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Dogs really are the best. If you have a dog, you’ve probably already realized it and you are likely nodding your head in agreement. There is just nothing like the unconditional joy and enthusiasm your four-legged companion exudes when you get home. Kisses and tail wags are a sign that they love you back, and their sweet cuddles and instinct to protect you make dogs even more lovable each day. Dogs are intuitive; when you have a bad day, they snuggle you extra, and when you’re happy, they are too! Some even argue that dogs are better than people, but that is still up for debate. It’s certainly possible, though.

With how much honest, uninhibited love we receive from dogs, the least we can do is give them the happiest life possible in return. Many pet parents jump at the chance to treat their furry pal to a new squeaky toy or rope, and most diligently read food and snack labels to make sure they’re feeding quality treats to their loyal sidekick. You may be surprised to learn that, just like you, your dog can also benefit from one of the nation’s hottest wellness trends: CBD.

CBD For Dogs – Everything You Need to Know

Many people know and love CBD for the many benefits it offers humans. CBD products have become a staple in the lives of individuals all over the world who want to experience life with less emotional and physical distress. CBD can help encourage a sense of balance and peace of mind. It can also harmonize beautifully with the body to aid in muscle and joint recovery, help support a healthy sleep routine, and much more.

Few people realize that, just like humans, dogs experience many of the same physical and emotional fatigues as they age. Thankfully, the same way CBD benefits your daily routine, it can enhance your canine’s quality of life as well! But, before you start giving your pup a sample of the CBD you have at home, there are a couple of important things to know.

Before discussing the unique differences between CBD for pets and CBD for humans, let’s first discuss CBD in general. Just to avoid confusion:

✓ CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a compound derived from the hemp plant.
✓ Hemp is from the cannabis plant family, but it is not marijuana.
CBD is completely legal in the United States since the Farm Bill of 2018 passed.

CBD has become an attractive health and wellness option for many and continues to receive rave reviews from satisfied customers. CBD’s rise in popularity may be because it is non-addictive and all-natural, and it does not produce mind-altering side effects. Because it is natural, organic, and plant-derived, it makes sense that it is an appealing option for pets, too! Here are the most important considerations before your furry sidekick joins in on the trend:

  1. The active ingredient (CBD) is the same. Carefully extracted from the hemp plant, “CBD” is the active ingredient in all CBD products on the market, no matter the species it’s made for. However, if you plan on incorporating CBD into your four-legged friend’s routine, refrain from reaching for the product you keep on your nightstand. While the active ingredient, CBD, is the same, many of the supplemental ingredients are not.
  2. CBD made for human consumption is made with the body’s unique needs in mind. Many products contain supplemental ingredients like essential oils, melatonin, curcumin, and more. They also contain higher concentrations of CBD to account for the average height and weight of the human body. Additionally, CBD for people may be “broad-spectrum,” meaning it does not contain any THC, or “full-spectrum,” meaning it contains trace amounts (up to .3%) of THC. Specially-formulated CBD for dogs is free of THC for an added layer of precaution for your pet.
  3. Pet-specific CBD products are made with your dog’s needs in mind. Specifically, pet products are often formulated to accommodate your dog’s weight and flavor preferences, ensuring that consuming CBD will be a pleasant experience for your pup. CBD dog treats, for example, are infused with drool-worthy flavors like beef and bacon that will be irresistible to your dog and incredibly easy to administer.

Dogs Dig The Hemp Doctor!

The Hemp Doctor, America’s Premier Hemp & CBD Dispensary, is a trusted wellness partner for every two-legged and four-legged customer. We are not only passionate about all things hemp, but we are diligent in our efforts to ensure that every unique product in our inventory is made with the strictest attention to detail. Our goal is to offer only the highest-quality CBD on the market. You never have to question what is in our products or whether they are safe, because we guarantee their quality and prove it with third-party lab reports.

Because it has become so popular, we know that you can purchase CBD just about anywhere. Unfortunately, generic CBD is not always safe to use because it is unregulated, and you can’t always be sure what you’re consuming. Of course, you never want to take any product that might not be safe, and you absolutely don’t want to give a questionable product to your sweet, loveable dog either!

At The Hemp Doctor, we put every effort to guarantee quality and give our customers peace of mind. Shopping with us is more than a transaction; we offer an educational, supportive shopping experience. When you visit our website, you can:

➢ See exactly where our hemp comes from, learn the strict organic farming methods we utilize to preserve the amazing compounds within the plant, and discover the cutting-edge processing techniques we use to purify our CBD, maximizing its bioavailability.

Get to know us personally. Like you, we have a unique and profound journey that brought us to hemp and CBD, and we think it’s important for you to learn why we are so passionate about it.

➢ Browse our very wide, diverse inventory of premium CBD products for people and pet-specific CBD options, too!

➢ Receive top-notch customer service. If you have any questions or would like a product recommendation from one of our CBD professionals, we are always here to help you!

We are committed to you and your wellness, as well as the long and healthy lives of your furry sidekicks. We know how important your dog is to your family. At The Hemp Doctor, we hope to help your best pal live the longest, healthiest life possible – with the help of our premier, pet-specific CBD products. We are paw-sitive your dog will love them! Get started today!

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