Will My CBD & THC Products Go Bad?

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Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) products have seen a meteoric rise in popularity over the years due to consumers’ appreciation of hemp-derived benefits. One common question consumers ask when purchasing CBD and THC items is if they will spoil. The answer: yes. How quickly they spoil depends on the product type, cannabinoid content, production process and whether it was made by an experienced manufacturer.

Cannabinoids oil, cannabidiol gummy bears, THC candies, cannabidiol skin care products and topicals, hemp tinctures or vapes all have different shelf lives that should be taken into consideration when storing them. With proper storage you can maintain the efficacy and freshness of your CBD and THC items. This article will look into why some CBD and THC items go bad as well as how to properly store them along with some variables that could impact their shelf lives.

What Is the Shelf Life of CBD and THC?

Cannabidiol (CBD) and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are two compounds found within the cannabis plant. Though both stem from the same starting material, their production processes differ considerably; THC being psychoactive while CBD not so much. Even though both chemicals come from the same plant, their differences remain apparent.

When it comes to shelf life, or how long a product can remain effective before going bad or losing its effectiveness, CBD and THC differ. CBD tends to be more stable than THC due to its lower reactivity; thus, CBD products may have greater longevity without degradation due to lack of degradation from light or heat exposure. As such, CBD-based items may have longer shelf lives than their THC counterparts.

Conversely, THC is more sensitive to degradation which could reduce its potency over time. This is because THC has a greater reactivity than CBD and it breaks down quicker when exposed to light or heat. Furthermore, products containing THC may be more vulnerable to mold or bacterial growth, further decreasing their shelf life.

Why CBD and THC Products Go Bad

CBD and THC products can go bad due to several factors, including exposure to light, air, heat, and humidity. Light exposure in particular is detrimental as it causes chemicals in these products to lose their potency and freshness; when exposed to air they may oxidize which reduces their potency and shortens shelf life significantly. Heat and humidity are major culprits as well; they reduce potency as well as potency of these items leading to faster spoilage rates.

Product Types and Shelf Lives

Different CBD and THC products have varying shelf lives. For instance, candies and tinctures containing CBD and THC may have shorter shelf lives than oils and topicals. Furthermore, the quality of components used may affect how long these items last; higher-grade components tend to retain freshness longer compared to lower grade ones. Let us compare some products side by side.

Oils and topicals tend to be more stable and less vulnerable to spoilage since they do not contain sugar or other ingredients that encourage bacterial growth, as well as being less vulnerable to oxidation and moisture buildup. On the contrary, candies may contain sugar which makes them more vulnerable to these same elements, leading to active compounds breaking down faster than in oils and topicals.

The shelf life of CBD and THC vapes, gummies, and flowers can vary based on several factors like product quality, ingredients used, and storage conditions. How the manufacturer stores their items also affects degradation rate; vapes degrade more quickly due to heat exposure or air exposure while gummies and flowers spoil faster due to sugar content or moisture exposure.

Another thing to keep in mind is that products made with preservatives and stored airtight containers typically have a longer shelf life. Gummies, candies and tinctures could have better shelf lives than vapes and tinctures do. At The Hemp Doctor, we take great care in our handling and storage processes so our CBD and THC products remain of the highest quality. We store them at controlled temperatures inside airtight containers which keep out light, air, moisture and contaminants. Furthermore, we use natural preservatives which help extend shelf life further while testing regularly for potency and purity.

Signs That Your Product Has Gone Bad

It’s essential to watch out for signs that your CBD or THC product has gone bad. Common warning signs include changes in color or texture, reduced effectiveness, mold or bacteria growth, or simply the expiration date passing. Even if the items appear fine on the outside, expired goods may not work as well or even pose health risks. It’s best to replace any goods you have with new ones before their use-by date has passed; older goods may still function fine on the inside but not provide as much benefit; replacing them could potentially put a strain on you personally.

How To Extend the Shelf Life of  Your Products

How to extend the shelf life of CBD and THC products infographic

Doing so will allow your products to remain fresh for extended periods of time, providing additional opportunities for consumers to explore CBD’s medical benefits.

Now that you understand some of the factors which could shorten the shelf life of your CBD and THC products, here are some tips for keeping them fresh:

  1. Store Your Items in a Cool, Dark Place: As previously discussed, exposure to light can cause certain substances to break down. To keep your products fresh and at their optimum quality, store them in an area such as a pantry or closet – we don’t suggest keeping them in the fridge! Instead, opt for storage options like pantries or shelves in your home pantry or closet.
  1. Keep your items fresh by storing them in an airtight container, such as a glass jar with a secure cover. Doing this prevents oxygen from getting inside and oxidizing the components in your product.
  1. Limit Exposure to Heat and Humidity: Excess heat and humidity can wreak havoc on some chemicals, decreasing their efficacy and freshness. Avoid keeping things where there’s excessive humidity, such as in the bathroom or kitchen.
  1. Respect the storage instructions on the packaging: Different items may require different levels of storage. Check the label to make sure you’re keeping your items safely.
  1. Be sure to replace items that have passed their expiration date. Despite appearances, an expired product’s effectiveness and safety may have significantly diminished.

To maximize their effectiveness and extend shelf life, it is essential to safely store CBD and THC products – which can be expensive. By following these suggestions, you can ensure your items remain fresh and effective for as long as possible.


CBD and THC products can be quite costly (The Hemp Doctor offers the most competitive prices for quality goods!), so it’s essential to know how to store them effectively to extend their shelf life and get the most from them. Remember: products lose effectiveness if exposed to light, air, heat or humidity; thus it’s essential to store them in a cold dry area away from direct light in an airtight container. Furthermore, following label directions and checking expiration dates helps guarantee your items stay fresh and effective longer. By taking good care of your CBD/THC goods, you may reap their potential benefits for longer.