Best Fall Strains

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Smoking cannabis flower is many consumers’ favorite consumption method, and luckily there are so many strain options you can choose from that you can never get bored. Different cannabis strains vary in their flavor profiles and the outcomes they provide. If you are searching for the best ones to smoke this fall, try some of the top picks below.

Mango Kush (Indica)

Have you heard of autumn anxiety? It’s when days get shorter, you’re back to college or have used all your vacation time, you must wear a jacket, and see less sunshine and suddenly feel low mood and anxiety. With or without autumn anxiety, Indica strains are great when looking for a relaxing and sedating experience.

Mango Kush is an Indica-dominant strain rich in flavors and tastes very much like the actual fruit. The fruity flavor of mango makes smoking cannabis a delicious experience. Its aroma, like the taste profile, is very similar to freshly cut mango’s smell. At first, it might provide you with more uplifted and euphoric feelings, but after the first hour of consumption, it will bring a sense of relaxation and calmness.

Wedding Cake (Indica)

With the fall, the wedding season also arrives, so you might end up eating an actual wedding cake, but if none of your friends are getting married this fall, you can gather to enjoy this alternative wedding cake — an Indica dominant cannabis strain. Its rich taste, which combines sweet, earthy, sour, and vanilla flavors, provides consumers with a delicious experience. Its aroma might instantly remind you of a vanilla cake frosting aroma, hence the name. As an Indica-dominant strain, Wedding Cake can make you feel uplifted in the beginning, but soon you’ll feel relaxation in your body, and it will most probably put a smile on your face, just like before taking a wedding picture.

Blue Dream (Hybrid)

A sweet taste of blueberry and berry is what you can expect from the blue dream in terms of its flavor. However, the Sativa-dominant hybrid is more energizing and uplifting, so it’s a great choice when you lack energy on gloomy fall days. Blue Dream is made from cross-breeding two classics – blueberry and haze, and it can boost energy, creativity and create an uplifted mood, and its effects, combined with its unparalleled taste, can make you feel like you are in a dream.

Ghost Train Haze (Sativa)

If you want to jump on the train of a rich, uplifting, and euphoric experience, then Ghost Train Haze is the strain to pick! Its sweet and earthy taste, with hints of citrus, offers a flavorful and smooth smoking experience, but don’t let the taste fool you! Ghost train Haze is among the most potent strains, so watch out not to overboard and smoke too much of the delicious cannabis strain.

Zkittlez (Indica)

Just like the name suggests, Zkittlez is rich in candy-like, sweet flavor, and it’s a mix of Grape Ape and Grapefruit strains. The flavor combines the sweet taste of berry and grape, so without question, it’s one of the most delicious strains you can smoke this fall. It’s an Indica-dominant strain, so it’s mostly relaxing and sedating. However, Zkittlez provides a balanced high, which combines the effects of its parent strains, so you won’t feel too relaxed to complete your daily tasks, depending on the dose you smoke.

Strawberry Cough (Sativa)

Unless you are already coughing from the autumn allergies, Strawberry Cough is another perfect strain option to smoke this fall (though it might actually make you cough). Its delicious taste will feel like you just chewed a fresh strawberry and remind you of its true season. In addition, Strawberry cough is a Sativa-dominant strain, so it will make you feel energized and uplifted but relaxed simultaneously due to the combined effects of its parents — Haze and Strawberry Field.

Gelato (Hybrid)

Fall for gelato lovers might mean no more iced treats in the upcoming cold winter. However, the cannabis strain named after Italian ice cream can please your taste buds just like the actual gelato. Gelato has a sweet, creamy flavor with hints of blueberry and citrus — it tastes almost like Christmas. In addition, it’s a potent cannabis strain that provides effects of both Sativa and Indica from the parent strains Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, so it’s uplifting and relaxing.


Have You Tried Delta 8 THC?

As marijuana remains federally illegal and inaccessible to many consumers, the new cannabis compound has raised in popularity. Delta 8 THC is a hemp-derived ingredient, a less psychoactive THC variant that provides consumers with a legal high. Although its legal status varies across states, per the 2018 Farm Bill, all hemp derivatives are federally legal for purchase and consumption. Some states ban all types of tetrahydrocannabinol, but it’s legally and widely available for sale and consumption in many areas. Not only can it make you high, but in most cases, it doesn’t cause the common side effects of Delta 9 THC so that you can say goodbye to anxiety and paranoia, which is so prevalent amongst cannabis consumers.

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