Are Delta 8 Carts Safe?

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Without a doubt, Delta 8 vape carts are increasing in popularity among hemp consumers. They provide an effortless and fast-acting way to consume a rising star of cannabinoids – Delta 8 THC. Unlike edibles and softgels on the market, the vape from Delta 8 carts doesn’t need to go through the digestive system before making it to the bloodstream. That’s why carts are best-loved among those looking for quicker results.

Although vaping is one of the most common ways of consuming Delta 8 THC, many might have concerns or doubts about whether it’s a safe method or if there are any side effects associated with it.

In short, Delta 8 carts are safe. But let’s look at their different aspects, how to select the right products that won’t cause unwanted side effects and trustworthy brands that offer quality products.



What Is a Delta 8 Cartridge?

Delta 8 hemp cartridges are now emerging on the scene. They provide a convenient and effortless way of consuming Delta 8.

Like CBD oil cartridges, Delta 8 THC cartridges are e-cig tanks filled with Delta 8 THC oil. They are compatible with the standard 510 vape battery, which sometimes comes with a cartridge.

Once you have the battery and the cartridge, it’s easy to screw the cartridge onto the battery to begin vaping. The atomizer section attached to the battery will produce heat once you activate it to vaporize Delta 8 THC oil for inhalation. Using the mouthpiece at the tip of the cartridge will allow you to comfortably inhale vapor through the device and start enjoying your Delta 8 THC product.

What Is Delta 8 THC?

Hearing the famous abbreviation THC may lead many to the conclusion it’s the famous psychoactive compound in cannabis that is responsible for marijuana’s ‘high.’ However, Delta 8 THC isn’t the well-known THC but one of its variations.

Delta 8 THC is a much rarer compound in the cannabis plant. It exists in less than 1% of the plant, while the famous THC – Delta 9 THC – can go up to 30%. There are no strains of any plant that are “Delta 8-rich” or provide the compound in high amounts. However, manufacturers use a scientifically advanced process to convert Delta 9 into Delta 8 or utilize expert extraction, isolation, conversion, in the dried hemp plant’s refinement.

Delta 8 is about half as psychoactive as Delta 9 THC, and wellness products containing the compound are now widely available at numerous stores.

Is Delta 8 Legal?

  • Yes, hemp-derived Delta 8 THC products with no more than .3% content of Delta 9 THC are federally legal.

However, each state’s law regarding the compound differs. Some are more restrictive and criminalize Delta 8 THC even when it derives from hemp, and you should always check its legal status with state laws to shop for Delta 8 THC with confidence.



Choosing a Safe Product to Consume

Although vaping Delta 8 THC products are safe, so are drinking water or eating food. Yet when contaminated, they can be detrimental to your health. Choosing a safe product is an essential step when adding Delta 8 to your routine.

The Origin of Hemp Matters

Delta 8 THC derives from hemp, which drives up heavy metals and toxins from the ground during its growing season. Although hemp can heal the soil, it can bring unwanted ingredients into your products if it grows in a contaminated land and will, therefore, cause health problems.

Many brands on the market import hemp from other countries with few regulations regarding cultivation practices to cut production costs. Therefore, many of these products are low in quality and contain unwanted ingredients.

One of the few aspects to consider when selecting a Delta 8 Vape Cartridge is hemp origin. Trustworthy brands are transparent about their products and provide information about the hemp they use. Always shop from brands that use U.S. grown hemp, which is subject to stricter standards compared to the hemp grown in other countries.

Although vaping is one of the most common ways of consuming Delta 8 THC, many might have concerns or doubts about whether it’s a safe method or if there are any side effects associated with it.


Third-Party Lab Test Results

Declaring a product as the best on the market doesn’t require much effort than typing a few words on a keyboard; almost everyone does that. However, proving the quality, potency, and pureness of a product isn’t a step many brands take. Third-party lab test results are crucial in determining the quality of a product. A certificate of analysis (COA) is the laboratory report from an independent, accredited laboratory that provides information on a product, such as the amount of each cannabinoid, terpenes, and the presence of possible contaminants.

It proves there are no unwanted ingredients in your Delta 8 vape carts, such as heavy metals and pesticides.

Moreover, many mislabeled products on the market contain more than the legally allowed amount of well-known THC, which is .3%. Such products may cause unwanted side-effects and consequences. Lab test results prove that the information on the label is correct, and the product is safe to consume. Shop from brands that make such reports available to their customers.

How to Choose a Brand to Trust?

Choosing a brand is also an essential step in selecting a product to consume. Innumerable stores are now selling hemp-derived products, and it may get challenging to choose one to trust. Everyone promises top quality, yet not all prove it.

When shopping for Delta 8 Carts, choose a brand transparent about its products. When it provides top-grade solutions, they also provide third-party lab test results and additional information such as the origin of hemp, growing practices, etc. Check a brand’s website, social media, reviews, third-party lab test results, blogs, and other data to see if it’s reliable.

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