What is HHCP?

What is HHCP?

We’ve seen the rise of THC and CBD over the last couple of years. So much so that experts estimated that it would become a multibillion-dollar enterprise by 2028. But as THC and CBD products make their mark, cannabinoid alternative products are now also hitting the shelves as fast as they are getting discovered. First, there was THC-P, then HHC – today there’s HHCP.

It all sounds confusing now but take your time to read and this article will shed some light on the newest novel cannabinoid in the scene.

What is HHCP?

As some may have guessed, Hydrogenated Hexahydrocannabinol, or HHCP is a cannabinoid whose effects are similar to THC. Unlike THC and CBD which can be extracted from hemp, HHCP is synthetic and is made by hydrogenating THCp.

How is HHCP Made?

What makes HHCP so special that it warrants the hype surrounding it in the cannabinoid world? To begin with, it’s already mentioned that HHCP is the hydrogenated form of THCp. So what?

Hexahydrocannabinol or HHC is a naturally occurring compound found in hemp. It’s created when Delta-8 THC is hydrogenated by exposure to heat and, because of it, becomes more stable. Specifically, a single hydrogen is added to “saturate” the cyclohexane ring thus removing the double bond and creating a more ‘rigid’ chemical structure. Imagine it as nature’s way of making THC have an extended shelf life.

Anecdotally, users of HHC report that it is more potent than Delta-8 THC and is almost as potent as Delta-9 THC.

So how does this translate to HHCP?

Remember, HHCP is the hydrogenated form of HHC. To be more specific, HHCP is made by adding two more carbons to its alkyl chain at the tail of the chemical structure. It is believed that the increased length of the alkyl chain, similar to that of THC-P, allows HHCP to have increased bonding to cannabinoid receptors such as CB1 in the brain.

Why does this matter to know?

Because of THC-P or another hydrogenated form of THC. THC-P has the impressive ability to bind to CB1 receptors in the brain 33 times more than Delta-9 THC. According to users of THC-P, the high is 10 times more potent than your average THC.

Now the comparison of HHCP is more of an analogous situation with THC-P. Both are hydrogenated versions of a THC derivative and, because of it, are believed to be better at binding creating a more potent effect. Anecdotally, it is believed that HHCP may even be more potent than THC-P.

How potent is HHCP effects?

HHCP is a newly discovered cannabinoid alternative. What that means for us is that the results of the studies on its effects are almost none with most, if not all, studies still ongoing.

As mentioned earlier, however, HHCP shares similarities with HHC quite a lot. Therefore, a lot of the qualities that HHC has can almost be said to be present for HHCP.

As such, the potency of HHCP’s effects can be derived from the results of HHC studies albeit taken with a grain of salt.

One study from 2010 looked at the affinity of HHC analogs to bind with CB1 and CB2 receptors found in the body. What the researchers discovered was that HHC had an ‘exceptionally high in vitro and in vivo potency with a relatively long duration of action.’

To simplify the results, once HHCP products are consumed, it imparts strong effects on the subject, and its effects are incredibly longer than typically expected of cannabinoids.

With that in mind, it can be said that HHCP will have similar incredibly potent and long-lasting effects once it is consumed.

Speaking of effects, here are some effects that HHCP is known to give:

  • Anxiolytic properties
  • Sense of relief and relaxation
  • Better mood
  • A strong feeling of euphoria

With effects, come HHCP side effects. Some of these are:

  • Dry Mouth
  • Headache
  • May induce paranoia
  • Intoxication

Is HHCP safe?

As mentioned earlier, studies surrounding the effects of HHCP are still poorly understood and mostly rely on anecdotal evidence.

Unfortunately, that also means that the short-term and long-term effects of HHCP on humans are still to be discovered. Therefore, any prospective buyer of HHCP products must err on the side of caution and do everything possible to consume them in a safe environment.

One thing for certain about HHCP is that it is a psychoactive cannabinoid. That’s right, since HHCP is a derivative of THC, consuming HHCP WILL MAKE YOU FEEL HIGH. Please keep this in mind and take the necessary steps to keep yourself and those around you safe and far from harm.

Is HHCP legal?

The legality of HHCP is currently under debate due to its nature as a THC derivative. However, some claim that it is perfectly legal thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill which states that all hemp derivatives can be sold legally if they max out at 0.3% Delta-9 THC by dry weight.

However, that doesn’t mean that several states haven’t revised their state regulations specifically for THC derivatives. In fact, several states have outright banned THC-infused compounds. While although HHCP intoxication may not be exactly the same as THC intoxication, it’s better to err on the side of caution and assume that HHCP will be illegal in the following states:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Delaware
  • Idaho
  • Iowa
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • North Dakota
  • New York
  • Rhode Island
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Washington State

Legality Map of HHCP in the 50 States

Will HHCP Show Up on a Drug Test?

Yes. It most likely will cause positive results. Remember when we answered what is HHCP hemp, it was described that HHCP is a product of hydrogenated HHC which is a derivative of THC. While most standard urine tests will not test for HHCP specifically, most standard drug tests that collect a urine sample WILL test for THC-related metabolites which HHCP will likely fall under.

Consider as well that products including HHCP is believed by some to be more potent than the other THC derivatives mentioned. If that’s the case, then HHCP will more likely show up in drug tests as positive versus other THC derivatives.

How to use HHCP?

Still interested in taking HHCP? Great! But remember, HHCP is an incredibly potent cannabinoid and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Keep in mind that a smaller HHCP dose can have the same effect as other standard cannabinoid products you have consumed before in larger doses.

HHCP might be extremely new to the cannabinoid market so product selection will still be relatively limited. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t options for you to choose from. Some of these are:

  1. HHCP Vape Cartridges – Since HHCP is technically a synthetic cannabinoid, there is no natural way to smoke them. Fortunately, there are HHCP vape cartridges that function like any other cannabinoid-infused vape cartridges on the market. These consist of an additive-free formula, blending together premium HHCP distillate alongside Delta-8 and terpene strains for a powerful buzz. Like other vape carts, these come in different flavors and work fine with any regular low-wattage vape pens.
  2. HHCP Disposable Vapes – Similar to the HHCP product above, these are no different from other disposable vapes in the market. Instead, it incorporates HHCP as the key ingredient to give you that solid buzz with every delicious puff.
  3. HHCP Tinctures – The traditional darling of the cannabinoid scene! Each HHCP tincture mixes MCT oil with 1000mg of premium 92% HHCP distillate alongside some Delta-8. Since other HHCP products are still on their way to hitting the shelves, HHCP tinctures give you the freedom to use them however you want! Just keep in mind that these tinctures are purer and should be careful when dosing.
  4. HHCP Distillate – This is HHCP in its purest form. It comes in very small sizes from 0.5 to 5 grams but each drop is HHCP and nothing else.
Because of THC-P or another hydrogenated form of THC. THC-P has the impressive ability to bind to CB1 receptors in the brain 33 times more than Delta-9 THC.

Where to Buy HHCP?

Since HHCP is new on the scene of cannabinoid products, it’s essential to purchase HHCP products from marketplaces you trust.

Currently, those marketplaces are Binoid and Vivimu. These two are open to having verified buyers leave customer reviews, many of which are quite satisfied. Even the critical and low-rating reviews aren’t nuked and offer some help for those who may not benefit from HHCP.

Between the two, it’s also Vivimu that now has a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for their HHCP products.

Not saying that Binoid doesn’t offer COAs, as they certainly do present them when available on their other products. It just has to be noted that HHCP is still very new and test results may not have rolled out of the lab just yet.

The Wrap Up

THC and CBD derivatives injected new life into the cannabinoid scene and HHCP is definitely a star among these. Though a synthetic derivative, it promises to be a potent cannabinoid that gives its user a buzz that is powerful and longer lasting than your bog-standard THC. But not everything is sunshine and rainbows for this cannabinoid as it’s still pretty new and science still poorly understands it. In any case, treat HHCP with the same caution and respect as any other cannabinoid and it may just be the right cannabinoid for you.