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Dive into the best of both worlds with The Hemp Doctor’s mixed bundle, combining our top smokables and edible delights. From the potent Kayo cartridge to the delectable brownie, experience a symphony of flavors and effects. Secure a 25% savings with the bundle and enjoy complimentary Hemp Doctor lighter, lanyard, and stickers with your purchase!*

*while supplies last

Kayo 2G Vape Cartridge
D8,D9,HHC,HHCP, Fruity Pebbles
1 × Kayo 2g Vape Cartridge
THCA Sugar Diamond Infused 5pk Pre-rolls
1 × THCA Sugar Diamond Infused 5pk Pre-Rolls
Kayo D9 225mg Brownie
1 × Kayo Delta 9 Brownie – 225mg