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1:1 D9:CBD Butter Cream Caramel 30mg

$3.50$59.95 or subscribe and save 25%

Delta 9 Butter Cream Caramels are an indulgent treat that is both sweet and chewy. These delicious caramels can be enjoyed as a mid-day snack or melted in your morning coffee for the perfect start to your day. Delta 9 caramels are made with the finest ingredients and are handcrafted in small batches to ensure exceptional quality and taste. Each caramel is individually wrapped for your convenience. These mouthwatering caramels are sure to satisfy any caramel craving while taking you to a new high.

15mg D9/ 15mg CBD per piece

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This item: 1:1 D9:CBD Butter Cream Caramel 30mg
$3.50$59.95 or subscribe and save 25%
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30mg of our Premium Delta 9 THC and CBD. These melt-in-your-mouth minis are great for any time of day.

A perfect 1:1 ratio of D9 and CBD, with 15mg D9/15mg CBD per piece! This 1:1 D9:CBD Butter Cream Caramel is 30mg of sweet harmony

The Hemp Doctor edibles are made with full-spectrum premium hemp extracts, meaning they contain a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes, including Delta 9 and CBD. Most hemp full-spectrum extract edibles have high potency levels and display the plant’s true flavor. This method uses the plant’s flavor potential to develop a unique profile for each Delta 9 edible. All Hemp Doctor products contain sustainable ingredients and undergo independent lab testing.

Benefits of Delta 9 Caramels

  • Easy to Dose: Dosing your D9 THC should be a piece of cake – or caramel, for that matter! That’s why we’ve created our sweet and delectable Delta 9 THC-infused caramels to be pre-dosed, making it a breeze to control your intake and track your dosage.
  • Tasty: Indulging in Delta 9 has never been so deliciously satisfying than with The Hemp Doctor’s mouth-watering and incredibly tasty D9 THC-infused caramels! Whether you’re a seasoned hemp enthusiast or just getting started, our delectable caramels offer an unbeatable way to get the soothing relief you need without sacrificing on flavor.
  • Long Lasting Effects: If you want to extend your good times, Delta 9 caramels are here for the long haul! Enjoy a slower-onset experience that lets you savor its effects longer than other forms of THC consumption – perfect if looking to make some lasting memories with friends.

How Delta 9 Caramels Make You Feel

At The Hemp Doctor, we’ve crafted our mouth-watering Delta 9 THC-infused caramels with one primary goal in mind – to provide you with a hemp experience that leaves you feeling uplifted, relaxed and completely at ease. The potent Delta 9 THC we use is known for its euphoric and energizing effects, providing a perfect balance of the happy and the energizing effects. Many of our customers have shared that our Delta 9 THC-infused caramels allow them to relax and unwind.

How Long it Takes to Feel its Effects

It usually takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours for the effects of Delta 9 caramels to begin to take effect. The amount of time it takes depends on the individual’s metabolism and weight as well as the amount of power provided by the edibles.

The Hemp Doctor Reviews

Directions for Use:

Suggested Serving Size: 1/2 piece

Chew thoroughly before swallowing product

Recommended to not consume more than 1/2 piece per hour

Lab Results

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Ingredients: Corn syrup, sugar, heavy cream, coconut oil, full spectrum hemp extract, natural vanilla extract, salt, citric acid

Allergen Warning:coconut, dairy


Product FAQ:

How long will it take me to feel the effects?

  • Usually one will feel the effects within 1-2 hours after consuming

Will this product show up on a drug test?

  • Yes, this product contains D9 THC and full spectrum CBD. These will show up on a drug test.

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