Is CBD Safe for Dogs? All You Need to Know

Is CBD safe for dogs?

For dog owners, there aren’t many things more important than the well-being of their beloved pets, and few things are more heart-wrenching than seeing their pets suffer. That’s why some pet owners are now turning to CBD products to provide their dogs with a versatile form of all-natural relief.  

But is CBD safe for dogs? We know humans safely use products containing the cannabinoid all the time, but our bodies are not the same as those of the canine species. It’s always wise to make sure that what you’re giving your pet will help, not harm, which requires a bit of research. To help you do that research, we’ve created this easy guide to pet CBD safety.

Is CBD Safe for Dogs?

If you didn’t already know, CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical compound known as a cannabinoid that is present in hemp and cannabis plants. 

Research increasingly supports the therapeutic benefits of CBD for humans, and emerging studies suggest that dogs may also experience similar advantages.

But can dogs have CBD without incurring any dangerous side effects? In short, the answer to that question is “yes.” CBD for dogs is widely considered to be safe

Naturally, when deciding if this alternative remedy is right for you and your pet, there are factors to consider. However, be confident that giving your pup CBD treats has no known serious side effects. 

Does CBD Get You High?

You may wonder, “How is CBD ok for dogs; don’t cannabinoids get you high?” The truth is that only certain cannabinoids are psychoactive, and CBD is not one of them. 

You will want to make sure your CBD products are specifically designed for dogs or, at the very least, do not contain any THC, but provided you do that, there is no need to worry about psychoactive properties in your pup’s CBD.

What Does CBD Do for Dogs?

So, how is CBD good for dogs, and what does CBD oil do for them? 

The increasing interest in these questions underscores the growing recognition of the potential benefits of CBD for dogs. To better understand, let’s delve into some of the advantages this compound might offer our canine companions.

May Relieve Chronic Pain

Research has been conducted into the cannabinoid’s ability to ease discomfort in arthritic dogs. It found that CBD significantly decreased discomfort while increasing the mobility of dogs suffering from osteoarthritis. 

May Relieve Anxiety

“Can I give my dog CBD for separation anxiety?” is a prevalent question from dog owners who can’t leave their pets alone without them going into a panic. 

A study published in 2023 found that CBD reduced multiple measures of stress in dogs when left alone. It also found the same results in dogs riding in cars. 

May Relieve Nausea

Many studies have been conducted on the efficacy of CBD as a treatment for nausea and vomiting. One study published in 2011 found that “considerable evidence demonstrates that manipulation of the endocannabinoid system regulates nausea and vomiting,” not only in humans but also in animals. 

May Soothe Itchy Skin

Watching your pet scratch themselves incessantly due to a skin condition can be upsetting, and scratching can result in wounds and more. Some effective treatments are available for this condition, but can you give dogs CBD oil for it, too? Yes, you can. 

In 2022, researchers looked at eight cases of dogs with atopic dermatitis who were given CBD as part of their treatment plan. It found that a combination of CBD and other drugs was “well-tolerated over a wide dose range and decreased the occurrence of pruritus in dogs.” 

Types of CBD Products for Dogs

The array of CBD products available today is astounding. As the benefits of CBD for canines become more recognized, manufacturers are innovating to meet the demand. From CBD-infused dog treats to pet tincture oils, there’s a growing spectrum of products tailored to suit various needs. It’s essential for pet owners to familiarize themselves with these options to make the best choice for their furry friends.


CBD oil is a liquid form of CBD that can be dropped into your dog’s food, onto a treat, or applied topically to potentially provide them with the therapeutic relief they need. These products stand out for their versatility and are especially valuable for owners with picky dogs who might refuse the CBD treats presented to them.

CBD Treats

CBD treats are precisely what they sound like — dog treats specifically crafted with CBD infusion. 

One of the main reasons pet owners gravitate towards CBD treats is the ease of dosing; each treat usually has a set amount of CBD, simplifying the process of ensuring your dog gets the right amount. Furthermore, the natural flavors and ingredients used in these treats often make them as enticing as any regular dog treat, making the administration process smooth. Many dogs look forward to their CBD treat, seeing it as a delightful snack rather than medication.

How to Safely Give CBD Oil to Dogs

While CBD is generally safe for dogs, there are specific considerations to remember before administering any products containing this cannabinoid to your canine companion. Below are some tips for safely giving your dog CBD treats. Follow these guidelines, and you should have no problems while providing your pup the relief they need.


Getting the right serving size for your pet is among the most important aspects of safely giving CBD to dogs. 

Underdosing might not yield the desired results while overdosing could lead to stomach discomfort or excessive drowsiness in your pet.

The correct amount of CBD should be based on your dog’s weight. Use this simple chart as a starting point:

  • 5-10 pounds: 1-2 mg
  • 15-25 pounds: 3-5 mg
  • 30-50 pounds: 6-10 mg
  • 60-80 pounds: 12-16 mg
  • 100+ pounds: 20-30 mg

To avoid potential side effects, begin with the minimum recommended dosage and observe your dog’s reaction. If any adverse reactions arise, reduce the dose next time. Conversely, if the CBD doesn’t fully address their discomfort or anxiety, consider increasing the amount slightly during the subsequent dose to see if it takes care of the issue.

Each CBD product for dogs will have a slightly different dosage, so make sure to check the packaging for that information and, most likely, a product-specific serving size chart. 


How long does CBD work for dogs? It’s essential to know this to time the administration accurately for optimal benefits. Typically, CBD starts to show effects in dogs within 30 minutes to an hour after consumption.

Timing your dog’s CBD relief will also be heavily dependent on your specific reasoning for giving them CBD in the first place. 

If you want to relieve them from physical discomfort, you should give it to them first thing in the morning and likely at another time later in the day. If you want to help them with separation anxiety, about a half hour before you leave the house is the ideal time. You’ll want to administer it as needed if it’s for a specific condition. 

Pup’s Age

Another common question people ask is, “At what age is CBD oil safe for dogs?” Because CBD is non-psychoactive, it’s actually safe for dogs of just about any age. 

Your pet needs to be of an age where they can eat independently before introducing CBD. However, it’s advisable to wait a bit beyond that milestone. Once they’re about four months old, they are old enough to enjoy the various potential therapeutic benefits of this cannabinoid. Just always make sure to consult with your veterinarian before trying CBD for your pet.

Type of CBD

For CBD treats, simply follow the guidelines and serving size recommendations mentioned earlier. However, when considering CBD oil for dogs, there’s additional information you can learn to ensure both you and your canine have a positive CBD experience.

CBD oil for dogs can be administered in a variety of ways. You can drop it onto their tongue or gums, add it to a meal or treat, or even apply it topically if an area needs direct relief. 

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