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When you hear the word “hemp,” there’s a good chance that you associate the word with marijuana. Unless you are an avid user of hemp-based products, this is a common misconception.

Before we go into detail about the many remarkable uses for hemp, let’s first clear up a few common misnomers. First, hemp and marijuana are both in the cannabis plant family, but they are two unique strains of the plant, so they are not identical. Marijuana is known for producing a “high” upon consumption, thanks to increased levels of Delta 9 THC, an ingredient that binds to receptors in the brain and causes a euphoric feeling. Hemp, on the other hand, contains a lower amount of Delta 9 THC and is processed meticulously in order to comply with legal standards, resulting in hemp products being essentially non-psychoactive.

With the knowledge that hemp and marijuana are two distinctly different plants, we can begin to explore the many benefits and uses of hemp while detaching it from the stigmas associated with marijuana. Today, we will count down the top four uses for industrial hemp, giving you a glimpse into the potential of the truly fascinating and impressive plant.



Counting Down: 4 Incredible Uses for Hemp

There’s nothing like the anticipation of a good countdown, and you’ll be pleased to find that every item on this list is something that adds goodness to the world in one way or another – and isn’t that what we are all aiming for? Here are the top four ways hemp has made an impression on the world.

4. Hemp paper

You may be surprised to learn that hemp has been used to make paper and paper products for thousands of years! When its thick, coarse fibers are reduced to a pulp, they can be up to five times stronger than wood pulp used in traditional paper making. In 150 BC, it is believed that the Chinese were the first to create paper, and it was completely made out of hemp. Ancient documents are believed to have been written on hemp paper, including some preliminary renditions of the Declaration of Independence. Benjamin Franklin even had a papermill where he used hemp to create parchment paper. Unfortunately, because harvesting hemp is so labor-intensive, cotton eventually replaced hemp as an easier way to produce paper products.


3. Hemp fabric

Hemp’s fibrous stalks and leaves have also been extremely useful in the creation of sturdy and reliable fabrics. Because of the thick fibers and natural resistance to saltwater, hemp has been used to make durable sails for sailboats that were nearly indestructible, as well as strong rigging and rope. Sailors relied heavily on hemp for many of their needs – from the vital pieces of cloth for their boats and ships to the clothing they wore each day – hemp has been essential for seamen. In some cases, the captain’s log was written on hemp paper too! In addition, tightly woven fibers of hemp made durable canvases for artists to paint on, as the word canvas comes from a French word meaning “made of hemp.”

2. Hemp plastic

It may be hard to believe, but in 1941, Henry Ford built a vehicle from hemp. Specifically, he used hemp plastic to create the car, and hemp fuel was used in its operation. This remarkable feat became possible when he realized that hemp plastic was approximately ten times more durable than steel. When the material is tightly woven to create a plastic, it is strong and uncompromising, making it the perfect material to create vehicles. In addition, hemp plastic may be making a comeback as we explore environmentally-friendly, sustainable ways to create packaging for everyday products without causing harm to the planet. Researchers are actively exploring the best ways to take advantage of the many benefits of hemp plastic in our society.

1. Hemp wellness products

For hundreds of years, the hemp plant has been praised for its medicinal purposes in places all over the world. The leaves, seeds, flowers, and stems have been used as ancient remedies for numerous ailments and discomforts – from physical fatigue to insomnia, and everything in between. Because these benefits were achieved using only parts of the hemp plant, it became highly regarded as a holistic and natural way to treat a number of conditions. Today, we are leaps and bounds ahead of where we were then, and the industry for hemp-based wellness products have never thrived more. Hemp experts across the country have been working diligently in recent years to craft high-quality innovations using derivatives of hemp like CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, Delta 8 THC, and more, and you can now experience these natural benefits for yourself when you find a trusted retailer!

When you hear the word “hemp,” there’s a good chance that you associate the word with marijuana. This is a misconception.


Are Derivatives of Hemp Legal?

Because products derived from hemp have been getting so much attention lately, you are probably wondering whether they are legal in the United States. Rest assured that as long as you purchase your product from a reputable company, your product should be completely legal. Do your research, and make sure that your brand of choice has products that comply with the Farm Bill of 2018, which made all derivatives of hemp legal for purchase and consumption as long as they don’t contain more than .3% THC.

A trusted brand like The Hemp Doctor will not only reassure you that your products comply with the law, they will also prove it by making an independent third-party lab test available to you. This way, you can see for yourself that your product is pure, clean, and contains trace amounts of THC, at most.

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happy woman shopping onineWith so many incredible uses, it is important that we look past the deluded association to marijuana and appreciate hemp for everything it is capable of. Since becoming legal, consumers have been ditching their chemical-based products and replacing them with hemp-infused, holistic options. Hemp-derived CBD, for example, is used by hundreds of thousands across the U.S. for physical and emotional wellness, sleep support, bodily fatigue, and much more!

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