Delta-8 THC D-Bombs: Wholesale, Bulk Wholesale


The Hemp Doctor Delta-8 THC D-Bombs

The Hemp Doctor specializes in creating organic hemp-based products with our natural, proprietary strain of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp. Our most popular products to date are our Delta-8 THC bombs, a hard-shell chewy candy reminiscent of a certain brand that tells us that rainbows can indeed exist on our taste buds. This product is enjoyed by our team and customers alike.

But what exactly are our Delta-8 THC bombs, what are they used for, and why do people love them?

What Are Delta-8 THC bombs?

Our Delta-8 THC edible bombs are Delta-8 THC-infused hard-shell chewy candies that will have you reminiscing about rainbow days gone by with bright colors and explosive fruit flavor. Every time you drop one of these bombs, you’ll soon feel that the idea of  tasting rainbows melts away as a nostalgic memory and reforms as a smile on your face. These fruity delights have 5mg of Delta-8 per piece, and each pack contains an assortment of Orange, Grape, Lemon, and Strawberry.


Why Buy Delta-8 THC D-Bombs?

Our hemp-derived D-bombs are made with 5mg of Delta-8 THC each, providing an easily measured form of D-8 THC consumption. Made in a similar manner as traditional hard-shell chewy candies, they offer your desired intake of D-8 with a classic taste, giving you a delicious alternative to experiencing the benefits you’re seeking with Delta-8 THC.

Packed full of sweet goodness, you’ll be transported back to your childhood when you pop one of our bombs into your mouth. With a classic fruit flavor and bright rainbow colors, you instantly think back to ripping open that little red paper satchel and discovering an entire spectrum of shiny pan tossed confections ready to be eaten.

With plenty of different types of edibles available in the Delta-8 THC space, our D-bombs offer a crisp new take on texture and taste, bringing much needed variety to your routine. This coupled with the ability to measure out your dosage precisely, the real question is why aren’t you already buying our Delta-8 THC D-Bombs?



Why Delta-8 THC?

Delta-8 isn’t as well-known as Delta-9 THC. When most people say “THC,” they’re usually referring to Delta-9. It’s known for its psychoactive effects and can be incredibly influential on the body. However, Delta-8 is a little different.

One of the most significant differences is that Delta-8 is a little harder to harvest from hemp plants because it only makes up 1% of its entire mass. As such, it’s rare to find companies making products based on Delta-8 THC.

In terms of its properties, Delta-8 is around half as psychoactive as Delta-9. This means that other benefits are more prominent, such as the euphoria you would expect from THC products without the loss of time or fogginess that accompanies a traditional “high.” Everyone experiences Delta-8 THC differently, but the critical point is that it doesn’t affect your mind as much as regular Delta-9 THC.

This makes it perfect for a lot of different products, such as edibles or candies. Our D-D-Bombs are designed to help you relax, relieve stress, and help ease your mind with what many on our team call a “clean high.”. If we used Delta-9 THC, the experience would be a lot different. But by using Delta-8, we can highlight the wellness benefits of hemp-based products and make products that are focused on relaxation qualities.


Packed full of sweet goodness, you’ll be transported back to your childhood when you pop one of our bombs into your mouth.


Buying Our Delta-8 THC D-Bombs Wholesale

Do you operate a cannabis or hemp store? Do you want to expand your range of hemp-based products? If that’s the case, then we invite you to buy our products wholesale for significant discounts. We love spreading our products worldwide and are more than happy to work with retailers everywhere to bring our exceptional Delta-8 THC products to market. If you’re looking for a new supplier that offers outstanding products at affordable prices, then get in touch with us today.

We don’t just offer our famous skittlez either. We have a massive range of products that are all derived from our proprietary strain of hemp. We offer CBD tinctures, softgels, salves and balms, edibles, energy drinks, teas, pet products, flowers, prerolls, vape cartridges, and many more. If you’re looking for a reputable brand that produces a massive variety of high-quality hemp-based products, then look no further than The Hemp Doctor.

Buy Our Delta-8 THC D-Bombs in Bulk

Are we looking to stock up on our famous D-bombs? Make sure you stock up on our D-Bombs, they go fast and you never want to be out when your customers are craving more. As long as you keep them on hand, you’ll never disappoint your customers looking for their favorite fruit flavors. Keep yourself stocked with by buying plenty in bulk.

If you want to stock up, we invite you to buy our products in bulk so that you never run out and always have our D-bombs ready for your customers.

General Information About Edibles

Edibles are fast becoming the most consumed form of Delta-8 THC on the market. Though as a whole, the D-8 THC marketplace is a relatively new space to be working in, trends are being quickly identified, and edibles show evidence of initial popularity with a high rate of growth. Of course, this can also mean a lack of variety in SKUs for the consumer.

Even though we are very confident that the D-8 THC market is still in its infancy and is still very strong as a product line, edibles can easily be saturated if retailers do not offer a variety of different toptions beyond traditional gelatin based products. That’s why we offer D-D-Bombs, a fun and exciting option for Delta-8 THC enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a retail customer or you’re looking to offer something new to your customer base, our multi-colored D-Bombs offer exceptional variety to routines in a fun and delicious manner.

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