D9 THC Nerd Ropes


Go back in time with our dispensary grade D9 THC Nerd Ropes. Whether you were at the movies or the ballpark, nerd ropes have always been the perfect sugary snack of our youth. These edibles are loaded with 50mg of Delta 9 THC per piece, and available in Pink Lemonade, Orange Crush, and Grape Soda flavors in each jar, for a total of 150mg per container. Perfect for any outdoor, relaxing day. We engineer these ropes using our Premium Delta 9 THC distillate, so be prepared for a blast from the past!

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Benefits of D9 Nerd Ropes

  • Fun: D9 THC Nerd Ropes provide a convenient and delicious way of getting high. They are perfect for anyone who wants to indulge in a nostalgic experience while enjoying the benefits of hemp-derived Delta 9 edibles.
  • Potent: These dispensary-grade edibles are loaded with 50 mg of Delta 9 THC per piece and ensures that users experience a potent high that is both long-lasting and enjoyable. They are a great choice for experienced users who are looking for a more intense and powerful high.
  • Convenience: Nerd Ropes are easy to carry around and can be consumed on the go, making them suitable for any relaxing day. Whether you are at the beach, enjoying a hike, or chilling out with some friends, these Nerd Ropes provide a discreet way of getting high without attracting too much attention.
  • Tasty: Pink Lemonade, Orange Crush, and Grape Soda are all flavors in every Nerd Ropes that are sure to satisfy. Plus, the sweetness of the Nerd Ropes masks the taste of cannabis, which can be off-putting for some people.

How will these make me feel?

The D9 THC can make you feel euphoric, relaxed, more social, and heightened sensory perception. Many people feel creative, focused, and introspective after taking our Nerd Ropes. These effects vary depending on you, the dosage level, and your environment.

How long will I feel the effects?

Effects can begin between 30 minutes and two hours, with peak effects occurring around three hours after consumption. The effects can last longer, up to six to eight hours on average, but may also vary depending on individual factors. The intensity of the effects also depend on the amount consumed and other factors, such as body weight and age. Tolerance can also build up when consuming the same substance repeatedly.


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Organically Grown
Made in USA
Fast Absorbtion
Full Spectrum