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Kayo Delta 9 Brownie – 225mg

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Treat yourself to The Hemp Doctor’s Kayo Delta 9 Brownie bars – an unforgettable experience with every single bite. With our upgraded flavor lineup, elevate your edible game and discover the power of Kayo. Welcome to a world of delicious options – take your time, enjoy, and savor the essence of premium Delta 9 THC. So, what are you waiting for? Try them out and indulge now!

This delectable addition to our Kayo lineup is bound to make a believer out of anyone who still doubts the power of dispensary-grade Delta 9 products. With 225mg of Delta 9 THC per brownie, we ✨highly✨ recommend dividing this chocolate treat into multiple servings, perfect for a night in with friends or splitting up for a few solo doses.


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