What Are the Usages of Every Part of Hemp Plant

Hemp plant with molecular compound

For thousands of years, the entire hemp plant has been widely used for its many benefits. In ancient China and Mesopotamia, it was relied upon to help treat ailments and discomforts, and was also used to make cloth and other textiles. Hemp was first cultivated in the United States in the early 1600s, and it was not only legal to grow; in some states, it was mandatory. The crop was seen as essential in many ways, and for a time, failing to grow hemp was actually punishable by law.

In recent years, hemp has become a hot topic again. Because hemp is so closely associated with its sibling plant, marijuana, some of the rich history and impressive traits of the amazing plant have been diluted, and the hemp plant became grossly misunderstood. When you get to know the astonishing hemp plant and realize that it has a different molecular structure than marijuana, you can see hemp for the wondrous plant it really is!



Today, we are going to take a closer look at the entire hemp plant and share what its parts can (and have been) used for. When you realize all that hemp is capable of, you will surely have a new appreciation for this versatile, functional, almost unbelievable hemp plant.


Hemp seeds in a cup and on the canvasAside from planting them in organic soil to grow new, healthy hemp plants, hemp seeds have other interesting and unique uses. When hemp seeds are cold-pressed, they expel an oil (hemp seed oil) that is widely used in nourishing and moisturizing products for the skin, hair, and lips. Because the oil comes from the seed instead of the fully grown hemp plant, it does not contain any cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, THC, and more. While most people enjoy hemp oil over hemp seed oil because hemp oil contains cannabinoids that offer a wide range of health benefits, hemp seed oil does offer many of its own perks. As a natural emollient, hemp seed oil helps draw in moisture to anything it is applied to, so it can greatly enhance the suppleness and smoothness of skin and also combat signs of aging.



Hemp seeds are also used as a nutritious, protein-packed superfood. Whole or crushed hemp seeds can be used raw or roasted, and make a great addition to granola bars, cereal, or yogurt. Hemp seeds can also be used to make cooking oil, milk, and even ground into flour. The seeds are even being explored as a potential source for a clean natural fuel of the future.

Hemp seeds are incredibly versatile, highly nutritious, and all-around just as excellent as a full-grown hemp plant in many ways.

Stalks and Stems

Hemp plants growing organically The many varied uses of the stalks and stems of the hemp plant might be the most surprising information you learn today! Because they are so thick, coarse, and strong by nature, hemp stalks have been used for thousands of years as a reliable building material, fabric, and more. Due to its sheer strength, hemp was used thousands of years ago to make indestructible sails that could withstand the corrosive saltwater and harsh oceanic conditions to keep sailors safe. Hemp has also been used to make durable rope used by sailors and others throughout history.

Hemp fibers have been used to create various types of paper, including parchment, and were even used to create canvases for painters. In fact, the word “canvas” actually comes from an ancient Arabic word to describe cannabis, meaning “hemp.”

Unbelievably versatile and strong, hemp plastic is believed to be up to 10 times stronger than industrial steel. This revelation is what prompted Henry Ford to make an entire car completely out of hemp plastic in 1941. The car even ran on hemp fuel, making the vehicle essentially carbon neutral and excellent for the environment.

The surprising and remarkable uses of hemp stems and stalks are innumerable, and now that industrial hemp is legal again, we may be seeing even more innovations using the hardy and durable hemp fibers.

In ancient China and Mesopotamia, hemp was relied upon to help treat ailments and discomforts, and was also used to make cloth and other textiles.


Leaves and Flowers

Hemp plant growing in the sunlight Despite the seemingly limitless uses for the seeds, stalks, and stems of the hemp plant in recent years, hemp is undoubtedly known for the products that come from the leaves and flowers. Most notably, the compounds that are extracted from the hemp leaves and flowers, called cannabinoids, are making a difference in the lives of thousands. Using precise and highly advanced extraction techniques that typically include the use of a solvent or supercritical CO2, the powerful and robust compounds are carefully removed from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant.

Once the compounds are extracted, they are carefully refined into a concentrated hemp oil that is rich with numerous cannabinoids like CBD, CBC, CBN, CBG, and more. These powerful and completely natural compounds are added into a wide range of popular wellness products on the market today, including orally administered products, topically administered products, and inhalable products.

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