How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

CBD system

Many factors come into play when trying to answer how long CBD stays in your system. The answer will not be the same for everyone. There is also the question of which type of test you are using to detect the CBD, which influences whether or not you’ll know if the CBD is still in your system. With that in mind, here are some answers that should help you determine how long CBD will likely stay in your body.

Determining Factors

When researching how long CBD will stay in the human body, you will find many answers. While most articles will reveal that CBD will leave the body a week or two after discontinuing use, this is no guarantee that this answer fits you specifically. The reason for the variance is because so many determining factors go into establishing an answer.

The Strength of the CBD

If you have shopped for CBD products, you will find that there are a number of strengths offered. Some will have 70 milligrams of CBD per 30-milliliter bottle, while others have 500 milligrams of CBD or more. The higher the concentration of the CBD, the longer it will stay in your system.

The Frequency of Use

Another factor is how often the CBD is used. CBD will clear out of a casual user’s system more quickly than with a daily user.

Body Composition

Everyone’s body composition is unique, and your physical make-up has a lot to do with how long you hold on to the CBD. Your metabolism rate, weight, and other factors all determine how fast your body processes and then expels CBD from your system.

Type of Consumption

The way you consume your CBD is another determining factor. CBD that is ingested orally takes longer to process and stays in your system longer. In contrast, if you vape or smoke your CBD, you will get quicker results, but the CBD will leave your system faster as well. A good guideline to remember is that efficiency of consumption equals efficiency of processing. If you’d like it in layman’s terms: the faster the CBD hits your bloodstream, the faster it’ll leave your body.

CBD’s Effects Per Product Type

The type of CBD product is not only a determining factor for how long the CBD will stay in your system, but it also determines how quickly your body reacts to the CBD and how long those effects last.

Oral CBD

By ingesting CBD orally, as with our Full Spectrum Blue Razz CBD Gummies, the onset of the benefits will be delayed because the CBD must pass through your digestive tract before reaching the bloodstream. However, those effects will last longer than with other methods. You will likely feel the effects of the CBD between one to two hours, and those effects will last for several hours – depending on your weight, metabolism, and other factors.


CBD oil that is dropped under the tongue is called a tincture. With a product like our Full Spectrum CBD Tincture, the user puts a few drops under the tongue and holds it there for one to two minutes. This allows for the capillaries under the tongue to deliver the CBD directly into the bloodstream. From there, the CBD oil is swallowed and is processed by the digestive tract. You should feel the effects of the CBD from this method in about 30 minutes, and those effects should last up to three hours.

Vaping and Smoking

If you prefer to vape CBD oil or smoke a product like our Wedding Cake Flower, you are bringing the CBD cannabinoid directly into your lungs. The bronchi in your lungs will then distribute the CBD directly into your bloodstream. This method of delivery should cause you to feel the effects within minutes, and those effects should last anywhere between 45 minutes and a couple of hours.

Many factors come into play when trying to answer how long CBD stays in your system. The answer will not be the same for everyone.


If you are using a topical product like our Hemp CBD Salve, you should feel the effects within a few minutes as the healing CBD, and beneficial ingredients are absorbed through your skin and into your muscles and joints. This relief should last for a couple of hours, and, typically, the CBD is detectable in your system for another two to five days.

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