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  • Kayo 3g disposable vapes

    Kayo 3g Blended Disposable Vapes

    $49.95 or subscribe and save 25%

    Are you ready for the most potent cannabinoids in the market?  Our newest line, Kayo delivers the “Knockout Hit” you’ve been asking us for!  We have blended our premium distillates into one incredibly potent option that provides a high level of euphoria while enjoying a full blown entourage effect. Be sure to check out our 3 new Limited strains. Prepare yourself!!

      • D8/D9/HHC/HHCP/Live Rosin

    Kayo THC Blend Gummies

    $14.95 or subscribe and save 25%

    If you love getting baked in the sweetest way possible with the added benefits of relaxation and mood enhancement, you will love these THC gummies formulated by The Hemp Doctor. All you need to do is decide on the serving size you want to take, get a piece of gummy from the packet and enjoy chomping.

    Whether you’re down to party for the evening’s social events or simply enjoy one’s solitary company with The Office Show, taking our 2-count THC gummies is sure to give you the right amount of good time.