How to Chill Out on Thanksgiving with the Best CBD Products

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Thanksgiving is an exciting time of year for everyone! In addition to the culture of appreciation, which is great on its own, most of us look forward to enjoying the company of family and friends around the dinner table while savoring the much-anticipated traditional favorites! Turkey, stuffing, sides, and pie – just thinking about the upcoming Thanksgiving feast can make your mouth water!

Of course, there are plenty of reasons to love Thanksgiving. For some, however, Thanksgiving can be a stressful time. For example, if you’re the one cooking the multi-course meal, you have to think about getting the turkey in the oven on time, setting the table, making sure nothing is overcooked or undercooked, and perfecting all the details to please all of your hungry guests. While hosting is a pleasure, it can also be hectic!

Thanksgiving also tends to bring people together who aren’t exactly best buds. Many of us have an overly talkative cousin or a grumpy uncle, and while we love them, they are sometimes a little tiring to spend the day with. No judgment – we get it! That’s just the way big family gatherings are sometimes, so going into the day prepared is the best way to enjoy it.

CBD: Your Thanksgiving Sidekick

The Hemp Doctor CBD Edibles If you are looking ahead to Thanksgiving and feeling bittersweet because you know it’s going to be fun but also a little stressful, you’ve come to the right place! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with admitting that fun holidays can also be stress-evoking. It’s completely normal! At The Hemp Doctor, we’ve got your back! We have plenty of options that you can take before, after, and even during your Thanksgiving celebration to give you the support you need to enjoy all the benefits of the holiday without the stress.

Before the festivities get started, consider taking one of our nano-emulsified CBD softgels. Designed to absorb thoroughly into your bloodstream and to deliver long-lasting results, our softgels can help take the edge off for hours!

No matter how the day goes, you’re going to need a deep, restorative night’s sleep to shake off the turkey-induced food coma. For lightning-fast results, administer one of our fast-acting CBD Tincture options before you call it a night. Just squeeze your dosage under your tongue and hold it for about a minute, then swallow. The powerful ingredients will penetrate your sublingual blood vessels and deliver CBD to your bloodstream fast, helping you wind down and rest well.

If during the day, you find that you need support discreetly, we have several options to choose from! For example, our CBD-infused Canna Gum comes in mint and grape flavor and looks almost exactly like a pack of gum you’d buy at the gas station. We also offer numerous CBD-infused edibles, such as CBD peach rings, CBD gummy bears, and CBD gummy worms.  Our discreet packaging belies the numerous benefits our edibles can deliver, and as far as anyone else is concerned, you’re just having a regular piece of gum or candy!

Browse our generous CBD inventory to find these and many other products to fit into your lifestyle to give you the support you need this Thanksgiving!

Why CBD?

Hand holding hemp plant You might be wondering why CBD is the number one choice for anyone seeking relief from emotional fatigue this holiday. It’s actually very simple. CBD offers something other products simply can’t offer: It is plant-derived, completely natural, non-addictive, non-psychoactive, and it works!

If CBD is new to you, here are some of the most important things you need to know about the impressive compound to get you started:

  • CBD (the acronym for cannabidiol) is a compound called a cannabinoid.
  • Plants in the cannabis family contain about 100 different cannabinoids, like CBD, CBC, CBG, THC, and more.
  • When consumers hear “cannabis,” they sometimes assume “marijuana.” However, CBD products on the market today are not derived from marijuana, they are derived from hemp.
  • The hemp plant is also in the cannabis family, and it is marijuana’s non-psychoactive sibling. Hemp and marijuana are two molecularly different plants, so it’s important that you don’t confuse the two.
  • Hemp-derived CBD (as well as other compounds derived from hemp) are 100% legal in the United States. They made their legal debut in 2018 when The Farm Bill was passed, legalizing all derivatives of hemp that contained up to .3% THC (a small trace).

In short, the most important takeaways are that CBD is derived from hemp, completely natural and legal, and non-psychoactive.

CBD is impressive because it offers a wide range of benefits that can help ease the mind, promote overall balance, and even minimize physical fatigue and discomfort. CBD is safe and versatile enough to be used at any time of the day you need support!

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with admitting that fun holidays can also be stress-evoking. It’s completely normal!

The Hemp Doctor: Premium CBD to Support a Happy Thanksgiving

Pumpkins set up in a festive holiday fashion When you’re gearing up for a big day, an unreliable, subpar product simply won’t do. Because CBD is so widely popular in the United States, you can unfortunately find mediocre products in nearly any store. These generic products are not only of poor quality, but they can also be unsafe. If you can’t be sure of exactly what’s in the bottle, you risk consuming pesticides, chemicals, fillers, and more.

At The Hemp Doctor, America’s Premier Hemp & CBD Dispensary, we make sure you never have to question what’s in your bottle. Absolutely everything we sell is superior quality, and we prove it! From plant to package, we are meticulous about our processes, ensuring the final product is top-notch. Our excellent practices make us stand out among our competitors because we:

  • Exclusively use 100% organic farming methods to grow robust, healthy hemp plants here in the USA.
  • Use cutting-edge extraction techniques, followed by diligent purification methods to ensure peerless quality and purity.
  • Guarantee that our products are third-party lab tested to verify every claim we make on the label. You can view the lab results yourself for your peace of mind, too!
  • Offer one of the largest inventories of both broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD products to meet your needs.

With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, there has never been a more perfect time to place your order! Start shopping now to make sure this Thanksgiving is the happiest, most enjoyable one yet!