You are not going to find a better Delta 8 THC product selection anywhere than you will with The Hemp Doctor. From our edibles and softgels, to our tinctures, to our extensive variety of inhalants, we’ve got a premium quality Δ8 THC product to fit any lifestyle and taste!

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Is D8 right for you?

Many will ask this question as they explore the possibility of CBD and compounds related to CBD. The simple answer for this is – What are you looking for in Delta 8? D8 THC is used recreationally in its most popular formats, as those who use it seek a sense of euphoria and calmness that isn’t classified as a “high” from a manufactured compound originating from hemp products. To clarify this answer, one must ask several other questions related to the products offered by the Hemp Doctor and what we’ve made readily available to our customers.

What is Δ8 THC, and how does it compare to marijuana?

Delta-8 THC is chemically similar to Delta-9, which can be found in marijuana; both provide a euphoric feeling when consumed, and both are naturally derived. Where they differ is their origins and how they are introduced to their respective products. Delta 9 is found in high concentrations in cannabis products such as marijuana. Delta 8 THC is found in lower concentrations in hemp products and needs to go through a manufacturing process before being introduced into products. Sourcing only the highest quality products, you can rest assured that whether you are buying Delta 8 flower or edibles from the Hemp Doctor, you are receiving only the best Delta 8 THC products that have passed the most rigorous lab testing.


How does it work?

With a lack of research on Delta 8, no conclusive claims are made about its effects, benefits, or side effects. However, experts say that Delta 9 studies can indicate which direction expectations should fall. Most individuals share their experiences with D8 through social media, using word-of-mouth to show others what to expect when using Delta 8 and its effects. Some users have reported a sense of euphoria with clear-headed “high” that slightly differs from the sensation of using a Delta 9 THC substance. Though some report health benefits associated with D8, those are harder to illustrate via social media or anecdotal reports. For the most part, Δ8 THC and its recreational possibilities are shared with those curious about its use.


Is D8 legal?

You will have to check with federal regulations in the U.S. to learn about the accessibility of D8 and if there any laws for consumers. For the most part, Delta-8 THC is legal for people to procure, possess and use in most states. Unfortunately, some regions and jurisdictions have used the gray area of the law to restrict or outright ban it due to its contents. Therefore, if you’re interested in trying Delta 8 products, it’s best to check your local laws before attempting to purchase any Delta-8 product. For the most part, The Hemp Doctor will only ship to locations where state law allows the purchase of D8 THC and other related products. Still, it’s always best to double-check as purchasing laws could differ from your region’s possession and use laws. In most cases, if you are already buying and enjoying Delta-8 products from us, your state laws probably do not prohibit you from purchasing Delta 8 THC.


Where can I buy Delta-8 THC?

Right here! Whether you are looking for smokable flowers, dabs, or edibles, The Hemp Doctor has got all consumers covered. Offering you a wide array of varieties for Delta-8 products, The Hemp Doctor is becoming one of the most trusted sellers of selected D8 and CBD products on the internet. Whether you prefer a traditional product that will bring you back to the days of lighting up a joint and taking a big pull or you’d rather a nice piece of candy to help you experience Delta 8 and what it has to offer, check out the shop for what you’d like to try. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them.



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