How Does CBG Work in Our Bodies?

How Does CBG work?

You may have heard about the newest wellness product being purchased alongside the ever-popular CBD: CBG. If you haven’t heard of it, you may be wondering, “what’s the difference? Aren’t all of those acronyms the same?” Well, get excited. First – no, they are not the same. They are quite similar, and they both have unbelievable potential, but CBG is the most recent hemp-derived compound making a lasting impression in the world of holistic lifestyles. Get to know CBG and exactly how does CBG work in our bodies.

How does CBG work compared to CBD?

What a difference one little letter makes. Don’t worry. Both of these compounds are amazing. If you’ve tried them, you’ve probably already stocked up on your favorites, so you never have to be without them again. However, if these ingredients are new to you, you may have a few questions, and we are here to clear them up.

First, CBD and CBG are both compounds called cannabinoids extracted from varieties of the cannabis plant. Both hemp and marijuana are part of that well-known plant family, but only hemp-derived CBD and CBG are legal for purchase and consumption in the United States at this time. The marijuana plant naturally contains significantly higher THC levels (tetrahydrocannabinol), making people feel mind-altering or having high side effects. Hemp is different. It contains much lower THC levels and has potent, dense compounds that can enhance your lifestyle without the psychoactive component, making it an attractive option for many people.



Now we know that CBD and CBG are derived from the hemp plant, they are legal, and they don’t cause any mind-altering side effects. While they are both cannabinoids though, they are slightly different in their composition. CBG is referred to as “the Cadillac of cannabinoids” because it is an incredibly effective compound that is more challenging to yield a high volume. That’s because CBG is most prevalent in the early stages of the healthy hemp plant’s life. Then, as the plant matures, the CBG compounds evolve to become CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids, leaving only a small amount of the original CBG compound present. This makes CBG much more valuable and more expensive, and difficult to acquire.

To keep up with the rising demand of CBG, innovative farmers and scientists must work hard and dedicate their time to identifying the exact moment the CBG is most prevalent and harvesting the plant to extract more CBG from it. It’s all about timing, and it takes patience and a meticulous understanding of the microscopic compounds to achieve this feat.




Carrier Oils: Why Do They Matter?

Both CBD and CBG are most effective when mixed with a carrier oil. A carrier oil helps the compound absorb properly into your body and bloodstream, as the oil interacts with our natural fatty acids and penetrates deeply for maximum benefits. Without a carrier oil, the vast majority of the product simply won’t absorb properly into the body, and it will flush out of the digestive system without absorbing – meaning your body will not benefit from all the compound has to offer. The majority of CBD and CBG products on the market today are contained within a carrier oil already, so it gets to work when you take the product. The most popular carrier oils are:

  • MCT Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Almond Oil

So, when you check out your product label, don’t be surprised when you see one of those ingredients listed. They are a vital component to the product being effective, as they help deliver the compounds to your body.

When we closely analyze the difference between CBD and CBG, researchers have realized something amazing. CBG absorbs a bit more thoroughly into the body than CBD. There’s a reason they call CBG the Cadillac of cannabinoids. When it enters your bloodstream, it works harmoniously with your natural endocannabinoid system and does what other excellent cannabinoids do –  just a little bit better. 


CBD and CBG are derived from the hemp plant, they are legal, and they don’t cause any mind-altering side effects. 

The Hemp Doctor: Leading the Charge on CBG

The Hemp Doctor is America’s Hemp & CBD Dispensary, so of course, we are actively exploring the most innovative ways to use hemp to improve your life. In addition, because CBG and CBD are the hottest ingredients derived from hemp that seem to be making a lasting impression, we are working tirelessly to expand our already massive product inventory to include products you are sure to love!

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