Edible Bundle

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Indulge in The Hemp Doctor’s delectable edibles bundle, featuring our most sought-after treats. Savor the flavors and benefits of our premium gummies and the potent 225mg D9 Kayo Brownie. Enjoy a 25% savings compared to individual purchases. Plus, receive complimentary Hemp Doctor lanyards, lighter, and stickers with your order!*

*while supplies last

D9 25MG Gummies - 10 Count


Kayo THC Blend 2 Count


Kayo 225MG Brownie



Discover the ultimate edible experience with The Hemp Doctor’s exclusive edible bundle. Crafted for those with a palate for the finer things, this bundle combines our top edible delights, ensuring a taste and effect that stands out. By choosing this bundle, you’ll save a generous 25% compared to buying each product separately. Here’s a glimpse of the treats awaiting you:

10 Count D9 25mg Gummies: Dive into the world of D9 with these potent gummies. Each piece is infused with 25mg of D9, offering a consistent and enjoyable experience with every bite.

2 Pack Kayo THC Blend Gummies: A perfect blend of THC, these gummies are a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. Experience a unique and balanced effect, making them a favorite among enthusiasts.

Kayo Brownie: A rich, decadent treat infused with a powerful 225mg of D9. This brownie is more than just a dessert; it’s an experience in every bite, setting a new standard for edible indulgence.

And there’s more! To show our appreciation, each edibles bundle also comes with exclusive Hemp Doctor gifts:

Stickers: Represent your love for The Hemp Doctor with our vibrant stickers, perfect for personalizing your gear.
Lanyard: A stylish and practical accessory, our branded Hemp Doctor lanyard is perfect for holding keys or IDs.
Lighter: Elevate your sessions with our sleek Hemp Doctor lighter, designed for style and functionality.
At The Hemp Doctor, we’re dedicated to bringing you the finest hemp products crafted with precision and care. Our edibles bundle reflects our passion for excellence, offering an unmatched taste and effect. Whether you’re an edibles connoisseur or just starting your journey, this bundle promises a delightful experience, all while offering incredible value with a 25% discount.

Due to the already discounted price, coupon codes can’t be applied to bundles.

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