CBD Carrier Oils: Do They Matter?

Two CBD oil bottles.

In the last couple of years, Cannabidiol, a compound in the cannabis plant commonly referred to as CBD, has seen booming popularity across the country due to its possible benefits for the body and mind. The 2018 farm bill legalized industrial hemp and the medical and recreational cannabis at the state level, allowing millions across the country to incorporate hemp-derived CBD in their routines. Hemp is marijuana’s cousin plant, which contains such low levels of THC – a psychoactive constituent of cannabis – that it won’t get users high. Since the 2018 Farm Bill, Cannabidiol has appeared in all industries – food, beverage, wellness, health, and beauty. However, not all hemp-derived products such as carrier oils contain the same ingredients, and not all brands provide the same quality CBD.


CBD is Not Only About CBD

If you want to get started with CBD, you probably want to look at the ingredients on the package before making a purchase. CBD is not only about CBD, after all, just like potato chips in your pantry may contain ten other ingredients besides a potato. You may think the higher the concentration of CBD in a product, the better it is, and these other components may be cutting down the benefits of Cannabidiol. However, carrier oils in cannabidiol products help CBD properly absorb into your bloodstream so your body can benefit from everything the compound offers. Like the bag of chips in your pantry needs nitrogen gas (it’s not the air, by the way) so that the potato stays fresh, CBD products need a carrier oil to dissolve and travel in your body properly. Potato chips are different from Cannabidiol, as they don’t offer much nutritional value or health benefits, but without a carrier oil, CBD products will also flush out of the digestive system just like the chips you eat – without delivering any benefits to your overall wellness.



Carrier Oils Help Deliver CBD to Your Body

For CBD to be effective, it needs a carrier oil, also known as the base oil, which carries the active compound to the body. A carrier allows the substance to travel into the bloodstream, and from there, throughout the body. CBD after extraction from hemp has a waxy and thick texture and is highly concentrated, so it’s necessary to dilute it. Without a carrier oil, your body will not fully benefit from what Cannabidiol has to offer. Since CBD is a fat-soluble substance, carrier oil enhances its bioavailability. Manufacturers dilute CBD in MCT, hemp seed oil, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, or one of the other plant-based oils, so the gut can easily absorb it.

Carrier Oils Make Measuring Doses Easier

You may wonder, if CBD may have so many possible benefits to your body, why can’t you take a spoon of pure CBD – because the more, the better right? Not necessarily. Taking more than the recommended dose of CBD may cause side effects, and your body will not be able to fully absorb the compound. An evenly distributed CBD in the carrier oil is easy to estimate, so you can take the amount your body can process. With a naked eye, it will be quite challenging to tell the difference between 5 or 55mg of CBD in its pure form, but with carrier oils, you can get the doses right without much of a struggle.

With Carrier Oils, CBD Compounds Can Maintain Stability and Potency for a Longer Time

Fats oxidize at a slow rate, so when mixed with a carrier oil, active CBD compounds can maintain stability and potency for a longer time. To keep your cannabidiol products fresh for an even more extended time, make sure not to let open bottles sit around for long. Too much oxygen will increase the rate of oxidation, so cover your products with caps between uses.

Does it Matter Which Carrier Oil Your CBD Product Contains?

With the increasing popularity of Cannabidiol, consumers now can choose between a vast array of CBD products with different ingredients. While there is no such thing as the best carrier oil for CBD, there are oils popular amongst manufacturers due to costs, flavor, properties, and benefits of their own. All carrier oils in products will help your body get benefits of CBD, but different oil types may have a different effect on your body.


If you want to get started with CBD, you probably want to look at the ingredients on the package before making a purchase. CBD is not only about CBD.


Carrier Oils May Provide Benefits of Their Own

CBD oil with ingredients on a table.Pure, high-quality, and high-potency CBD oil is what you are looking for when shopping for CBD products, and that’s the crucial aspect of the product to consider when making a purchase. However, many might forget that carrier oils provide different health benefits of their own.

For instance, unrefined coconut MCT oil is one of the most popular and widely-used carrier oils. MCT oil has better absorption-levels than most plant-based oils and provides greater CBD bioavailability. Moreover, MCT oil – a popular ingredient among health enthusiasts, has benefits of its own, such as its antibacterial and antifungal benefits, properties to boost gut health, or the possibility of jump-starting your body’s fat-burning processes.

Hemp seed oil is also among the most famous carrier oils for CBD products, improving your skin health by reducing the production of sebum. Besides, Omega-6 fatty acids in hemp seed oil may have anti-inflammatory effects to help the severity of different skin conditions. Because of its possible skin benefits, the hemp seed oil is prevalent in topical CBD products.

Olive oil contains significant amounts of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory effects. Olive oil has been part of our lives for centuries, and many people use it daily in their recipes as a great addition to a delicious meal or benefit from it by adding the oil to hair or skin-care routine.

So, while the premium-quality CBD promises possible benefits to your overall wellness, the oil isn’t there only to help the substance travel throughout the body but may provide benefits of their own.

Everything Matters When You Buy Premium-Grade Products

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