What Is Nanoemulsion and How Does It Affect CBD?

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If you are like thousands of others across the United States, you either use CBD every day or you are debating about trying it. After all, the intriguing health and wellness sensation has captivated the attention of the entire nation, as social media and online forums seem to be overflowing with consumer success stories.

CBD is so appealing because it promises a wide array of wellness benefits, but without the euphoric or mind-altering side effects that individuals have grown to expect from typical wellness supplements. Since The Farm Bill passed in 2018, making all derivatives of hemp that have .3% THC or less completely legal, consumers of all ages began replacing their unnatural products with all-natural hemp-derived CBD. Completely legal, non-psychoactive, non-addictive, and safe to use on a daily basis, CBD is now found in gym bags, purses, and medicine cabinets around the nation.


Nanoemulsion: Maximizing Your CBD Benefits

Growing Hemp Plant with Molecular Compound belowIf you want to experience the far-reaching benefits of all-natural CBD, it is important that you choose a product that is pure, high-quality, and nano-emulsified. Only the most trusted retailers utilize nanoemulsion technology, because the process is lengthy and expensive. However, nanoemulsion elevates your CBD experience so significantly that superior retailers understand that it is worth the cost.

To understand why nanoemulsion improves the quality of your product so profoundly, we first have to explain how CBD works in general.

CBD (cannabidiol for short) is a compound called cannabinoid. The human body has a complex regulating system constantly working to keep us healthy and well, called the endocannabinoid system. When CBD absorbs into the bloodstream, it interacts with the endocannabinoid system in a positive way, promoting homeostasis. Of course, the only way for CBD to be effective within the endocannabinoid system is for the compounds to be small enough to be absorbed into your body, which is commonly referred to as the product’s bioavailability.



The body is capable of absorbing particles that are between 60 and 80 nanometers in size. Generic CBD products are often significantly larger (approximately 2000 nanometers!). This means, when you consume a subpar quality CBD, the large particles have to make their way through your system and your system has to work to break the particles down into an absorbable size. After this lengthy process, you may only absorb about 10% of the beneficial compounds into your bloodstream. That means 90% of your product is not actually making its way into your system to benefit you, which feels like a waste of your time and money.

Nanoemulsion is a complex process that shrinks the already microscopic particles into even smaller sizes, making them about 10 times more effective and absorbable into your bloodstream. What this means for you is that a nano-emulsified CBD product is not only more bioavailable, but it is overall more effective.

Some of the most noteworthy benefits of nanoemulsion include:

  • Smaller particles translate to maximum absorption
  • A little bit will go a long way because all of the microscopic particles will absorb into your bloodstream, not a small fraction
  • You can experience the results faster because the compounds can penetrate into the bloodstream easily
  • Because you are enjoying the full range of intended benefits, your results will be more profound and noticeable
  • Your investment in yourself stretches further because you get the most out of every single dosage


Nanoemulsion is a complex process that shrinks the already microscopic particles into even smaller sizes, making them about 10 times more effective and absorbable into your bloodstream.


Shopping for Top Quality CBD

Green paper bag with grey back round Now that the secret is out about nanoemulsion, you know exactly what to look for while shopping for a great product. While browsing, it is important that you do your research to find a trustworthy hemp and CBD retailer, specializing in top quality products to fit your needs. There are a few non-negotiable qualities of a superior brand, so if you find a retailer that offers the following five traits, you know you’ve found a keeper:

  1. Shop with a retailer that utilizes 100% organic farming methods, and who grows their hemp exclusively in the United States. This helps ensure that your hemp was handled with care from the moment the seed was planted in healthy American soil.
  2. Find a brand willing to invest in advanced processing, like nanoemulsion technology. When a retailer is willing to spend more to produce an excellent product, that is an indication that they are committed to exceptional quality, not just a fancy label with empty promises.
  3. Look for a brand that offers a wide range of options to fit your needs, including full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products. When you find true hemp experts, they will have products to fit into just about anyone’s lifestyle. Because some individuals prefer not to consume even trace amounts of THC, your brand of choice should have a broad-spectrum option for you.
  4. Only shop with retailers who utilize an independent third-party lab to verify the purity of their products. Without a third-party lab report, retailers are making claims that they can’t prove, and you should never be unsure about what’s in your wellness product.
  5. Choose a brand with a money-back guarantee. If they can’t guarantee the quality of their products, you probably shouldn’t trust them. You should be able to try a product risk-free, and top brands will stand by their products and give you that safety net.

This list might sound daunting, but when you find a trustworthy retailer, you’re all set and you don’t have to search anymore! To save you all the trouble, visit The Hemp Doctor, America’s Premier Hemp & CBD Dispensary, to find all of these traits and more, guaranteeing that you will have the best CBD shopping experience possible!

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