CBG and Sleep: What You Need to Know


Sleep is essential to our daily functioning. When we wake up and feel completely rested, the whole day just feels easier and more enjoyable. After all, just like putting your cell phone on the charger before bed and waking up to a full battery, our bodies also need to power down and recharge.

Unfortunately, falling asleep at a reasonable time and maintaining a deep, rejuvenating sleep throughout the night can be a challenge for many people. Especially lately, when it seems like there are so many things to keep the mind active – work, family, friends, your health and the health of loved ones, politics, world events –  a good night’s sleep can seem impossible.

Before going to extremes to find a way to sleep better, try exploring natural assistance. Many of the most effective products to support sleep are actually plant-derived and holistic! You’ve probably already heard of CBD (the hemp-derived ingredient that took the nation by storm in 2018) because it has become one of the most popular health products on the market today. However, the newest impressive ingredient capturing attention, from coast to coast, is also derived from hemp: CBG.


Before going to extremes to find a way to sleep better, try exploring natural assistance.


What Is CBG?

CBG is short for cannabigerol, and it is a powerful plant-derived compound called a cannabinoid. Plants in the cannabis variety (most notably, hemp and marijuana) contain hundreds of cannabinoids used in wellness products today. While both hemp and marijuana are in the cannabis plant family, the two are not identical. Marijuana contains much higher THC levels. This compound is known to cause mind-altering side effects or the high associated with marijuana use. Even though both plants contain THC, hemp contains much lower amounts. In the United States, only hemp-derived products containing 0.3% THC or less (a minuscule amount) are legal since The Farm Bill of 2018 was passed.

Like its well-known counterpart (CBD), CBG is legal, all-natural, non-addictive, and does not cause psychoactive side effects. Even though fewer people know about CBG right now, that is guaranteed to change. So just when we thought hemp couldn’t be more amazing, experts decided to analyze exactly what CBG can do closely, and the results could not be more exciting.



Before we explain what CBG can do, it’s important to understand the difference between CBG and CBD. We know that they are both compounds derived from the hemp plant, but you may not realize that CBG is a bit more exclusive because it is harder to acquire. It all comes down to the lifecycle of the hemp plant. Here’s how:

In the early stages of the hemp plant’s life, the plant contains a dense amount of CBG-a (cannabigerol acid). Through photosynthesis, as the plant matures, the CBG-a is transformed into other well-known, beneficial compounds like CBD. The fully mature hemp plant does contain the CBG compound, but in very small amounts, as most of it has been synthesized into different compounds. This means that it is harder to yield high amounts of CBG, making the beneficial compound much rarer and highly desired.

As soon as consumers began realizing CBG’s potential, the demand for CBG products began skyrocketing. Because the mature hemp plant contains such low levels of the compound, expert cultivators and researchers have had to find ways to extract more CBG by harvesting the hemp plant earlier, when CBG is most prolific. Similar to CBD, CBG can play a vital role in one’s daily routine, as it enters the bloodstream and immediately begins absorbing, delivering support where the body needs it most.

Of course, this elusive, highly sought-after compound offers several benefits. However, as the product becomes more popular, many consumers are reaching for CBG to help them, and when they do, they are increasingly impressed.



The Hemp Doctor: Ahead of the Curve

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