9 Signs You’re A Weed Expert

Weed Expert

How do you spot an expert in a field? Whether it’s because someone has all the education, knows all the right words, owns all the tools, or can talk about the topic at length, you know when you see an expert. But how do you know when you’re an expert in your pastime?

It can feel daunting approaching a new craft, but once that level of comfort sets in and you start embracing it wholeheartedly, you can feel like an expert. And it’s an incredible feeling when other experimenters start recognizing you as such.

Cannabinoids and wellness are an all-in experience for some and a weekend hobby for others. So how do you know where you fall? Well here are the ways we pick out experts in-store and online:



1. You know all the lingo

The vernacular of the cannabinoids is both fun and educational. If you can talk the talk with anyone and everyone it’s clear you’re an expert. If you’re wondering what you need to know, we can help you learn. We’ve got a few favorite phrases we love to use which you can see in our guide here.

You may know that the munchies are the hungry sensation you get when you consume certain cannabis products. Everyone knows about 420 but not as many are familiar with 710. 710 is “OIL” backwards and upside down, which is a great day to get tinctures and extracts on sale.

Can you toss a weed salad? We know the customers who love our flower can blend with the best of them.

One phrase that comes up for us when talking about Delta 8 THC and HHC is the cerebral high. For the uninitiated: a cerebral high is a euphoric feeling that’s mainly felt in the brain or mind.

2. You can pick out quality

Have you ever watched a farmer taste dirt and comment that it’s nitrogen rich and perfect for sweet corn or rhubarb? That’s also how a true cannabis connoisseur can identify the best in hemp. Maybe you can break apart the buds with your fingers and identify the crystalline structure of the cannabinoids but you can learn.

One of the best ways to learn how to identify high quality products is to use them. That’s the best part of shopping at The Hemp Doctor. We offer only the highest quality USA-grown and processed hemp with a variety of cannabinoids additives. If you’re looking to enjoy flower with THCA, CBD, or Delta 8 we have those ready for you.

3. You’ve got the gear

Having all the required equipment is different for every cannabis user because there are so many ways to consume. For some people it’s a lockbox they keep in their fridge for their gummies and edibles, to protect them from little hands. Others, who prefer flower or concentrates, may find that they’ve got a corner of their home that’s been converted into storage for their pipe, bong, rig, and papers.

There are our wellness gurus who have their daily shakes and favorite tinctures lined up for their morning pick me up and our nightshift mavens who have tried every nighttime gummy who keep a bottle of our CBD softgels on their bedside table.

Whoever you are, you know you’re an expert in your favorite wellness cannabinoids when all you have to do is pick up more product, because you’ve got everything else already at home.



4. You can hold your own with any stoner or store owner

If you want to talk shop you can keep up with the best of them. Whether you’re in the basement with a friendly stoner or in a shop with our store owner, you know what you’re talking about. The best part of living the cannabinoid lifestyle is the excitement of exploring new and emerging cannabinoids and the experts in our field know what’s coming down the pipeline next.

You might be that person and if that’s true, we’d love to chat in store.

5. You know your cannabinoids, their effects and the differences

That cerebral high we mentioned earlier, you know it’s best felt from HHC and Delta 8. You’ve experienced the serious body high of THC-O and you’ve enjoyed the wellness benefits of CBD.

Maybe you’ve fallen asleep to the gentle sensation of CBG or helped your dog feel good with some CBD treats.

Not only do you know what cannabinoid does what, but you can also detail, at length, the benefits of the entourage effect. You know why people love a blend of THC, CBD, and CBG before bed and you can understand the stoner’s love of D8, D9, HHC, HHCP, and Live Rosin.

Or you understand the difference between how edibles affect you versus vaping or smoking flower.

6. You’ve tried every cannabinoid available and have your favorites

There’s a ton of new things to try every year in cannabinoids, so if you’re the person who needs to know what’s going on first, you might be an expert.

Many of us started out experimenting with CBD for its wellness benefits, adding in CBG and CBN when they became available. We toyed with Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC when they became legally available. The newest of cannabinoids, THCa, HHC, HHCp, and THC-O, are a delight to try, but you already know that.

7. You know when new cannabinoids come out and can’t wait to sample them.

Just like with what’s already available, you stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest of cannabinoids. The easiest way to stay plugged in to cannabis news is to subscribe to our email list.

We’ll drop you the latest news direct to your inbox and you won’t even have to go looking for it. Become a cannabinoid expert reading for five minutes a day.

8. You can read a lab report with ease.

When reading a COA (Certificate of Analysis), also known as a lab report, is something with which you’re comfortable you know your field better than most.

While this may not seem as fun as the rest of the things we’re talking about here today, it might be the most important. Lab reports can protect you from unwanted experiences and even protect your health. Reputable retailers like The Hemp Doctor put an emphasis on maintaining our library of lab reports to the most recent and highest quality.

However, not every retailer has the best of intentions. They may skip out on posting lab reports for products, which can expose you, the customer, to potential risk of cannabinoid contamination.

If you want to know more about how to read a COA, check out this article.


Whether it’s because someone has all the education, knows all the right words, owns all the tools, or can talk about the topic at length, you know when you see an expert.


9. You’ve tried every method of consumption

When you’re in the shop and talking with your favorite clerks, you can tell them about your experience with every product on the shelf. You’ve eaten the edibles and gotten blitzed, you’ve vaped and you’ve dabbed, you’ve smoked and even built a bucket in a moment of desperation. The tinctures are old hat, mixed with your favorite drinks. You know your way around a softgel and smear a topical or two after the gym.

Even your dog has come to love cannabinoids with the best of our pet CBD.