies in you. Don’t forget to have fun. Valentine’s Day is also a celebration of the love someone has for you.

With that said, here are some Delta 9 THC gummies for sale to try:  

Get to know our picks for the best Delta 9 gummies online by scanning through their features below:

4V6JFU7dmnMEf8VmrdyuIV5JX3Tb4fZ FmbGV78QhUeswsodBoNHzTy5FIbYi11ZUEDV0zPyEDOPl85IkMWqZxIsO7AO0 mouqLivh6F7
Nano D9 THC Downshift Gummies – Fast-Acting Relaxation
Formulation: Full Spectrum
Potency: 12 mg per piece
Count per bottle: 20
Effects: Soothing, relaxing, with subtle euphoria
Other features: Rapid onset, no delays, potent and precise formulation, fruity indulgence, and 100% legal
BUY IT HEREProduct Summary:

Available in 12 mg per piece, this mixed fruity delight will pleasantly surprise you with its fast-acting effects of soothing and relaxing high. It’s a great downtime agent if you and your partner want to relax while conversing. 

D9 THC Gummies (25 mg per piece) – Classic THC High 
Formulation: Full Spectrum
Potency: 25 mg per piece
Count per packet: 2, 10, or 30
Effects: Offers a range of sensations from relaxed to heightened sensory experience.
Other features: Available in seven flavors, organically-grown, made in the US, fast absorption, and 100% legal
BUY IT HEREProduct Summary:

If you’re in a slump and don’t know what to get, The Hemp Doctor’s D9 THC gummies with 25 mg potency will give you that classic high. Not to mention it’s available in seven different fruity flavors. There are plenty of delicious options for you and your date. 

7vwMDLUE e1MQzOBr5Ozo8GwwSzA9vvyHupS3bRkj0aGvT5bHg5M
D8/D9 Gummies – 65mg per piece – Delta 8 and 9 Combo
Formulation: Full Spectrum
Potency: 65 mg per piece
Count per packet: 2, 12, or 30
Effects: Combining the mild high of Delta 8 and the intense euphoria of THC
Other features: Available in six different fruity flavors, in combination with Delta 8 THC, high potency, and 100% legal
BUY IT HEREProduct Summary:

Available in six different delicious flavors, this gummy’s Delta 8 and Delta 9 combo will surprise you with its contrasting effects—relaxing yet euphoric. Its 65 mg per piece is a concentrated potency you don’t want to miss. You might need to cut the gummies to achieve a slightly lower dose. 
AixkyE7cQu5Mk2C0tjj1O36j2e9PBunTSTvp3RwtFeLLH5OLuwaKirDBIqzRj7KF9HuT0Az7iybN alfEidbnbPhnxJVw5txzwlDKPKayo THC Blend Gummies – Relaxation and Mood Enhancement
Formulation: Full Spectrum
Potency: 100 mg per piece
Count per packet: 2
Effects: Relaxing and uplifts mood
Other features: Available in three flavors, high potency, combines with other cannabinoids such as HHC and HHCP, and 100% legal
BUY IT HEREProduct Summary:

If you’re in search of the sweetest yet one of the most potent Delta 9 gummies, the Kayo THC Blend gummies don’t disappoint. Enjoy its flexible effects in a social setting or within the comforts of your home.

THC/CBD Full Spectrum Daytime Gummies –  Upbeat Daytime
Formulation: Full Spectrum
Potency: 12.5mg per piece
Count per bottle: 10 or 30
Effects: Mildly euphoric and gives an upbeat disposition
Other features: Available in three different flavors, in combination with CBD, tasty, and supports an energized day
BUY IT HEREProduct Summary:

The THC/CBD Full Spectrum Daytime gummies are great for couples who want to add a happy beat to their day. The combination of THC and CBD provides an entourage effect that supports a functional mindset. 

Delta 9 THC/CBD/CBN Full Spectrum Nighttime Gummies –  Ease in for the night
Formulation: Full Spectrum
Potency: 12.5 mg per piece
Count per bottle: 30
Effects: Slight euphoric feeling great before a deep slumber
Other features: In combination with other cannabinoids—CBD and CBN, available in three flavors, 100% legal, and organically-grown
BUY IT HEREProduct Summary:

End your date night on a high note by offering these relaxing D9/CBD/CBN full spectrum nighttime gummies to your date. The combination of three different cannabinoids enhances each compound’s ability to support relaxation by the end of the day. 

iXDJD9P6qR9caNrWJ0ehH3xCyTwBK9ZtHqb2haeWYxiuqm4oP9rqzjpnr9uCMJdZ9qofmDjG5SWWe50mP6D NBAjX1xDpXpKs9B piPcBP5kVALsaKlO3aFksZEXXyQMqRuN LeEVAd687Z4crf551g
Kayo Rapid Release Gummies | Nano THC Gummies –  Rapid Effects
Formulation: Full Spectrum
Potency: 30 mg per piece
Count per packet: 2 or 20
Other features: Fast-acting effects, no unexpected onset delays, formulated using nanotechnology, available in two variants–energizing and relaxing, and has four different flavors
BUY IT HEREProduct Summary:

If you’re not a fan of sneaky and delayed THC effects, the Kayo Rapid Release Gummies are for you. They’re fast-acting and the 30 mg per piece potency sits somewhere in the middle where it’s not awkwardly high or dissappointingly bland. 


What are Delta 9 gummies?

Delta 9 THC gummies are sweet edibles infused with the main psychoactive cannabinoid, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. 

How long do Delta 9 gummies last?

The effects mellow down after about three to four hours. 

Where are the Delta 9 gummies near me?

Make sure your Google search setting is calibrated to know your location. Once you’ve finished adjusting the settings, simply search for the keyword “Delta 9 gummies near me” and you’ll find plenty of stores near your location. 

What are the strongest Delta 9 gummies?

The Hemp Doctor’s Kayo THC Blend Gummies at 100 mg per piece are some of the strongest D9 gummies in the market. 

Are Delta 9 gummies legal?

Yes, as long as they’re hemp-derived and contain no more than 0.3% Delta 9 by dry weight volume. 

Where to buy bulk Delta 9 gummies?

Several cannabis online stores are offering Delta 9 gummies wholesale such as The Hemp Doctor Wholesale

Do Delta 9 gummies get you high?

With enough potency, yes. 

How long does it take for Delta 9 gummies to kick in?

Since the route of absorption is through digestion, Delta 9 gummy’s effects will kick in slower than other forms—around 30 minutes. 

How long do Delta 9 gummies stay in your system?

It depends on the frequency and volume of consumption but on average, Delta 9 metabolites can be detected in the urine for 3 days and months in the hair follicle. 

How many Delta 9 gummies do you need to get high?

10 mg is enough to give you intoxicating effects but for beginners, sometimes, 5 mg will be enough. 

Will Delta 9 gummies test positive?

Yes. Delta 9 gummies will give you a positive marijuana drug test result.