Best games to play with friends while high


Spending time in your friends’ company and getting high can already be a merry experience. However, when watching Netflix and munching on snacks are outworn methods of entertainment, you may begin to search for ways of maximizing the fun times with your friends. Games are indeed enjoyable and allow creativity while high. Below are the best party games you can play while high for amusement.

Never Have I Ever

Although famous as a drinking game, it is a great game to play while high too. All it requires is to form a circle and take turns in making statements about the things you have never done, starting with the words “never have I ever…” Such can be, “never have I ever kissed a girl” Everyone who has kissed a girl will have to put one of their fingers down. Then, if no other person puts down a finger, you have to smoke a joint and offer a different statement.

There are different variations of the game, and some require a person who is the only one to admit to having done the activity to explain more about it. Never have I ever is a fun game to play and an excellent way to learn more about your friends.


Although a classic game, Charades can be a lot of fun to play while high. The game requires no supplies – only the creativity, which hopefully will spark while you’re high.

You’ll need to imagine a person, place, thing, or activity to act out and play the game. For example, you can choose a famous person like Charlie Chaplin and imitate his characters, choose a place like a zoo and mimic animals there, or choose an activity like stealing an umbrella. Usually, charades are played in teams, so you use gestures to explain a thing, person, or even title of a film, song, TV show, book, etc. Your team has to guess it as soon as possible before the time runs out; otherwise, you will lose the point. This game of pantomimes while high can be an amusing way of spending time with your friends.

Bong Pong

Also known as weed pong, a variation of the famous beer pong, bong pong is another drinking game that successfully made its way to the list of stoner games.

The goal of bong pong is to try and throw a ping-pong ball into your rival’s cup, which in this case has water in it instead of beer. Then, when you make a shot, you can take a hit.

Alternatively, you can fill the cups with beer and, when you score, make the opponent drink the beer while you reward yourself with a puff.

Who am I?

Who Am I? is a fun guessing game to play when high. The idea of the game is to write a name of someone, an animal, or a thing. Then you exchange the notes in the group to stick to your forehead, but without peeping at the note.

The Who am I? game is played in groups with more than three people. Each one of you will ask yes or no questions to guess your identity in the game. Questions are based on the characteristics of a person or animal, for instance, “Am I alive?” “Am I a female?” “Can I sing?” ” Am I blonde?”


Medusa is amongst the top and most popular stoner games that is simple to play. Group a circle with your friends, and sit ready with the joint. Put your heads down and look at the floor or your feet. On the count of three, everyone will have to look up and stare at one of the players.

If you stare at someone who ISN’T looking at you and has their look at someone else, you’re safe. But when you end up looking at someone who is also looking at you, you will have to shout “Medusa!” sooner than them and take a hit.

Straight-Faced Stoner

Keeping a straight face when high and all you want to do is laugh can be a challenge, and that’s exactly the premise of a straight-faced stoner. The first person to laugh, smile, or even awkwardly snort has to do some penalty, like taking a hit or whatever you decide before the game.

Agree on the penalty before you begin playing. Then get high and try not to smile; otherwise, you will have to perform the penalty you have set for the game.

Mario Kart

Stoned driving is neither cool nor legal unless it’s a Mario Kart – Nintendo’s go-kart racing video game. It’ll allow you to have fun and drift around colorful obstacles with your favorite Nintendo characters.

Mario Kart is a popular game to play when drinking, and usually, you’ll have to finish a beer before you complete the game. In the stoner version of the game, the joint replaces the beer that each person will have to finish before the game ends. Although it might seem a piece of cake, you can’t take a hit while your character onscreen is moving, so you will need to set up a plan. For example, will you finish the entire joint right before the race, will you take breaks while driving to take hits, or will you stop right before the end of the game to finish the joint?

Some like to take Mario Kart to another level by making it more challenging, such as stopping the race when you cough or taking a hit when you accidentally get off the track.

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