CBG and Sleep: What You Need to Know


Sleep is essential to our daily functioning. When we wake up and feel completely rested, the whole day just feels easier and more enjoyable. After all, just like putting your cell phone on the charger before bed and waking up to a full battery, our bodies also need to power down and recharge. Unfortunately, falling…

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Best Delta 8 Products for Summer Chill and Grill

It has been an unprecedented year and a half where we were held at home with stay-at-home orders, told to mask up, not touch, and avoid public gatherings. This was the first time in living memory we had an honest-to-goodness quarantine. The COVID-19 pandemic kept many of us away from friends and family for over…

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Delta 8 THC Concentrates

If you are interested in the most powerful forms of Delta 8 THC that deliver results in the shortest amount of time, then Delta 8 concentrates are for you. At The Hemp Doctor, our concentrates are distilled down to where they contain the maximum amount of Delta 8 THC available. In addition, because you are…

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THC-O: What You Need to Know

What is THC-o?

What is THC-O? In a few ways, THC-O is different from other types of cannabinoids. These differences are quite notable, and it is important to understand them before considering using THC-O for any kind of purpose, recreational or medicinal.  What is THC-O? The most striking aspect of THC-O is that, unlike any other cannabinoid, it…

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Hemp Facts You May Find Interesting

Hemp Facts

When many people think about hemp, they may only think about the most recent products that have taken the wellness industry by storm. Hemp-derived CBD has inundated the market with a wide array of diverse products that individuals can use to improve how they feel each day, inside and out. From oral and topical items…

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