Delta 8 THC Prerolls

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Our 1.5gr Delta-8 THC Prerolls are rolled in the same King Size Raw cones as all of our CBD prerolls.  At 1.5+ grams each, these are sure to be the life of any party.

OR, try our NEW 5-pack.  Each preroll ranges from 0.7gr-0.9gr, for a total weight of more than 3.5gr.

Available in:

Orange Glaze 37.3% D8

Wedding Cake 35.5% D8

Spectrum 44% D8

Bubba Kush 36% D8

Hawaiian Haze 35.4% D8

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Full Spectrum


Lab Tested


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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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8 reviews for Delta 8 THC Prerolls

  1. Mike (verified owner)

    These joints are absolutely astounding! Packed tight, each strain has its own fresh aroma and they burn forever! And honestly, you can't beat the price. These are a game changer.

  2. Sabrina (verified owner)

    Love these pre rolls. Lasts forever and good price.

  3. Pati

    Amazing! Bought 6 of the wedding cake joints. Great taste and a nice slow burn which i love.

  4. Grace Le (verified owner)

    They last a lot longer than i thought, not bad, i definitely prefer edibles, but if you like smoking, i recommend.

  5. Tovo from Texas (verified owner)

    I have absolutely nothing bad to say, you get your dollars worth 100%. Really enjoying these!

  6. Mary

    Love your products and prices

  7. Jasmin Sebolt (verified owner)

    Great product! They are rolled well, full, and have a good taste. Have and will continue to buy again!

  8. Joseph Boone (verified owner)

    The D8 prerolls (5pks.)-are absolutely great.Nice,quick buzz.The1.5 gr.prerolls (both CBD and D8!)-are CHOICE!-I can assure you!-Folks,the quality,and attention to detail that the hemp.Dr.presents consistently is indeed a valuable commodity here.Not everyone out here is truly honest & trustworthy.These ppl.are!-I'm a multi- repeat customer,and have yet to be disappointed in the slightest.The Hemp doc is DOPE,yo!!

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If you’re looking for a convenient way to experience the aroma, flavor, and effectiveness of a good smoke, you need to look no further than our Delta 8 THC prerolls. These no-fuss, no-muss joints are packed with some of our most sought-after premium hemp. Each preroll is infused with an extra helping of Delta 8 to give you all of the benefits of our star cannabinoid. Here’s what you can look forward to with each of our hemp strains.

Orange Glaze – You are going to enjoy the mixture of citrus with gas infusion when you first open a bag of our Orange Glaze D8 prerolls. Upon inhaling the smoke, you’ll notice the terpenes produce an orange flavor with a delightful gas overtone. On exhale, you will experience a fruit-like citrus flavor with notes of fuel. This is a solid indica strain that will likely put you in a very relaxed mood but is known to encourage a creative perspective while reducing tension.

Wedding Cake – This is an invigorating indica-leaning hybrid between Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. When these D8 THC prerolls are smoked, you will experience a delightful combination of the tartness of Cherry Pie with the sweetness of Girls Scout Cookie. This Delta 8, high resin flower strain is perfect for times when you want to sit back, put your feet up, and relax. This strain is also available in a CBD preroll.

Spectrum – This unique CBD Hemp flower strain produces an herbal taste that is followed by mint and spice. You may even pick up hints of pine and citrus in the smoke. Although this is an indica leaning Delta 8 THC hybrid, it is not as heavily sedative as other strains. So if you need something only mildly relaxing to continue your workday, this is the strain for you.

Bubba Kush – The flower from this strain has a strong chocolate and coffee aroma. However, Bubba Kush has a more spicy flavor with a slightly sweet and peppery kick on the exhale when smoked. This cross between OG Kush and an unnamed Northern Lights strain produces a strong aroma and is highly sedative. You can also buy this in a CBD preroll.

Hawaiian Haze – Hawaiian Haze Delta 8 prerolls are a wonderful hybrid hemp strain, with its flowers carrying a heightened aroma of lemon, pineapple, mango, and a hint of chamomile. This tropical CBD hemp strain delivers a smooth fruity taste that is both elevating and soothing.  With its strong terpene profile of myrcene and beta-caryophyllene, Hawaiian Haze is great for social events or daytime use.

Get Your Premium Quality D8 Hemp Flower from The Hemp Doctor!

Not only do you get a wide variety of Delta 8 THC  and CBD hemp flower strains to choose from when you purchase your Delta 8 THC prerolls from The Hemp Doctor, but you also get the peace of mind that you are smoking only premium quality hemp that contains no harmful by-products. Here’s how we can stand behind this claim.

First, we start with hemp that is grown in the United States. We insist on domestically grown hemp because hemp grown in America is done so under the watchful eye of the USDA. This means that U.S. hemp is free of heavy metals, pesticides, molds, and other toxins you may find with imported hemp.

Then, we have all of our Delta 8 joints and D8 THC flower tested by an independent laboratory. This ensures that each preroll contains the amount of Delta 8 THC advertised and contains no harmful chemicals or byproducts.

Your lungs are too important to smoke anything that may contain contaminants. That’s why we at The Hemp Doctor take these extra steps to ensure the purity of our Delta 8 prerolls and D8 flower. Shop with us today!

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This shop has a vast knowledge of what they are selling and how to use it properly. […] The Hemp Doctor is there to honestly help you. I am very Thankful they opened their doors!

~ Diane