Abacus CBD Hemp flower is a cross between OG Kush, a Purple Urkle mother plant and a High CBD varietal industrial hemp father.  Another light dep (indoor quality) premium CBD hemp flower, this Abacus delivers on all fronts.  The buds produce an impressive aroma that is sure to have a lasting impression from their pungent, diesel finish.  Known for its terpene-rich and high CBD content, Abacus is like an explosion of fireworks that is sure to get you through your day with a smile on your face and a focus that will keep you going.

CBDa 20.7%

Total Cannabinoids 22.2%


Full Spectrum


Lab Tested


Certified Kosher


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30 Day Money-back Guarantee

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee


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Very informative, clean and most of all knowledgeable. They even sell for pets. So grateful they decided to open. It’s hard to find clean and pureCBD Hemp oil made from all from organic materials and from Colorado . The owner and the staff are very personable and nice. I highly recommend them.

~ Mary Ann

Some people like to start their morning with a nice hot cup of coffee, using the distinct aroma and the jolt of caffeine as a liquid spark, igniting the mind and body as they prepare to take on the day. When a simple cup of coffee isn’t doing it, some might pour in a shot of espresso or turn to a gas station energy drink for the extra boost they so desperately crave.

ABACUS, The Wake-Up Call You Need

Sometimes, the bitterness of that cup of coffee and the sugar-filled energy drinks just don’t seem to cut it. The empty calories and the short-lived results can leave you disappointed and still in need of a nap before lunchtime. You NEED a better solution. You need something distinct, that is fast-acting and long-lasting. And, if you’re like many of our customers, you want something all natural, as many of us are wise to avoid products with unknown, unpronounceable ingredients that are not truly beneficial. At The Hemp Doctor, we have just the product for you. The Abacus CBD hemp flower can give you the wake-me-up you so desperately crave. And because you are inhaling this “wonder-supplement,” you will receive your desired benefits impressively fast.

Indoor Quality – A Cut above the Rest

When you are searching for a higher quality hemp flower, you can save yourself some time by seeking out products derived from plants categorized as “indoor quality,” because they have numerous exceptional attributes to offer. While nature undoubtedly produces quality hemp on its own, there is always an element of unpredictability when, after the seed is planted, every aspect of the growth process is controlled by Mother Nature. When you choose a product that is “indoor quality,” you not only reap the benefits of the excellent compounds the hemp flower has to offer, but you can enjoy the added element of knowing that your exceptional plant was spared from some of the harsh conditions outdoor plants may be exposed to. With expertly controlled lighting and temperatures, an indoor-quality hemp flower is the superior product you deserve.


Q: Are CBD products addictive?

A: We are happy to share with our customers that all CBD, including the full range of our high-quality CBD products, are considered non-addictive. Scientists and researchers as well as longtime users are noticing that the human body does not develop a tolerance to the components of this “wonder supplement,” which means that, once you find the perfect dosage to meet your needs, you won’t need to adjust it. Whether it has been five days or five years, your product will continue being as effective as it was the first day you used it.

And, with The Hemp Doctor’s commitment to quality and satisfaction, you can be sure your 100% organically-grown products will be free of metals, pesticides, solvents, and other unwanted ingredients. Our products are also certified kosher and gluten-free, adding to the long list of reasons our customers prefer shopping with us over our many competitors. Here, every product is of the highest quality, and our customer service is top-notch. We look forward to showing you The Hemp Doctor difference today!