Veterinarian-Formulated CBD Dog Treats – A Better Reward for Your Pup!

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Do you have the best dog ever? If you are like most dog owners, you probably feel like your pup is the most loving and wonderful in the world – and no matter who you are, you’re right! The connection between a dog and its owners is unique and irreplaceable, and every individual relationship is perfect in its own way.

When you look at your dog’s sweet face, you can’t help but want to give him or her the very best of everything to keep them happy and healthy. After all, we can never truly repay our furry companions for the unconditional love and loyalty they show us, but we sure can try. Whether it’s with cute toys, yummy snacks, or sometimes, adorable outfits, we just want to spoil our pets! They deserve every bit of it!

Like humans, dogs experience several types of physical and emotional discomfort. When they are overactive, overstimulated, or simply getting older, dogs feel many of the same things we do. Even though dogs can’t communicate using words, there are many ways to identify when your canine is experiencing some type of fatigue. For example:

Does your dog seem more sluggish after a day of physical activity?

A dog feeling sluggish after a day of activity.Tired, uncomfortable muscles and joints can leave your dog feeling fatigued, which manifests in many ways. Your dog may seem unable or unwilling to climb stairs or onto a bed or couch. He or she may walk more slowly and may even have a slight limp. This could be your pup’s way of conveying that their body doesn’t feel quite right.

Does your pup hide or destroy items during loud holidays, or when you leave home?

When dogs feel nervous, they react in numerous ways to show their discomfort. Some dogs hide or seek comfort in a familiar spot in your home, others act out to express their distress. Often, this is a sign that your dog is feeling emotionally distraught.



Is your dog showing clear signs of aging?

As heartbreaking as it is to watch, many of us can identify when our dogs are starting to experience the degenerative symptoms of old age. Like humans, dogs experience joint discomfort as the years take their toll, making your canine less active and engaged in things he or she may normally love.

First, when you notice atypical behavior in your dog, we recommend consulting your veterinarian. Your vet will be able to rule out more serious ailments and let you know exactly the cause of your dog’s behavior. Once you are sure it’s not something more serious, consider trying an all-natural, trustworthy solution: CBD.

CBD for Dogs – A Natural Remedy

You may be surprised to learn that CBD can positively impact dogs in the same ways that it can impact humans. CBD is the superstar ingredient that has taken the wellness industry by storm in recent years, but its benefits are more far-reaching then you may realize.

CBD (cannabidiol) is a compound derived from hemp. Often confused with marijuana, hemp is in the same plant family, but is not identical to marijuana. The versatile hemp plant contains over 100 beneficial compounds, known as cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Since the Farm Bill of 2018 passed, these hemp derivatives have been legal in the United States (as long as they contain no more than .3% THC).

Capable of delivering numerous wellness benefits, CBD enters the body and engages naturally with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is responsible for promoting comfort and harmony in the body, known as homeostasis. When CBD engages with the body, it acts to improve the body‘s natural functions, making it easier to achieve homeostasis.

Dogs’ bodies are quite similar. While we shouldn’t give the dogs the exact same CBD products that we take ourselves, specially-formulated CBD products engage in their bodies the same way, promoting peace of mind and physical and emotional comfort naturally. Like always, it is best to trust your veterinarian when it comes to products that are healthy for your dog, which is why The Hemp Doctor coordinated with veterinarians to create a CBD product tailored to your dog’s specific needs!


You may be surprised to learn that CBD can positively impact dogs in the same ways that it can impact humans.


CBD Dog Treats: Veterinarian-Formulated, Pup Approved

Our carefully designed CBD dog treats were formulated by veterinarians, dedicated to finding an ideal dosage for your pet’s specific weight needs, and creating a savory flavor that your dog will find irresistible! Unlike CBD for humans, our dog treats are geared toward your pet’s specific flavor preferences, so you know that each wellness-evoking treat is sure to get their tails wagging!

Each savory bite is made with a blend of beef, bacon, and organic sweet potato flavors to satisfy your pup’s taste buds. Every treat also contains two milligrams of our robust phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract (CBD), making it easy to find the perfect dosage for your dog! Plus, you can always trust that every pet-specific formula in our inventory is THC-free for your comfort and peace of mind. You can view the third-party lab report on our website too!

Give Your Dog a Better Life with The Hemp Doctor

A dogg having a good time.At The Hemp Doctor, America’s Premier Hemp & CBD Dispensary, our knowledgeable hemp professionals are passionate about making life more enjoyable for you and your canine! We know the wellness power of high-quality CBD, and we settle for nothing less.

Our U.S. grown organic hemp is processed using cutting edge techniques and scientific advancements to ensure the final product is effective and pure, without any unwanted fillers. At The Hemp Doctor, you can always trust that our hemp and CBD products will be:

  • Safe & effective
  • 100% compliant with the law
  • Free of harsh metals, chemicals, and pesticides
  • Highly absorbent
  • Made in the USA
  • Gluten-free
  • Third-party lab tested to prove premium quality

Our hemp experts are committed to making superior quality CBD products accessible and risk-free to try. We offer a money-back guarantee that we are sure you won’t need to use, but that offers you a safety net when you are taking a leap to try something new.

We know that CBD will help you and your pet live better, more fulfilling lives, but don’t just take our word for it. Start shopping now and see why our unparalleled CBD is well-loved by pets, humans, and even professional athletes all across the United States! You can shop online or stop into our Mooresville, NC shop to meet our hemp family. We hope to see you soon!