Nascar: Building Mental Resilience

Nascar and Mental Resilience

A Journey Through Life’s Challenges.

Mastering the art of mental resilience is one of the most important life lessons one can learn. Having a strong mind and body has many advantages; most notably, it can help you manage stress and enjoy life more. In this article, we drive home the importance of mental toughness and detail ways you can support your well-being.

Building Resilience

What does mental resilience mean? It’s the ability to adapt and overcome challenges. It’s the measure of one’s resourcefulness and ability to rise above adversity. Mental resilience refers to the psychological aspects, including skills required to achieve this state of being. There are a few different types of resilience. These include inherent, or natural resilience adapted and learned—your ability to change and grow when times are challenging shows a high level of emotional maturity.

A common trait of resilient people is understanding that life isn’t always fair or accessible. These individuals accept their fate and make the best of it. Like the Latin phrase by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche says, Amor fati is a love of fate. It’s possible to learn many of these practical skills.

Strategies for developing your mental resilience:

  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating well and getting plenty of sleep.
  • Stay away from excessive drinking and other harmful substances.
  • Have a proactive mindset, face facts and accept the truth.
  • Avoid self-pity and practice good problem-solving.
  • Only focus on factors that you can control or change.
  • Be grateful whenever possible and see the good in a situation.

Cannabis and Sports

Professional athletes, like Nascar or Formula 1 race car drivers, are excellent examples of people who strive to perform at their best. Nascar racing is one of the most challenging sports globally and requires extreme mental toughness. Overcoming the stress of the sport and environment, most champions will use various focusing techniques and deep breathing exercises to help them achieve victory. Another helpful strategy is incorporating natural remedies like CBD into their routine.

The legal status of hemp-derived products in the US has led to interest from top athletes in all types of sports. Advocates of cannabis, like Danica Sue Patrick, a former pro-driver, are entering the industry in an effort to move the normalization of cannabis consumption forward. Many Nascar drivers are beginning to come out of the CBD closet too. Drivers such as Matt Tifft, Carl Long, and Ricky Lewis. Together, they challenge the perception that stoners are lazy, something that isn’t true.

Technically speaking, all Nascar participants are required to obtain a negative drug test before each event. Something which includes screening for delta 9 THC and restricting cannabis consumption within the sport. However, many athletes use hemp-derived CBD products to improve their overall performance.

Fun fact: Nascar hosted its first CBD-sponsored event in June 2021. And why not? After all, there have been many beer and alcohol brand sponsorships over the years.

Enjoy Better Mental Resilience Using Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids sourced from industrial hemp are an excellent tool for those interested in improving their mental and physical resilience. The compounds found in cannabis or hemp can provide various benefits, from topical relief of sore muscles to relaxing or calming effects. Some cultivars may improve mental balance, depending on the compounds present. These natural compounds include delta 9 THC, cannabidiol CBD, cannabinol CBN, etc. In addition to these substances, there are also several different aromatic terpenes and flavonoids. Each cultivar has a different combination of these compounds, making every strain unique.

Products derived from hemp that contain a maximum of 0.3% of delta 9 THC are legal in the United States. The current market offers a wide range of products formulated with delta 8 THC, HHC, and so on. Some of these formulations are non-intoxicating, particularly broad-spectrum CBD, ideal for sports-minded people. Currently available methods include traditional dried-flower options, like whole bud or pre-rolls, vapes, etc. Ingestible options such as capsules, tinctures, candy, and chocolate are also available. There’s a good selection of topicals for those who prefer localized relief.

The Hemp Doctor’s Top-Notch CBD Products for Performance:

  1. CBD Freeze Cream (3oz per bottle) with refreshing menthol. It has a total of 1500mg of CBD for fast-acting, mess-free relief. Give your muscles and joints the TLC they deserve. Formulated to be THC-free.
  2. Hempy Worms Gummy CBD Gummies (15 or 30 pieces per jar) have 20mg of CBD per piece. These full spectrum soft chews are sour flavored and offer a fun yet discrete experience.
  3. Broad Spectrum CBG/CBD Tincture (30ml per bottle) with 33mg of CBD and 33mg of CBG per serving. This product was formulated with zero THC for a non-intoxicating experience. It will come in either natural or lemon flavor.

It’s illegal to drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol. If you have consumed a psychoactive substance such as delta 9 THC or THC-O, you must wait a minimum of four to six hours before driving. Also, because of the complexity of cannabis, it isn’t possible to predict what each consumer’s experience might be. If you’re new to cannabis consumption, start low and go slow!

Mastering the art of mental resilience is one of the most important life lessons one can learn.

The Fast Lane to a Good Life

Trees learn to bend, and so must we. It’s never too late to start learning the skills needed to help you persevere through life’s challenges. Inspired by the personal growth demonstrated by the pro-athlete of Nascar, you too can achieve a better quality of life by practicing mental resilience. Consider using hemp-derived cannabinoids to support your body’s natural balance.

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