Softgels vs. Gummies: Finding the Right Cannabis Solution For Your Needs

multi colored gummies and softgels

Eating your cannabis rather than smoking or vaping has a lot of advantages. It’s discreet, convenient, potent, and easy to adjust the dosage. 

There are options, too. You’ve got gummies, which turn your cannabis edible experience into a fun and flavorful one, and you’ve got softgels, which can make it easy to get all the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids into your daily routine.

But which is the better option for you? Take a look at this softgels vs. gummies guide to help you decide what option works best for your needs. 

What Are THC Softgels?

THC softgels combine cannabis concentrate and oil contained in a gel capsule. The oil, which is most often a combination of coconut oil and MCT (medium chain triglyceride), is used to help your body digest the cannabis concentrate. The resulting product is an easy-to-use pill that can be included in your daily routine with other supplements and vitamins. 

There are also THC capsules, which are another way of converting cannabis concentrates into pill form. Regarding capsules vs. softgels, the most significant difference lies in the container that holds the concentrates — softgels are softer and dissolve more easily.

Another type of cannabinoid pill is the THC caplet. Caplets combine cannabis concentrates with a binding agent pressed into a hard tablet and coated in gelatin to make them more or less flavorless. When it comes to softgels, or gelcaps, vs. caplets, the difference is that gelcaps are softer, which may make them easier to swallow for some people.

Benefits of Softgels

THC softgels are a popular form of cannabinoid consumption — for a good reason. If you’re trying to decide whether they’re suited to your particular needs, consider the following:

Accurate Dosing

When you smoke or vape your cannabinoids, knowing just how much you took can be difficult. That may not be a big issue for you personally, but when you’re looking for specific effects or a certain level of high, you may want to opt for something that can give you a clear and accurate dosage.

Softgels come in various serving sizes and cannabinoid ratios, which will be clearly labeled on the packaging. If you know what dosage you’re looking for, it’s easy to determine which THC softgels to choose. If you don’t know, it’s easy to do a little trial and error with different products to pick the perfect amount for you.

Easy to Use

Smoking cannabis involves multiple tools and other accessories, and vaping requires a cartridge, a battery, and occasionally a charger. Softgels are a simple capsule you can take at any time you feel the need. They may very well be the easiest of all modes of cannabis consumption.  


Not everyone has time to wait for the effects of their cannabinoids to kick in, and others are just a little impatient. If you fall into either category, softgels can be a great option. The gelatin container dissolves easily, meaning the cannabis concentrate can go to work as quickly as possible.

However, it’s important to remember that eating any form of cannabis will take significantly longer to take effect than smoking or vaping it. The cannabinoids must work their way into your digestive system, which can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to fully kick in. When it comes to edibles, though, softgels are the fastest option.

Predictable Results

Because you’ll be taking the same amount each time you have a THC softgel, you can expect the same or very similar results with each use. That is particularly useful when using softgels for their therapeutic effects. You’ll want to know just how much you’re taking when you want a certain level of relief without going overboard with the psychoactive effects.


Many people prefer some discretion with their cannabis use for various reasons. Other modes of consumption, like smoking flower, can make it pretty challenging to maintain your privacy, but with a softgel, it can be as low-key and subtle as possible. 


Softgels strip away all the other elements of cannabis consumption and leave you with the bare minimum needed to enjoy the many benefits of this plant. That means reducing potential wellness risks and eliminating both sugar and calorie intake. 

If you’re looking for the healthiest possible way to enjoy cannabis, this option wins the gummies vs. capsules debate.  

What Are THC Gummies?

THC gummies are an evolution of the classic pot brownie — the power of cannabinoids fused with a sweet treat. However, THC gummies are less decadent and more convenient than those delicious brownies. They’re a cannabis concentrate most often combined with pectin for binding and naturally flavored candy to produce a delightful psychoactive kick. 

Regarding softgels vs. gummies, the most apparent difference is the added enjoyment you’ll get from consuming your gummies. Softgels are all business, which some prefer, but gummies are the clear winner if you want to make consuming your weed more fun.

Benefits of THC Gummies

People love THC gummies, so you’ll see a vast array of them at dispensaries and online shops. If you’re wondering why they’re so popular, take a look at the following benefits they offer:

Accurate Dosing

This benefit will not be solving any THC pills vs. gummies debates, as it’s something that both options offer. 

Gummies have accurate serving sizes and are clearly labeled, so you know exactly how much you’re taking every time. That is great if you’re looking for some therapeutic benefits, but it’s also quite useful for recreational users. Accurate serving sizes can help you hit the sweet spot on your high and avoid going overboard.

It’s not only the THC content that you can accurately assess with your gummies; many products offer specific ratios of cannabinoids, which can further help you get the exact experience you’re looking for. You can do that if you want a balanced amount of THC and CBD. If you’re looking for a more THC-centric gummy, that’s available, too. 


Smoking and vaping hit quickly, but they taper off reasonably swiftly, at least when compared to THC gummies. You can feel the effects for at least four to six hours when you ingest hemp and cannabis, but they can linger for up to 12 hours. That’s about twice as long as you can reasonably expect the effects of your smoke session to last.

Variety of Flavors

Regarding flavor profile, the pills vs. gummies debate easily goes to gummies. You shouldn’t be getting any taste from your softgels, but you can enjoy an array of fantastic flavors with your gummies. This added element makes the actual act of consuming your cannabis a lot more fun. 

Another fun element of gummies is that they come in various forms, including some cannabis-infused versions of classic candies. Combining your weed with something like Cherry Rings was once only a dream for those who were around when legal recreational weed was nothing but a fantasy. 


You can’t necessarily bring out the vape or the bowl whenever you’re in the mood, which limits your use. With gummies, you don’t need to make a whole moment out of your consumption. You simply pop one, enjoy the fruity flavor, and wait for them to work their magic. 

Softgels vs. Gummies FAQs

We hope this guide has helped you understand which type of THC edible is best for you. If you’re still on the fence, consider the following frequently asked questions:

Do Pills or Gummies Work Faster?

While both pills and gummies take longer to kick in than smoking or vaping, there is one that works slightly faster than the other. Capsules dissolve efficiently and don’t contain other ingredients that can slow digestion, giving them a slight edge in this category.

Are You Supposed to Chew Gummy Edibles?

You don’t necessarily have to chew your gummy edibles, but they are designed to be eaten. Otherwise, they wouldn’t come in all sorts of fun flavors. You’ll also reduce the bioavailability of your gummy if you decide to just swallow it whole, meaning the effects won’t be quite as strong. If you’re looking for cannabis you can simply ingest, go with softgels.

What’s the Difference Between Caplets vs. Softgels?

A caplet is a hard cannabis pill made with a binding agent and covered in a thin gelatin layer to remove any flavor. Softgels are cannabis concentrates contained in a gelatin capsule. While the caplet is designed to be flavorless, it can still have a bit more (usually not great) flavor if it lingers in your mouth too long. 

Should I Pick Gummies or Softgels?

While there is no universal right or wrong answer to this question, there may be one for you personally. 

If you want to keep your cannabinoid consumption strictly business, which is often the case for those using it primarily for the therapeutic effects, you may prefer softgels over gummies. If you want to add a little fun and enjoyment to your cannabinoid consumption, gummies are easily the better choice. 

Get Softgels and Gummies from The Hemp Doctor

You’re now in the know about the most significant differences between THC softgels and gummies. With this new information, you can make an informed decision on which is best for you. Once you’ve decided, check out The Hemp Doctor’s wide selection of softgels and gummies and find the perfect product for your cannabis needs. 

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