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Delta 8 THC Hemp Derived Vape Cartridge

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Potent and fast-acting! For those who love concentrates, check out our Delta 8 THC Hemp Derived Vape Cartridge with 95%+ D8. This full spectrum formulation features small amounts of CBG, CBD, and CBN. Each vape cartridge packs 1 milliliter of our premium distillate from US-grown hemp. The Hemp Doctor’s current selection of D8 vapes combines Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid varieties. Each formulation is third-party lab tested for the safety and satisfaction of our customers. Ditch the lighters, papers, or grinders and enjoy the convenience and ease of vaping. Shop our high-quality D8 vapes today.

Our preloaded Delta 8 vape cartridge outperform the competition. These units are compatible with any 510 threaded vape battery. But if you’re shopping for a top-of-the-line battery, may we suggest the Aerial 350mah from The Hemp Doctor?

These vapes are ready to use straight out of the box. Start by screwing the cartridge into a compatible battery, put the cart up to your mouth, and inhale for a few seconds. These hemp-derived D8 vapes can produce mild intoxication; use this product in moderation. Our products are Farm Bill compliant and do contain a maximum of 0.3% Delta 9 THC.

Before you buy, please read the product warnings below.

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88 reviews for Delta 8 THC Hemp Derived Vape Cartridge

  1. Andi

    Have tried hitting it and cannot get any air through it. No smoke. Unless this one is faulty I wouldn’t recommend it.

    • The Hemp Doctor

      Hi Andi, We are so sorry you experienced this problem. We will replace/guarantee all of our vape cartridges, so please send it back using the return label and we will be happy to send you a replacement.

  2. Annette Brown

    Great product. It has really helped with my stress and anxiety. I have done very well with cutting back on my cigarettes while I'm trying to stop smoking.
    Great people at the Mooresville store

  3. Donald Perdue II

    This is all the good of the THC without the anxiety that sometimes comes with smoking.

  4. Shane Martin (verified owner)

    Really good product! I recommend these for anybody who likes to be in control, while experiencing a more laid back day. They have helped with my stress and anxiety and have made me more productive throughout the day! Also, really good customer support has helped tremendously!

  5. Madi

    I got the Wedding Cake strain and have zero regrets! Such a comforting feeling with no anxiety. Just like breathing in happiness.

  6. Frank (verified owner)

    First impression wasn't good, but I tried it again a few days later and, BINGO! I just got into D-8 having grown very bored of CBD. Very nice upgrade.

  7. Clarence Wilson (verified owner)

    I am very happy with your products. I have tried the Girl Scout Cookie strain and I’m very pleased with it. It provides a very uplifting effect as well as enabling me to remain focused. It is a very good compliment to your CBD products that I use. Together they provide the relaxation and pain management effects that I need.

  8. Ted

    Wow…..Just Wow I'm extremely satisfied with this product. I was skeptical at first but this took me by surprise. Fantastic feeling without being paranoid. Wonderful job guys! Definitely will be buying more. I tried the wedding cake and I definitely would recommend.

  9. Jo

    First one worked fine until I dropped it and it shattered, second one kept getting clogged and would occasionally leak. On my third now and only complaint is that it wasn’t filled to the top. Otherwise the highs from all 3 have been very good and does what it says it will. I’m very glad I found these, they help me not smoke delta9 as frequently as I used to. Only issue seems to be quality control!

    • The Hemp Doctor

      Hi Jo,

      Thank you for your message. We appreciate your feedback, it is what helps us improve. We have changed our carts to AVD, one of the most highly reputable carts on the market today. Please know that we do offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

      Thank you,
      The Hemp Doctor

  10. Ted day

    Holy Cow just tried the Grand Daddy Purp I think this is my favorite I've tried several different strains from The Hemp Doctor and ALL ARE AMAZING cant go wrong trust me ???

  11. TAE

    Very smooth. I’m currently using the white widow and it’s tremendous! Honestly great job!


    These products are great . It is amazing the science behind making these. I would recommend them to anyone who uses thc daily. Maybe North Carolina will come out of the stone age one day.

  13. Wendy Kay (verified owner)

    Have tried Girl Scout Cookies, Bubba Kush, Grandaddy Purple, and Blue Dream. It's hard to pick a favorite!

  14. Chanaka Perera (verified owner)

    This is my first time trying delta 8 THC and I was extremely skeptical at first. I usually get my cartridges from Washington DC and its a hassle to either go to an event or get it delivered and they tend to be hit or miss. I smoked up after a 7 day break and this got me really &*@!, after 2 puffs. extremely satisfied with product. keep up the good work. P.S: I got blue dream

  15. Leo (verified owner)

    Great product!! I love the feel and flavor! All around just great. Need to stock up!

  16. Ty House (verified owner)

    Loved it great for mood stablizing.

  17. kristen (verified owner)

    I bought 3 for backup as online sales are ending soon which is devastating..found product i liked with the ease of home delivery..the product is great, perfect blend for not overly stimulated or overly couch locked but just balanced. I have a drug test tomorrow so I've had to slack off but these are amazing! I love them

  18. Brian (verified owner)

    Amazing customer service and product. I had a cart that didn't work, they sorted it out and got me a replacement quickly. I find the delta8 works much better for me than other cbd products. Highly recommended.

  19. Mario (verified owner)

    Great Customer service, and the best products. Got Super lemon haze, and it worked perfectly with helping me through the day .

  20. Mike (verified owner)

    I will not lie, I was extremely skeptical about Delta8 products at first. After having purchased the Lemon Haze, I am impressed. Perfect for reducing stress and anxiety.

  21. Frank

    There were no instructions with it. I had to call to find out that you had to hit the button five times really fast to start it. But then it worked great! Excellent customer service helped answer my question!

  22. Mark C (verified owner)

    Best delta cartridge on market, and I’ve bought several from other companies. The cart I received from here completely blew the doors off the others. Feel it right away! It’s a great buy and highly recommended! Oh yeah, and they tossed in two great gummies that were amazing too!

  23. Landen (verified owner)

    Great customer Service And Great Carts Very good flavor very good feeling makes be sleep like a baby definitely recommend Girl Scout Cookies 🙂

  24. Mike (verified owner)

    Perfect hit, excellent draw, flavor is amazing, the feeling is amazing, and it’s just an excellent product overall. Very impressed by the product. Very highly recommendable!

  25. Chev (verified owner)

    Delta-8 is AMAZING! I have a "MED MJ" prescription for my anxiety but this helps me relax AND function. If you're on the fence about it DO IT! They're well worth the $$ I love ZkittleZ and Grand Daddy Purp!

  26. Carly

    Bought one today, I've tried med roots and 8delta8 and both were harsh and flavor was odd to say the least. Clogging on the med roots where the hemp doctor hits smooth and hasn't clogged on me. This cart blew them out of the water flavor and effect wise as well. It's not nearly as harsh as the ones I've tried from other brands. I got the wedding cake indica strain. It's a little pricey compared to the others but in my opinion well worth it.

  27. Ted

    The grand daddy purp is fantastic!!!! You will not be disappointed with any strain.

  28. Dan

    Great quality and flavors. Does the trick. White Widow, GD Purp, Green Crack, all perfect.

  29. jeremy kuberka (verified owner)

    INFINITE OUT OF TEN! this company not only has such amazing products, but they also sent me a gift with my second order. for my second order, I got the green crack cart. One hit took me to the troposphere and back in four hours. I would love to see a monthly subscription for a lot of the products on this website. A sincere Thank You to this company. keep doing business right!

  30. Randy Buck (verified owner)

    I purchased Banana OG vape cartridge, and it was the first one I bought from thehempdoctor. I've had plenty of the vapes but the one I got was awesome compared to all of them I've had. The quality deserves 5 stars, but priority shipping took 6 days when it says 1-3. I'm really glad I got my cart, but I give it 4 stars because of the delay. Delay or no delay, I'll definitely be buying more.

  31. Sabrina (verified owner)

    I've tried different hemp companies and The Hemp Doctor is now my new favorite! I've bought their vape pen and had no problems with using it. I bought Granddaddy Purple cartridge and it's very good to help with insomnia and pain. I like Lemon Haze as a nice pick me up to get me through the work day. I love love Girl Scout Cookies! I"m looking forward to trying more of their products. I just ordered their full spectrum 1,000 mg tincture.

  32. Corey N

    My first cart was banana OG and it was great until the end with only slight clogging. My second, White Widow, spit about a quarter of the total volume out the top of the cart, into my mouth, over the course of several draws. I try very hard to keep my pen upright and at the right temperature, so I'm not sure why one cart was so much worse than the other.

  33. Skyler Haas (verified owner)

    My wife and I LOVE the Hemp Doctor's Delta 8 THC cartridges! We've had Mango Kush, Zkittles, and Wedding Cake so far. They've all had pretty similar effects, Mango Kush made us more giggly than the others. We got Wedding cake as our first to celebrate our second cancelled wedding date due to COVID, and it sure helped! We were a little skeptical at first but this product does exactly what we were looking for and we recommend it to anybody.

  34. Cheech

    I was very skeptical at first due to the product being so new to the market, and all the scares with vaping that have been circulating in the industry. After purchasing a Delta-8 girls scout cookies cart, I am very pleased with the results. The on-line reviews match the quality and potency of the product. I have finally found what I have been looking for in a product, as states slowly begin to transition to legalization. Nice work Hemp Doctor.

  35. LaShon McKay (verified owner)

    I ordered Banana OG it did exactly what I needed for insomnia and anxiety. It is a little harsh on the throat, but it was worth the opportunity to get some well rested sleep. I recently ordered Granddaddy Purple, it's amazing! No harshness! Gave me a relax feeling and I was able to sleep through the night as well. Perfect Match!!! Granddaddy Purple is #1 for me.

  36. Jazmine Corona (verified owner)

    I placed my order on the 12-02-20 and it was supposed to arrive the 12-07-20 but it still hasn’t been delivered and every time I check my tracking number it says in transit. I’ve tried contacting them multiple times and still no response.

    • The Hemp Doctor (verified owner)

      Hi Jazmine, Thanks for the message. SO sorry to hear this. We will check into your order and communicate with you regarding the shipping information. At this time it appears it will be arriving, but will be late, on December 11th. We will keep an eye out for you to ensure it gets delivered.
      The Hemp Doctor

  37. Madison

    Great product! Picked up at a local store and the flavors are decent and the effects are good! First time trying D8 in vape form.
    The only problems Ive had is with my 2nd and 3rd carts. 2nd one clogged with about 1/4 left and my 3rd and latest one clogged immediately and has oil working it's way up and out of the mouth piece.

    • The Hemp Doctor (verified owner)

      Hi Madison, Thanks for the message. Sorry to hear this happened. We do guarantee all of our carts. Perhaps you could the defective one back where you purchased it, let them know the issue and they may give you a replacement. We guarantee ALL of our carts.

  38. Marc (verified owner)

    I just received a cartridge of the Grandaddy Purple, the first Delta 8 product I have ever vaped. I'm honestly shocked and amazed. The anti-nausea effects were solid, but I did not expect the product to be anywhere near this potent and mood-elevating. So little is needed to put me right for hours, without the mental fogginess or anxiety that I'm used to. Bravo.

  39. McKenzie (verified owner)

    I received my two just have tried one so far and it’s good. Comes with discrete packaging a big plus for me. So far would buy again.

  40. Promise Gladys Jimenez (verified owner)

    I bought the Banana OG cartridge and all I can say is wow, wow, WOW! This is my first time trying D-8 and owning my own pen and I don’t think I’ll ever look back. I’ve been suffering from anxiety for years and smoking this really calms me down. I need no more than one or two puffs to feel the effects. This is very different from CBD and “regular” weed. I appreciate the many explanations the website provides on the differences between CBD, D-9 and D-8, very informative! The customer service is amazing also! Due to the holiday my package was not able to come so they shipped me a new one through UPS and even included a free gummy 🙂 thank you so much Hemp Doctor, I recommend you guys to all my friends!!

  41. Dallas (verified owner)

    This is probably the best cartridge I’ve ever purchased. Super high quality stuff! I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I workout a lot and I use this when I start my gym session and it just takes it to a whole new level. Thanks!

  42. Ashley (verified owner)

    I orginally gave this a 3 star review because of USPS delays. Now that I've recieved the product i can say 5 stars of the GSC Delta 8 vape! As an occasional weed smoker i felt it almost immediately. Super happy high and packaged tightly. I take this to help with anxiety and depression. 1-2 hits and you are good. Really love the product. Would LOVE to see GSC in a tinture or more sativa heavy blended Delta 8 tintures!

  43. AO (verified owner)

    Very smooth pull on all their carts. The flavors I've tried so far have all been really tasty. No anxiety that can sometimes come with D9. It actually kinda helps me manage my "regular" anxiety

  44. Stacy (verified owner)

    Great product. Good taste. Smooth intake, no harsh feeling on the throat. I use this to decompress and fall asleep and the effects are immediate. Had trouble getting the vape to hit at first but it’s been working great. Will definitely order more.

  45. Anna (verified owner)

    The Hemp Doctor’s mango kush cartridge has a lovely flavor and an overall calming experience for my chronic pain and anxiety. I’ve tried quite a bit of THD products and they really are a quality company I can depend on!

  46. Jenn (verified owner)

    Great great great! Love this cartridge. Weird thing happened where crystals appeared in the mouthpiece but it hasn’t affected anything.

  47. Alex

    I have been using a different companies cart for a while so I'm used to hitting it twice and it is perfect. I perchesed the mango kush cart, it hit me like a bus. And I was really giggley and happy then was really really hungry. Then I was so tired I fell asleep. I am doing this before bed for sure! 10/10 highly recommend

  48. Brittany McClain (verified owner)

    I've bought 3 cartridges and 2 vapes from THD. I love the grandaddy purp! Took some time to find the perfect level for me but this one did it. Also got the girl scout cookies and green crack. The flavor of the GSC is nice, not so hard on the throat. But I've been unable to use the green crack. Right out of the package, it is clogged or faulty. I can't get anything to come out of it. I tried it with 2 different vape pens and can't get it to work. So thats the reasoning for the 4 stars. Otherwise I love these products and company and will continue to order from them. I just hope I can get the green crack cartridge to work otherwise I just wasted money. 😔

  49. Steven Fisher (verified owner)

    Product itself performed beyond expectations, the cartridge is well made and the bubba kush is phenominal, i as a long time stoner/mary j enthusiast, this product exceeded what i expected from a delta 8 cartridge. Excellent customer service to boot, you will have my continued business and i would recommend this product to anyone who is curious or looking into delta 8.

  50. Alyssa (verified owner)

    I don't regularly smoke and so as I'm not used to it I ended up taking way too strong of a hit and felt like I could not breathe for a few minutes. It was bad. Although after I finally settled down I ended up getting a really great body high and didn't feel completely wacked out like I normally would on delta9. A nice controlled high. I had the grape ape.

  51. Jasmine D.

    Stopped by one of the local smoke shops and picked up “white widow”. I was really skeptic but it turns out I thoroughly enjoy the “high” it gives you. Goodbye paranoia and goodbye added anxiety. Let’s hope this stays legal for a while.
    (I just wanna say, don’t give up on your cart if it doesn’t hit right away. Let it warm up!!! My wasn’t hitting at first, it took a couple drags before it started going.)

  52. Leah Tibbets (verified owner)

    Got the Grandaddy Purp and Banana OG and they are LIT. Makes me so bombed! But clear minded!

  53. Caitlin Huggins (verified owner)

    I love these carts! I’ve ordered them three times now and my only complaint is that every single one has clogged. I’m able to unclog it and continue use, but it is a little annoying. Other than that, I love them 🙂

  54. Grace H (verified owner)

    I ordered the 0.5ml Sour Diesel and I LOVE it 😃 I had trouble with clogging and air bubbles at first, but once I got that sorted it worked wonderfully. Although its a Sativa, it really helps with my anxiety and allows stop stressing about simple things. It also gives me a nice happy feeling without going over board. The only thing I don't like is the mouthpiece.

  55. Taylor (verified owner)

    Great stuff and great price. Helps me a lot with my anxiety, depression and sleep! Just made my second order. It does give you a buzz, which is great and I prefer it over CBD any time.

  56. OBXchick (verified owner)

    My experience with this company has always been fantastic -I've placed a few orders now. Fast shipping, responsive customer support and sometimes they even include free samples 🙂
    I ordered the Super Lemon Haze – it is potent…
    The only reason I'm giving it 4 instead of 5 is because it made me sooo hungry – and almost too high… and I was only hitting a couple times every few hours. I'm an all day smoker, so this one is a bit strong for that in my opinion. But definitely makes you happy and less anxious.

  57. Paul

    It’s what I look forward to every weekend! Makes me feel sooooooo good!

  58. Jamie Mathis (verified owner)

    I got the ghost train haze and oml!! 1 hit of it and I feel amazing!! Very smooth and seriously relaxes you. Will definitely 100% try more strains here soon! Definitely like this shop! Thank you 😊

  59. Christian Rodriguez (verified owner)

    I was skeptical because I had been using another website and it was going good at first but they started getting lazy with their stuff so I was looking for another place to get some carts and this popped up as one of the top of the recommended sites and I ordered 1 cart just to see how it would do and and a couple days later I ordered more and it’s already here. I ordered on Saturday night and my package got here on Monday. Terrific service and a little bit too well protected in the box lmao. Overall this is the best website to get the carts and get them fast. If you’re looking for more of a real weed feel then get granddaddy purple but if you want a more sweet or fruity then get banana OG or zkittles

  60. Daniel Force (verified owner)

    This will be a longer one. TLDR; these guys rock.

    So I've been using D8 for about a year for my IBS and pain. Through that year, I've only ordered thru THD.

    For anyone with carts that dont pull, burn the oil, ect. Here's a trick. Set it about 12-14 inches from any heater. Or if you preheat your oven for some pizza, set this cart near the hot air vent, ya know? You want the actual cart warmed to about 120F not too hot to touch or anything like that. What I've noticed in the older carts is that air bubbles will block the wicking, or theres some other air getting into it. But if you warm the cart, let the oil settle… it helps. It will still taste off if you burnt the cotton before hand. And having a troublesome cart is really annoying.

    That said, I've watched THD change up their cart designs maybe 5 times. Each one is a bit better than the last. (I can safely say the opaque topped carts tend to air bubble and burn out) I'm really happy that I've seen such development.

    As for the flavors, I tend to stick to GDP, White Widow, and Zkittles. Mild and crisp flavors. Generally always in the newest cart. I've tried the other flavors and enjoy them too, but above are my favorites.

    Every once in a while I get an extra little thing in my shipment as well! 😀

    Out of my, probably MANY orders, they've never gotten it wrong. And while I've had a dud cart here and there, its maybe one dud out of twenty carts. (Used to be higher chance.)

    Anyhoo, thanks for being awesome THD!!

  61. April Sorrells (verified owner)

    Just got my very first purchase in this morning, and also just placed my second order! I got the granddaddy purple and it is really wonderful I have stood up and cooked lunch without having to keep sitting down from pain! The order I placed today is the strawberry cough! I plan on trying them all! I am so grateful that I found the hempdoctor!!

  62. Trrevors (verified owner)

    Really good product, my first order i got Wedding Cake and it came with two free gummies and I recommend that strain, my second order I got Girl Scout Cookies and I didn’t receive any goodies but recommended the strain! I then ordered Sour Diesel and it came with some matches! I didn’t really like sour diesel but you may! I can’t wait to try more!!!

  63. dan_b93@hotmail.com (verified owner)

    The skittlez is really good its smooth and not harsh like alot of others, taste like fruity pebbles to me, good stuff with great effects

  64. Joe Bennett (verified owner)

    First time doing a vape cartridge, I was not sure what to expect. This has been a great relaxation tool for me after a busy day. Thanks and will be getting more very soon.

  65. Donnie Humfress (verified owner)

    Have tried several of the vape carts and I am more than satisfied. I have been a daily smoker of traditional marijuana for 30 years and to my surprise the Delta 8 was better in a lot of ways than some of the actual marijuana I've smoked. If you didn't tell your friends this was Delta 8 and bit traditional marijuana (Delta 9) I doubt they could tell. "Highly" recommend all of their products!

  66. Seven (verified owner)

    First experience was a pleasant one. Positive, lasting impression. Fast delivery PLUS there were a couple free "thank you" goodies included. I tried the Strawberry Cough. Doesn't taste like strawberries, but it does make me cough!. This aids in my concentration and focus when I work and work out. I'll be ordering two more today.

  67. Arkael (verified owner)

    Strawberry cough was my favorite Sativa cart. Very nice mellow, relaxed/euphoric feeling, without making you sleepy. Having said that, it's very nice for sleeping too in a different kind of way compared to indica. Great for anxiety as well! Will be ordering again for sure!

  68. Arkael (verified owner)

    Green Crack is a very positive, uplifting, get up and go kind of buzz. Hits like a truck.

  69. Arkael (verified owner)

    I enjoyed my Ghost train experience. Very very potent Sativa classic rush "high", without the "omgparanoiaomg". Very pleasant stuff here. Similar to the Green Crack, although hits aren't as strong. Makes no difference because this stuff takes it up a notch, in a nice decent way as mentioned before lol. Out of the 3 Sativas I tried Strawberry is my favorite, because I'm into the more mellow Sativas. But all are 5 star for sure , quality is outstanding all around. No clogging at all. All are very unique experiences!

  70. Grace Wilson (verified owner)

    We have nothing but a great experience since switching to The Hemp Doctor! These D8 cartridges are AMAZINGGG! Very potent and well worth the price! We can't keep these in stock they are so popular amongst the customers! Always fast shipping, nothing has ever come damaged. We highly recommend using THD! Especially for businesses!

  71. Jan Strohecker (verified owner)

    I've been using Delta 8 vapes for my menopause. Since I've been using them – I've been a normal woman again. I really love the zkittles.

  72. MEGAN YOBURN (verified owner)

    Vapes are fantastic, but after a few days of usage, they all inevitably get clogged and you have to unclog them with a paper clip or toothpick. But the quality makes up for it.

  73. Jan Strohecker (verified owner)

    Zkittles is my favorite! Nice high, great flavor.

  74. Carrie Richard (verified owner)

    My fiancé and me, deal with pain daily. I was looking for something to help us that was safe and legal. Searching online, I found The Hemp Doctor. Looking over the Delta 8 thc, I was happy to see they had tons of information about it. This helped to make our purchase. We bought, Ghost Train Haze and we have never been so happy to be free of pain! Looking into getting more! Thank you so much

  75. Jamie Crestfield (verified owner)

    I ordered the sour diesel cart. It hit very nicely, not the same high as delta 9. It’s much more mellow/not as paranoid or anxious.

  76. Jacob Souza (verified owner)

    I am a disabled Army veteran and have been using THD products for the last six months. After much research on different companies and trying other brands I can honestly say their products are the best I have ever used. They do as described on the packaging with the purest and smothest feeling. You will not find a better more transparent company.
    JUST ORDER IT! there all amazing!!!

    Ps. Thank you THD I can now go about my day in less pain the natural way.🙏🙏🙏

  77. Natasha (verified owner)

    The ghost train haze was amazing, one of the first D8 carts I tried actually. It hit very smooth, and the effects were great for pain. I will get it again when I'm out in the future.

  78. Sam Voss (verified owner)

    Item was lost in transit and THD still replaced it even though it wasn’t their screw up. When the second one arrived it was fantastic! Wish I could give 6 stars

  79. Melissa (verified owner)

    I got my order last week, right before the holidays and it was actually amazing for the first few days. I love Jack Herer and they did not disappoint. My issue is now it clogs constantly. Sometimes I can see and taste the distillate when I try to take a hit. It leaks from the bottom as well which makes trying to charge the battery (which has issues of its own) a major problem because it gets really sticky. I don't know if this one is faulty or what, but I really wanted to love this product. Unfortunately that is not the case. I will probably look else where or just not get these particular cartridges any more. Get it if you're curious, but be aware.

    • The Hemp Doctor (verified owner)

      Hi Melissa, Thank you for your feedback. So sorry to hear about your defective cart. We do guarantee all our products, so if you would like a replacement cart, please let us know and we will gladly ship out another one. Let us know how you would like to proceed.

  80. Annabelle Medina (verified owner)

    I Just want to say THD is the best!!!. I used to purchase from another site, but then they stopped restocking and I needed supplies. I came across THD and from day one, the products have exceeded expectations!. I suffer from severe depression, anxiety, and pain. Since using THD carts, I've been able to manage. Thank you for caring for your customers. 10 out of 10!

  81. rtrbreezy@gmail.com

    I love it so much best delta 8 I’ve had in a while

  82. Lynn (verified owner)

    I love the delta8 carts! I’m finding I like hybrids and indica mostly. Just finished up my first blue dream. Very soothing, relaxed and creative feels. Nicely laid out site full of information. Great costumer service!

  83. Saythen Scurlock (verified owner)

    Omfg 🤩 where do I start because I’m a heavy smoker on the daily & when I first hit the Mango Kush it was out of this world. It literally taste 👅 like the weed itself and I was high asf I can say that. It lasted about a week & a half, best believe y’all will be getting all my money & I will be faithful, loyal ass customer for life. I smoked my pen at work to get me through the day and I don’t have to worry about rolling nothing throughout the day. And everything is affordable unlike in some stores, where they charge a arm & a leg literally. It’s a life saver and I jus ordered the THC-O cartridge Skywalker OG will be leaving a review once I get it.

  84. Dolo (verified owner)

    Tried the Grandaddy Purple, loved it the first day, then we couldn't get any air through it. Customer Service was terrific!! They replaced the cartridge immediately! Love this company and the items they sell. The Delta 8/9 rings are awesome! For a nice mellow day, those are my go to!

  85. Tonya Williamson

    Ive tried them all from a local shop cant say I had a bad one yet. They all seem to clog but nothing to major. The batteries just dont seem to last or ive gotten a bad faulty one from time to time. Other than that these are worth it.

  86. mike smith

    Absolutely love Maui wowie the flavor is superb. Well worth the money. I use mine for the easy pick up days. Take a puff and run for a few hours

  87. Kraze

    I've tried most flavor carts from all the times i've come and I gotta say its worth it

  88. Hex Yeosin

    These were my go-to during the beginning of the pandemic! Gelato is hands down my favorite of the strains! Hits are moderately smooth. Clogging does happen on occasion but I'm usually able to fix it easily. I've had a handful of these carts but only one has leaked on me (though I was able to salvage it). Gives a nice comfy high to relax and vibe to.

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white widow Delta 8 vapeVape lovers, get ready to meet your new favorite cartridge. Introducing The Hemp Doctor’s most powerful, fast-acting vape cartridge yet: our Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge that contains 95%+ Delta 8 THC Distillate from hemp! This small, mighty cartridge promises to make every day feel more relaxed and enjoyable, and it delivers on that promise.

These Advanced Vapor Devices (AVD) were developed to bridge the gap between cheap devices that did not perform well and contained potentially harmful chemicals, and high-quality devices that cost more than the average consumer wanted to spend on a vaping device – thus, AVD devices were born. These devices outshine their competition in both price point and quality as they contain the latest vaping technology available at a low price point.

What makes these devices rise above the rest is the use of a ceramic core and mouthpiece. This core functions to balance the oil to air ratio in each draw, thereby preserving the flavor and function of your vapor as you inhale and allowing you to get the most out of your premium Delta THC oil. This vape cartridge is compatible with any 510 threaded vape battery, and while there are many 510 threaded vape batteries out there, not all vape batteries are created equal. Therefore, we encourage you to take a look at our own Pen: Aerial 350mah Battery with charger .

D8 vape cart Pineapple ExpressOur battery pen outperforms the rest at a fantastically low price! Whereas most vape batteries that are as sleek, slim, and convenient to carry around only hold 180mah of power, our battery boasts almost twice that much power at 350mah. That means that you can depend on our battery to not only provide you with more consistent, deliciously flavorful hits, but to last far longer on a single charge than most of the competition. As if all of this were not enough, our battery offers three levels of variable voltage so that you can adjust the strength of the hit to suit your personal preference. Just click the button three times to toggle through the voltages and create your perfect vape.

So, choose the Delta-8 THC preloaded vape cartridge that suits your tastes along with our 350mah battery today.

What Is Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC is making a big splash in the wellness industry lately. It has become every vape lover’s perfect product, because it delivers numerous dynamic benefits, offering consumers a one-of-a-kind experience after just one puff. Delta 8 is different from Delta 9; if you’re feeling confused, you’re not alone. Let’s discuss the two sister compounds.

Delta 8 THC vs. Delta 9 THC

When most people hear “THC,” they assume it’s one distinct compound from cannabis. You may be surprised to learn that there are different variations of THC, and the differences lie deeply in the chemical structure of the microscopic compound. Delta 9 THC is currently the commonly known variation, as it causes the psychoactive side effects generally associated with the consumption or inhalation of THC (a.k.a., the “high”). As cannabis enthusiasts get to know more about Delta 8 THC, it is rapidly becoming a customer favorite because of the few ways it differs from its more mind-altering counterpart, Delta 9 THC.

First, the average healthy cannabis plant yields significantly low amounts of Delta 8 THC, which is one major difference between Delta 8 and Delta 9. In some strains of cannabis, Delta 9 THC can reach concentrations of up to 30%, while the less prevalent Delta 8 THC exists in less than 1% of the plant.

Being so scarce in cannabis plants, there are no strains of any plant that are considered “Delta 8-rich,” so the benefits of this specific compound can’t be experienced by the typical smoking of a flower.  Because it is so rare, the only way to yield more usable amounts of Delta 8 is to use a scientifically advanced process to convert Delta 9 into Delta 8, or to utilize expert extraction, isolation, conversion, and refinement of the dried hemp plant. At The Hemp Doctor, we know that the best way to reap the benefits of this elusive compound is to enjoy it in a concentrated form – like in our Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge.

Delta 8 Is Great

Some shoppers may be nervous to read the letters “THC” when browsing for a feel-good hemp product because the term has become a bit confusing with lots of misinformation online. Wary consumers fear that THC is broadly illegal and they may want to stay far away from it. Don’t fear! Federally, Delta 8 THC is legal! Here is a quick breakdown of the federal legislation that our Delta 8 THC products fall under:

The 2018 Farm Bill made all hemp-derived cannabinoids, isomers, and other derivatives completely legal in the United States with a caveat: all products must contain .3% THC or less. Specifically, products can have a maximum of .3% Delta 9 THC, as Delta 9 is a more psychoactive compound.

All Delta 8 THC products sold by The Hemp Doctor will always comply with the parameters of the law. 

Our Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge contains plenty of concentrated Delta 8 THC to bring a sense of ease to your life, but no more than .3% Delta 9 THC. You can also view our third-party lab reports at your leisure to verify our claims. If you struggle to remember which THC is legal and non-psychoactive, remember the rhyme: Delta 8 is great!

How to Use Our Delta 8 Vape Carts

Once you receive your Delta THC Vape Cartridge, it can be ready to use within just a few moments.

✔ Simply attach it to a compatible 510 battery, and your product is ready to go.

✔ Next, whenever you’re ready to use it, simply put your lips around the mouthpiece and breathe in. If it’s your first time using our Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge, take it slow! We recommend small puffs. This is a very potent, powerful product, so a little goes a long way.

✔ Inhale for no longer than three seconds.

It is completely normal to experience slight discomfort if you are not used to inhaling such dense cannabinoid concentrates. These discomforts might include a slight burning feeling in your mouth or throat. This can be minimized by only taking small puffs at first until your throat is used to the sensation and potency of our high-powered vape product.

Note: Make sure you always store your Delta 8 vape cart at room temperature and keep it standing upright to avoid leaking.

Delta 8 THC Q & A

Q: Is Delta 8 THC safe to use on a daily basis?

A: We always recommend taking all proper precautions and consult with your doctor before taking any new wellness product, especially a product as powerful and potent as our Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge. This is because this remarkable product can impact each individual body differently. Because our concentrated Delta THC is able to offer a relaxing, semi-sedative effect, it is recommended that you only use this product when you aren’t planning to drive or operate machinery. You shouldn’t have to worry about reduced cognitive functioning or any mind-altering side effects, but some consumers report their minds feeling clear and their bodies feeling extremely relaxed – so it’s best to play it safe. Essentially, yes, you can use it on a daily basis because our product is pure, refined, and bound to make you feel great ‒ just do so with caution because it is very strong and effective.

Q: How is Delta 8 distillate made?

A: While it is very simple to attach your enjoyable Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge to your battery pack and puff the benefits into your system promptly, the process to create the robust concentrate is actually quite scientifically complex. Stay with us, because it’s surprisingly quite interesting.

Delta 8 can be acquired in one of two ways:

  1. Taking the dried cannabis flower and applying expert extraction, isolation, conversion, and refinement methods to yield small concentrations of the compound.
  2. Utilizing something called fractional distillation using cultivated hemp flowers and trimmings. In this very intricate process, various changes in temperature, vacuums, and scientific equipment convert the more prevalent Delta 9 THC into the more subdued, less psychoactive Delta 8 THC compound. This elaborate process allows scientists to yield a more bountiful amount of Delta 8 THC for your enjoyment.

Important – Read Before You Purchase!

Remember to always consult a doctor before trying this product. 

Avoid using it if you are pregnant, nursing, or have any serious health conditions (diagnosed or undiagnosed). 

This product is made for responsible adults, 21 years of age or older.

Be sure to check your state laws before attempting to purchase D8 carts. The Hemp Doctor isn’t responsible for knowing the specific laws of your state or territory, and you assume full responsibility for complying with your state laws regarding any purchase you make.

Please always use this product responsibly, and avoid driving or operating a vehicle or any machinery until the product is completely out of your system. 

The Hemp Doctor: Your Favorite Place to Find Delta 8 THC

At The Hemp Doctor, America’s Premier Hemp & CBD Dispensary, we are on the cutting edge of everything amazing happening in the wellness industry, specifically when it comes to hemp-derived products. Unlike most of our retail competitors, we offer a mind-blowing inventory of hemp products for everyone to love, from tried and true basics to delicious edibles, beverages, and topical products. Of course, we are ahead of the curve on Delta 8 THC, too!

While some brands tread lightly when it comes to distinguishing types of THC, we stride forward confidently, because we have the power of research, science, and advanced technology to deliver you the best, safest products on the market. We not only feel proud to be debuting the promising Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges, but we are also committed to providing an educational experience to our valued customers so they can truly understand the benefits of these amazing, influential compounds without fear or misinformation.

Everything we sell ‒ from broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD products, D8 THC products, to our unparalleled inventory of hemp flowers, kief, and vape cartridges ‒ is 100% Farm Bill compliant. We utilize rigorous farming methods, the most expensive, advanced extraction and purification processes, and we always provide third-party lab results to prove everything we claim on our labels.

As your trusted retailer for all high-quality hemp products, you can rest assured that The Hemp Doctor will always offer the most innovative wellness options on the market. You can browse our extensive inventory of unique hemp products at any time, and also read all about our founders and our family-oriented approach. As a family-owned and operated brand, we extend those family values to our customers. We have personally experienced the benefits of high-quality hemp and CBD, so it’s our pleasure to deliver the same results to you and your family. Get started today, and see why everyone loves The Hemp Doctor’s new Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges!


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