How to Add CBD to Your Thanksgiving Menu

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It’s no secret that CBD seems to make every day a little bit better and more enjoyable for everyone who uses it. This is probably the reason many consumers are looking for creative ways to add their favorite CBD products to their Thanksgiving menu to make their celebration a little more special this year! Because Thanksgiving is right around the corner, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share some of the fun CBD recipes we love!

Thanksgiving is known to be a holiday focused on family, friends, great food, and overall appreciation. For many, however, there are also stressful moments woven into the day-long celebration. Some people don’t like being in big crowds, others experience stress when they are around certain family members or friends, and the overall pressure of hosting the meal can be a unique challenge too! No matter what the reasons are, many people experience bouts of stress during the Thanksgiving holiday.

When you incorporate all-natural CBD into your Thanksgiving plans, you are giving the powerful ingredient a chance to do what it does best: promote a healthy, more relaxed state of mind naturally, without unnecessary mind-altering side effects. Because there are so many different types of CBD products to choose from, adding CBD into your Thanksgiving recipes is a breeze!

Simple Ways to Add CBD to Your Menu

CBD, the hemp-derived compound, has proven to be widely versatile and effective. Short for cannabidiol, CBD has been one of the best selling wellness products since 2018. That’s when the Farm Bill passed, which made CBD legal in the United States as long as it contained no more than .3% THC. Since then, hundreds of different CBD products have emerged, making it easier than ever to incorporate the powerful compound into your holiday menu.

This Thanksgiving, consider trying one of these delicious CBD-infused recipes!


CBD-Infused Apple Cinnamon Punch

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Everyone loves a delicious Thanksgiving punch. Fresh crisp apple flavor paired with the warm and cozy notes of cinnamon will make this beverage a crowd pleaser this holiday.

Simply combine a gallon of fresh-squeezed apple cider (preferably found in the produce section instead of the juice aisle), five cinnamon sticks, one Honeycrisp apple (or the apple of your choosing) cut into slices, and two to four droppers of a flavored CBD tincture.

Note: Use your discretion when you add the CBD, and pay special attention to how many milligrams of CBD you’re putting in the entire bowl.

Stir the mixture well and serve with ice. Be sure to label the punch so your guests know that there is CBD in it!


Semi-Homemade CBD-Infused Lemon Bars

1 03 lemonbarsYou can never have too many dessert options at your Thanksgiving table! This quick addition takes only minutes to prepare but it will deliver lots of joy. In the baking aisle at your local grocery store, pick up a lemon bar mix, located near the cake mixes. Also, grab some heavy whipping cream. When you get home, follow the instructions to make the bars. Then, while the bars cool in the oven, use a hand mixer to whip one cup of whipping cream, and one to two full droppers of a lemon-flavored CBD Tincture. Infused with lemon essential oil, this extra ingredient will elevate your whipped topping! Pipe the topping onto your lemon bars after they have fully cooled, and serve.

Don’t forget to inform your guest that these lemon bars contain CBD!


CBD-Infused Mint Hot Cocoa

1 04 hotcocoaAs the day winds down and the chill of the evening sets in, a nice cozy cup of hot cocoa is just the thing you need to warm up!

In this incredibly easy recipe, heat up one cup of milk on the stovetop along with 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder and half a tablespoon of sugar. Bring to a slow simmer and whisk gently until the cocoa powder is fully incorporated. For an extra chocolatey boost, squeeze in some chocolate syrup if you have some on hand! (If you happen to have a hot cocoa packet, follow the directions on the box instead of making it from scratch.)

After your cocoa is fully blended, pour your mixture into a cup and let it sit for about two minutes before squeezing in half a dropper of a mint-flavored CBD Tincture. Do not add your CBD during the cooking process, because high heat can degrade the powerful compounds and make them less effective. Top with mini marshmallows and enjoy!

No matter what the reasons are, many people experience bouts of stress during the Thanksgiving holiday.


CBD Edibles Bar

1 05 ediblesbarIf you don’t want to add another recipe to your already-lengthy menu, consider putting out a small CBD Edibles bar when the kids head to bed. With so many options available, like CBD Gummy Worms, CBD Gummy Bears, CBD Peach and Watermelon Rings, CBD Chocolate, and more, your guests can satisfy their sweet tooth in the most beneficial way possible!


These are just some of the hundreds of ways you can use CBD this Thanksgiving! It is important to remember that you shouldn’t overheat your CBD so you don’t compromise the integrity of your product. Otherwise, get creative, put premium quality CBD in any dish that sounds appealing to you, and enjoy! Don’t forget to let your guests know which dishes contain CBD so they can choose whether they want to consume it.

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